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Aaahhh. Nice and quiet. Just how it should be.

Sidd Finch

OK kids, since the Travs didnt publicize this, I will:
Tonight's game will be on MILB.TV for the monthly rate of $7 if you're not a season subscriber. As of July 1, Tulsa's home games are live streamed there. To plan ahead, the August 17-19 series at Corpus will also be on the site.

Sidd Finch

To amend he post above and since the Travs are too busy posting bear garden photos, Here is the remaining regular season schedule for when the Travs will be LIVE on MiLB.tv:

August 5-8 @ NWA

August 17-19 @ Corpus

August 30 - September 2 @ NWA

That's 11 road games for your viewing pleasure before the playoffs.

Trav fan

Well... Travs and such blog is now gone, and this one might as well be dead, with no game update in 3 weeks.

Has everyone lost interest because of the heat, the absence of Magg's "exciting" game strategy (steal-steal-steal), or because the Travs are playing in that "new" park for the 5th year rather than the venerable, late, lamented Ray Winder Field?

Is there any other Arkansas Traveler blog with a little more activity, or are we all simply S.O.L.?

Sidd Finch

I'm afraid we're S.O.L. Trav Fan...Travelerocity must have found another outlet to lament the Cards moving. The advent of Twitter and facebook I think have played a part too, but I hate facebook, and the only things the Travs care about are putting up beer garden photos (see my posts above).

To Mars' credit for Travs and Such, he spent quite a bit of time when his time was short anyway, and it took time for quality writing in which he is amazing. I'm sad to see it go, but I understand.

I do miss the early days on this blog with Mars, Dre301, Rey, NLRFan, 3rd Base Bum, Karch, Valentine, you, and others. It was always lively, especially when the topics were BV and Mags. Maybe we should start at Birmingham Barons blog to bitch about Mags...nah, waste of time!

Trav fan

I unfortunately must agree with your SOL diagnosis. It would have been nice to have an active blog to discuss the 1st half Trav manager compared to Mags (but the season first-half results perhaps said more than we could.) It would have been nice to discuss the present manager, and yes the "new" manager coming in a few days. All in all, the blog collapse is damn shame, and if some of the blame can be dropped on Twitter and Facebook, so much the better. I have found no redeeming value in social media.

I share your nostalgia for the early days of this blog... 'take no prisoners' discussion of Ray Winder Field... colorful and often humorous assessments of players, managers, and even the occasional baseball and marketing icon, BV.

Perhaps the Travs themselves have outgrown the need for a Blog -- with almost 7,000 reported at tonight's game (though of course reported is not the same as warm bodies in seats). If the crowd tonight is any indication, there are now a lot of Ma and Pa Kettles and offspring, in from the back country, mainly to EAT and not so much to watch the game.

I guess that pays the bills on a Saturday night, but a lot of the nuances of baseball strategy are lost on them. There are fewer and fewer who watch the game while listening to Phil on the radio (too busy texting on their smart phones), and I would wager that most who attend tomorrow will have never heard of the RWF tradition of wearing a Hawaiian shirt to the Sunday game.

Change can be a bitch, and on top of that, we are 3/4 through the season...time to start worrying about how few home games are remaining.

PS -- if there is a Birmingham Barons blog, we really should participate to help them acclimate to Mags.

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