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Trav fan

This is one more shining example of the gross incompetence with which City Manager Moore and the rest of the City of Little Rock leadership has handled Ray Winder Field. That legacy of inept, bumbling neglect, coupled with incredibly stupid decisions, is a legacy that predates the current "leadership" of Little Rock, and is one reason we have a nice new ballpark in North Little Rock.

We were there for Ray Winder Field's last crowd. We would have liked to get a seat (we didn't) but we were really there to pay our respects one last time to a piece of baseball history, a Little Rock landmark. Everything about the seat give away was bungled. The seats could easily have been sold for $50 or $100 per seat, with the money going to charity (or to the Parks Department budget !!!) The "rule" of only one set of seats per family was observed only in its violation. The seats had been sectioned haphazardly, destroying some seats unnecessarily. Others had been left bolted to the stadium, the 70+ year old bolts resisting those who would disturb them. Those who thought to bring tools, such as chisels, hammers, hacksaws and bolt cutters were able to retrieve these last seats - again no thanks to the City of LR.

The only person with the City of Little Rock who handled the event very professionally was a LRPD Sergeant who helped hand out the numbered tickets to the waiting line, and who walked up and down the LONG line of fans numerous times, explaining that they likely would not get seats, but that they could come in and see the stadium one last time.

May the present mayor and city manager be long remembered as the guys in control when another Little Rock landmark, Ray Winder Field, was lost. Its not a legacy of which to be proud.

St. Vincent Coleman

No one gives them enough credit, but UAMS is also one of the villains here. A parking lot? For what building?

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