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    at Dickey-Stephens Park
    May 31-June 2


    Comment Champion
    "It was build on a dog graveyard. What did people think was going to happen." -- Jeremy Peppas


    2019 Travs to Watch
    Future MLB players on the current roster

    #10 Evan White, 1B
    Mariners No. 3 prospect
    MLB.com No. 98 overall prospect
    2017 Mariners top draft pick
    $3.1 million signing bonus
    2018 Minor League Gold Glove 1B
    2018 AFL All-Prospect team
    2018 AFL Rising Stars
    2018 California League All-Star
    2018 MiLB.com Organizational All-Star
    2017 Second-team All-American at Kentucky
    MLB projection: Top regular starter

    #6 Justin Dunn, P
    Mariners No. 5 prospect
    MLB.com No. 86 overall prospect
    2016 Mets top draft pick
    $2.3 million signing bonus
    2018 MiLB.com Organizational All-Star
    Acquired as part of Robinson Cano trade
    MLB projection: No. 3 or 4 starter

    #2 Kyle Lewis, OF
    Mariners No. 7 prospect
    2016 Mariners top draft pick
    $3.2 million signing bonus
    2016 Golden Spikes Award
    2017-18 Mariners top prospect
    Best athlete in Mariners Minor League system
    2018 Futures Game selection
    2018 California League All-Star
    2016 Northwest League All-Star
    MLB projection: Top regular starter

    #17 Jake Fraley, OF
    Mariners No. 14 prospect
    Played college at LSU
    $797,500 signing bonus
    MLB projection: Fourth outfielder

    #13 Dom Thompson-Williams, OF
    Mariners No. 17 prospect
    Reached 20 HRs and 20 SBs in 2018
    2018 MiLB.com Organizational All-Star
    Acquired as part of James Paxton trade
    Played college at South Carolina
    $250,000 signing bonus
    MLB projection: Fourth outfielder

    #41 Wyatt Mills, RP
    Mariners No. 18 prospect
    2018 AFL Rising Stars
    2018 California League All-Star
    $125,000 signing bonus
    MLB projection: Lower-leverage reliever

    #18 Anthony Misiewicz, P
    Mariners No. 25 prospect
    2017 MiLB.com Organizational All-Star
    MLB projection: Fill-in starter or relief specialist

    #14 Donnie Walton, 2B/SS
    Mariners No. 26 prospect
    2018 California League All-Star
    2017-18 MiLB.com Organizational All-Star
    2016 Northwest League All-Star
    $125,000 signing bonus
    MLB projection: Utility infielder

    #26 Art Warren, RP
    Mariners No. 27 prospect
    2016 Midwest League All-Star
    MLB projection: Relief specialist

    Max Povse, P
    Mariners No. 30 prospect
    2016 Carolina League All-Star
    $425,000 signing bonus
    MLB projection: Relief specialist

    #44 Dan Altavilla, RP
    On Mariners 40-man roster
    2016 MiLB.com Organizational All-Star
    2016 Southern League All-Star
    2015 California League All-Star
    $250,000 signing bonus

    #15 Ricardo Sanchez, P
    On Mariners 40-man roster
    MLB.com Mariners No. 25 prospect
    Signed by Angels as 16-year-old
    $580,000 signing bonus


    Travs Top Five
    The five best former Travs in MLB

    1 Mike Trout (2011)
    Los Angeles Angels, CF
    $36.8 million salary
    Highest-paid player in MLB
    2011 Minor League Player of the Year
    2012 AL Rookie of the Year
    2014 & 2016 AL MVP
    2012-18 MLB All-Star
    2014-15 AL All-Star MVP
    2012-17, 18 AL Silver Slugger OF

    2 Jean Segura (2012, 17)
    Philadelphia Phillies, SS
    $14.8 million salary
    2013 & 2018 MLB All-Star

    3 Randal Grichuk (2013)
    Toronto Blue Jays, RF
    $5 million salary

    4 C.J. Cron (2013)
    Minnesota Twins, 1B
    $4.8 million salary

    5 James Paxton (2017)
    New York Yankees, P
    $8.5 million salary
    Pitched four rehab innings at DSP


    Texas League Top 20
    Current MLB greats who played at
    Dickey-Stephens Park (and Ray Winder)

    1 Zack Greinke (Wichita, 2003, 06)
    Arizona Diamondbacks, P
    $34.5 million salary
    2003 Minor League Player of the Year
    2009 AL Cy Young Award
    2009, 14-18 MLB All-Star
    2014-18 NL Gold Glove P
    2013 NL Silver Slugger P
    2015 Sporting News NL Pitcher of the Year

    2 Nolan Arenado (Tulsa, 2012)
    Colorado Rockies, 3B
    $26 million salary
    2015-18 MLB All-Star
    2015-16 & 18 NL home-run champion
    2017-18 NL Platinum glove
    2013-18 NL Gold Glove 3B
    2015-18 NL Silver Slugger 3B

    3 J.D. Martinez (Corpus Christi, 2010-11)
    Boston Red Sox, OF/DH
    $23.7 million salary
    2015 & 18 MLB All-Star
    2018 AL Hank Aaron Award
    2015 & 18 AL Silver Slugger OF

    4 Corey Kluber (San Antonio, 2009-10)
    Cleveland Indians, P
    $17 million salary
    2014 & 17 AL Cy Young Award
    2016-18 MLB All-Star
    2016 Sporting News Pitcher of the Year

    5 Josh Donaldson (Midland, 2009)
    Atlanta Braves, 3B
    $23 million salary
    2015 AL MVP
    2015 Sporting News Player of the Year
    2014-16 MLB All-Star
    2015 AL Hank Aaron Award
    2015-16 AL Silver Slugger 3B

    6 Charlie Blackmon (Tulsa, 2010)
    Colorado Rockies, OF
    $21.5 million salary
    2017 NL batting champion
    2014, 17-18 MLB All-Star
    2016-17 NL Silver Slugger OF

    7 Nelson Cruz (Midland, 2004)
    Minnesota Twins, DH
    $14 million salary
    2009, 13-15, 17-18 MLB All-Star
    2014 AL home-run champion
    2011 ALCS MVP
    2015, 17 AL Silver Slugger

    8 Matt Carpenter (Springfield, 2010, 12)
    St. Louis Cardinals, 3B
    $14.7 million salary
    2013-14, 16 MLB All-Star
    2013 NL Silver Slugger 2B

    9 George Springer (Corpus Christi, 2012-13)
    Houston Astros, OF
    $12 million salary
    2017 World Series MVP
    2017-18 MLB All-Star
    2017 AL Silver Slugger OF

    10 Cody Bellinger (Tulsa, 2016)
    Los Angeles Dodgers, 1B
    $605,000 salary
    2017 NL Rookie of the Year
    2018 NLCS MVP
    2017 MLB All-Star

    11 Alex Bregman (Corpus Christi, 2016)
    Houston Astros, 3B
    $640,000 salary
    2018 MLB All-Star MVP

    12 Trevor Story (Tulsa, 2014)
    Colorado Rockies, SS
    $5 million salary
    2018 MLB All-Star
    2018 NL Silver Slugger SS

    13 Mike Foltynewicz (Corpus Christi, 2013)
    Atlanta Braves, P
    $5.4 million salary
    2018 MLB All-Star

    14 Matt Chapman (Midland, 2016)
    Oakland Athletics, 3B
    $580,000 salary
    2018 AL Platinum Glove
    2018 AL Gold Glove 3B
    2018 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year

    15 Rougned Odor (Frisco, 2014)
    Texas Rangers, 2B
    $7.8 million salary

    16 Tommy Pham (Springfield, 2010, 13)
    Tampa Bay Rays, OF
    $4.1 million salary

    17 Jonathan Villar (Corpus Christi, 2011-12)
    Baltimore Orioles, 2B
    $4.8 million salary

    18 Trea Turner (San Antonio, 2015)
    Washington Nationals, SS
    $3.7 million salary

    19 Joey Gallo (Frisco, 2014-15)
    Texas Rangers, LF
    $605,500 salary
    Fastest in AL to hit 100 home runs

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P. Allen Sith

I find it funny that the editor of that Baseball on Broadway publication that is passed out after games actually mentioned there was a hot stove meeting that was canceled. SHHHHH!!!! No one is supposed to know that!

Hawkeye Pierce

I agree that there is no benefit to blocking the stadium's view of the skyline. However, I thought the mid-rise building shown in the conceptual drawings at the corner of Willow & 3rd was an interesting concept. Having a balcony view of baseball games during the summer (and of the skyline all year round) might be a selling point.

Travelerocity reporter

What ever happened to the Wyndham hotel plans to build a 10-story tower with a pool on top that overlooked the field?


Buddy Villano

Speaking of Scott Ford Sell Out Arena, the whole idea from the architects was supposed to be that it would serve as a lighthouse on the river. That's why there is so much glass at the front entrance. You knew it was a bad sign when after a month or so they decided it cost too much to keep the lights on to give that lighthouse effect, but I never imagined North Little Rock's mayor and city council would completely disregard the original intent and let someone build a condo building right in front of it blocking the view of the river and blocking the view of the arena from the river and the other side of the river -- a condo building few want to live in, by the way.

LR Fan

I remember, way back in the good old days, when Travs attendance was reported in the box score as two numbers: actual attendance and National Association (NA) attendance. The National Association was (still is?) the organization of minor league baseball, just like MLB. While the minor leagues were struggling in the 70's, the NA allowed teams to report either actual attendance or the actual attendance plus season ticket holders. This number came to be known as the National Association Attendance.

I'm sure the NA was trying to shore up numbers for some teams but, in a long-forgotten sign of honesty, Bill Valentine reported both numbers. The Travs would lead the Texas League reporting NA attendance figures but he still knew how many butts were in seats buying beer and hot dogs.

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