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"He can make all the fun he wants but he will be stuck in Little Rock for ever"

Have you ever read one of the Travelers brochures?

If you did you would see that Bill Valetine was a MAJOR LEAGUE UMPIRE: that's right he was in the American League where you hope to go! He was in major league All-Stars games, etc.

So my friend he has already been there!

Let's read on:he serves on the Board of Trustees of baseball. They run minor league baseball.

He is a member of the Texas League Hall of Fame, the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, the Arkansas Officials Hall of Fame, the North Little Rock Boys Club Hall of Fame.

He received professional baseballs George M. Troutman Award for long and distinguished service to baseball.

He has been named the Sportings News Minor League General Manager of the Year.

He won the Lee McPhail Award as baseball's promoter of the year.

He has been named Texas League Executive of the Year five times.

And the list goes on.
I doublt very much if he is looking forward to leaving Little Rock. He has always been there and done that; that being what you hope to get; get to the major leagues!

bill valentine

Valentine is a cheap ass hole and all the players think so too.

Of course this was written by a player.

But I want him to come back on and tell me how I am so cheap.

We have the most expensive bus in minor league baseball. Do you know that it is a sleeper bus?..that's right..they can go to bed when they get on the bus and sleep all the way to the next city...ask them how many other Texas League or any minor league team has a bus on this type full time?
The bus has many TV sets and direct TV...you can turn on TV in Little Rock and follow the same channel all across the United States....they have a short kitchen area...full size restrooms, the manager and coaches, trainer have their own sleeping quarters on the bus...etc

The uniforms they are wearing.. road and home are new for this season.....they have one of the best dressing rooms in minor league baseball....ask them about the air conditioning in some other minor league parks?

They have received every thing they have asked for this season. I do not know of a single thing they have asked for that Pete Laven has not provided for them.

If I am cheap because I stopped them from running all of their personal letters on our postable meter...so be it...how many of you allow all your employees to free postage...of any amount?

If I am cheap because they are wearing a batting practice jersey during the game and they have lost one of two and I am not replacing them since we are purchasing new ones at the end of the season..so be it.

They have TV's in every room of their dressing area along with cable TV....they have a players lounge...weight room...complete training area...etc

What is the complaint?

Come up with the areas that we are so cheap in!

Why would anyone think that Bill Valentine would want to move up in minor league baseball and go somewhere other than Little Rock? Little Rock/North Little Rock is where he is from originally. Considering his age, I would think he has no wish to go anywhere but LR. As for his not having credibility in minor league baseball, that is the farthest thing from the truth. As someone mentioned in his/her post, he is on the executive committee of the NAPBL. Anyone who has any knowledge about how minor league baseball works, would know what that means.

"Bill V is a cheap A-hole. All the players think so too. They all can't wait to get out of here and just laugh at how dumb he is. He can make fun all he wants, but he'll be the one stuck in LR forever while everyone else moves up to bigger and better places."

BV accomplishments speak for themselves. Bob obviously is an ill informed idiot.

It is true most of these players will not be moving on to bigger and better things in baseball. Something else Bob is ill informed about.

After reading everything BV just said, I'll never listen to another person complaining about BV or Pete being cheap. This is the minors people! Things are not supposed to be grand. All these "cheap" complaints are so petty. If players are really doing the complaining they sound like some pampered brats. Maybe BV should take away some of these niceties from the kids.

How about Bill takes care of the field? What about all the bats that the angels send to the players that end up locked up BV's office. Thats right, the players talk to us fans. Not all of us have our heads stuck up Bills butt so far that we cant see the truth.

bill valentine

(1) If you knew anything you would know that I don't even know where the baseball bats are being kept in this ball park. If for one minute anyone knows there is a single bat any where near my office that I am locking up from the players I will give you $1,000. Pete Laven would know more about the bats than I would and he does not have a single bat any where near this office.

By the way...we pay one third of all the bats and one third the price of all the baseballs...so if we were locking them up in the office it would make more sense than that statement. I have no idea how many bats we have at this very moment and I have not been asked the entire year anything about bats.

(2) The grass was seeded too heavy with winter rye grass inorder to have it green for opening day, etc.
Because we had the coolest spring in over 10/15 years the rye did not burn out and it did not let the other grass get a good growth...since the teams works out starting a four oclock or earlier they beat the young grass todeath in the areas where they stand and work out the most.

The experts came in and told us to sand the spots, reseed the grass, water, etc and that the growth will be back by the end of September or middle of October.

Is that baseball season, no. But it was the best they could do with a new field and the weather pattern.

If some jack ass thinks that we are cheap because there is a problem with the grass...so be it.

It is just another case of a player or relative trying to act like a regular fans.

Please tell me how a regular fan would have an idea about bats in the first place?

If this is the best you can do about being cheap you have taken a very poor second shot.


Uniforms: Probably the cheapest ones he could find. They are the worst in the Texas League.

Weight Room? If there is a weight room then why do the Travs workout at Powerhouse Gym? The only explanation, is that there are no weights, therefore it is a not a weight room, but a room.

I cant wait to see what the field looks like in October.

I love the fact that Bill or BV as all his croneys call him, come on here and talk crap to everyone. Its hilarious. It goes to show you how insecure or senile the man really is.

Oh yeah, Im not a player or a relative of a player so you can tell me that I am all you want. I wont put a name on here because I can't come up with a clever name like "Voice of Reason" or "Fedup". On second thought how about I use the name, I.R.S.

BV, why don't you just raise the ticket prices? $20 a person, maybe $15 for kids. This way you can give the pansy-ass players the best of everything. I'm sure fans like IRS will be happy to bring a family of 4 out to the game. Oh and be sure to raise the price of beer. DSP prices are way too low. After all we want the players to have better uniforms than the major league teams. Or better yet raise the prices to $40 a person this way you can afford to fly all the players to games. You'll probably need to raise the prices of every concession item but who cares as long as the players have the absolute best. Better than any other team in the minors. Only the best for the Travs!

I hope this is just fans who are bitching but then they are saying they are getting the info from the players. Pansies I'm telling you, pansies! BV you spoiled them with a new ballpark. Lets pack up and head back to RWF! I hear the grass is lush and knee high over there!

Disclaimer: I have never meet nor spoken to BV in my life therefore I am not one of his cronies.

bill valentine

I am one of the few front office executives in baseball who would even answer a single statement on line.
I do so because if you do not head off the misstatements by people like the player or relative above they become facts.

Now tell me how many of you fans know where the Travelers work out? How many know they WE SUPPLY ALL THE PLAYERS WITH A MEMBERSHIP at Powerhouse Gym? Did you read that; the Travelers supply the player with memberships at Powerhouse.

#2; did any of you fans know anything about the work out room at Dickey-Stephens and what equipment is in it?

The Angels supply all of the equipment for the work out room at Dickey-Stephens. Since we have explanded the room in the new park they are working to increase the amount of equipment in the room. But since we furnish the players with complete workout memberships at Powerhouse they did not think it was urgent to add to the room at this time.

One Traveler uniform; just the top and pants cost $148.60. I doubt if any other teams in the minor league are paying any more for uniforms. We pay just about the same as the price of a major league uniform...with their discounts we are probably paying more.

So take another shot...you have now struck out three times trying to prove that
Pete and myself are very cheap operators.

I have never heard anyone call Bill Valentine "BV', and especially not his "cronies". That is another made up statement by a disgruntled player or perhaps a fan who knows it all. Practically anyone who knows Bill Valentine simply calls him Bill or perhaps Valentine.
For all of you players who are so unhappy, why don't you complain to Mr. Stoneman. You would get a look indicative to his name (Stone).
As for my opinion (like it or not), I cannot wait for all the crybabies to go home. If the fans who are so unsatisfied with things want to do something constructive with their criticism, go get a job running a baseball team.

so by working to increase the equipment you mean... get some???


Hey Bill, you have a game in an hour. Why are you on here worried about what other people are saying about you? Shouldn't you worry about making money at the game and selling merchandise. By the way this isn't a player, if i were I'd be playing right now.

The only reason I know the Travs workout at Powerhouse is because I see them there. Bet that didn't cross your mind? Figure it out and quit worrying about what other people are saying.

Oh and nobody said Pete was cheap.

bill valentine

We do have a staff...in fact we have over 200 employees and Pete and I are professional enough to have a staff that can run
Dickey-Stephens Park.

#2 You have emailed from the dressing room many times before and I don't know many players who are not in the dressing room around an hour before the game. You don't take infield any more and there is no reason for you not to be in the dressing room.

#3 So how did you know that the bats were supposed to be stored in my office and that all of them (wrongly) were supplied by the Angels?

As for the weight room, there are four pieces of work out equipment in the room..there are several sizes of weights, etc. You act like the room is completely empty. It was all the equipment that the old weight room could hold.
We had two riding bikes but they were broken and have not been replaced by the Angels.

Sorry..but you have now complete struck out. Three strikes.
But keep trying.


Ahhh, the modern day athlete. The definition of the word prima donna.

Ahh, Bill Valentine, the anti-prima donna.

It's amazing to me how regularly Bill takes some the posters here behind the woodshed. Always quick to set the record straight and post the facts.

in case you don't know..
(from webster: prima donna - a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team)


Give em Hell Bill! After tonight's shitty peformance, I don't know how anyone can side with this group of players. Positives from the performance on the field tonight...anyone???

You rock Bill! Every single one of the "cheap" accusations has been shot down!

If this really is players or relatives or friends of players posting on here with these cheap complaints then they sure are making this team look bad. Mars said it right "prima donnas".

As has been said... This is the MINORS people not the MAJORS. From everything Bill has said these guys are being given far more amenities than most minor league teams provide. If I was a player I would be pissed at these "fans" who are making me sound bad!

Mr. Shucks

Bill started this whole mess by saying what he did on the radio. His supporters seem to be forgetting that.

It isn't like the players or front office staff have a choice on assignments. The least that could be afforded one another is a working respect for one another - which Bill Valentine blatantly violated by airing private grievances publicly.

Mr. Valentine, if you think the Angels are shortchanging you, you know the proper channels. If you are in contact with Tony Reagins as often as you say you are, voice your displeasure to him. Having dealt with farm directors before I know exactly what the response will be. (Make sure to put your hip waders on for the bs and hold the phone away from your ear when the cackling starts)

Broadcasts are marketing tools from the majors to the minors. If Denny Matthews or Vin Scully openly denigrated the Royals or Dodgers in the way 'BV' did the Travs, they'd be reprimanded. The broadcaster in Cedar Rapids was threatened with his job a few years back for an on-air tirade about the lack of talent displayed by the Kernels (many of whom, not surprisingly, are in NLR now)

As for players like Bill Edwards, Mr. Valentine should be worldly enough to recognize that without the Bill Edwardses of the world, there wouldn't be anybody for the Sean Rodriguezes and Freddy Sandovals to get at-bats off of. Professional baseball needs bodies to function and the vast majority of those warm bodies won't make it to the majors. Everyone should recognize that, including Mr. Valentine.

Despite what is being disseminated publicly on this board, I can assure you privately the Angels are not pleased about how their players are being treated and thrown under the bus on this.

Facilities everywhere are getting upgrades and being built new. The Angels can and will go elsewhere if they want (and at least find greener grass to play on). Yeah, a big bus is nice, but there are plenty of nice locker rooms across the country and affiliates DO care about how their players are received and treated.

The bottom line is this: Bill Valentine is an old man living in the past when MiLB was as mom-and-pop as opening the gates in April and hoping people would show up. If Mr. Valentine wishes to become a radio broadcaster rather than the "Stealth GM" many believe him to be, he should work up some demos and hit the Winter Meetings.

Mr. Valentine, you are the COO of a professional sports franchise acting like the participant in a grade school playground fight (as are the players). Could the COO of Coca-Cola put down his product in a public forum and get away with it? Heck no, stock prices would take a hit and he'd be held to the fire.

I don't have a dog in this fight - while I've followed many of the players and their careers by virtue of living near and working for an Angels affiliate, I'm not an Angels fan and despise their much-overrated farm system and clueless farm director. I've met Mr. Valentine before and found him to be a quaint character before he began telling 'barefoot and pregnant' jokes at the Winter Meeting. Needless to say 'Arkansas humor' didn't fly with the rest of the delegation.

To paraphrase the 'Simpsons' here, Mr. Valentine, your corn ball antics may fly in the sticks but this is Capital City. Your style may have played 20 or 30 years ago, but the landscape has changed. Step aside and give the young front office workers there a chance to prove they can make baseball in Litle Rock and the surrounding area successful.

We'll be looking for you at the Winter Meetings with those demo tapes. Good luck in your quest to become a professional broadcaster and not a professional jackass.

Oops, guess now I've got a dog by default. Luckily Bill is not Michael Vick...

Mr. Shucks, That was the most competent, well written post I have ever seen on this entire site. You did a wonderful job of stating the facts without throwing and low blows. Anyone that would like to refute you on any of your points will have a very hard time.

Mr. Shucks

Before Bill or anyone else rips into me, I'll admit I am not a 'minor league executive' but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night... ;-)

I may have crossed the line by referring to someone as a "professional jackass" but my friends would all tell you it takes one to know one and I certainly recognize my fellow brethren.


Ha ha ha, you caught me Bill, I emailed from the dressing room. Please look at the time of my last post. It is at 7:04 I guess I left the game just so I can go to the dressing room and email on here. You're a dumbass if you think that. Strike One. hahaha

I have not struck out, you keep avoiding the issue at hand. Why are you worried about what other people are saying on here? You won't answer the question, you just keep telling me about bats and the weight room. I haven't said anything about the bats.
Strike Two. hahaha

One more and your out hope you don't swing and miss on the next one. Thank you for being my friend.

One, Bill was saying players, which may include you, are emailing people all the time with just an hour or less before the game.

Two, Bill, has said the one of the reasons he comes on here is to refute idiots like you. Someone else mentioned bats, which he refuted. Believe it or not not every post is about you.

You are a complete moron.

I do agree that someone else was talking about bats. However, Bill did direct that entire post at one person, even stating that they had "struck out". Therefore, you may be the moron, learn to read, tard.

If you are a regular reader of this blog it is easy to figure out that BV is using the word "you" in the plural form. I guess he could say "y'all" since this is the south.

So when he says YOU have struck out. He means every idiot and moron that has posted many dumb cheap accusations at him.

bill valentine

Dear Shucks;

Like everyone else you go off half cocked without any background information and talk about me being in a joke telling session at the winter meeting that never happened.

Your quote;
"...old man living in the past..(when it was)..mom and pop opening the gates and hoping people would show up.

For your information for over five years I planned and ran what was the first and is now the Bob Freitas Seminar at the winter baseball meetings. I pick the topics and speakers for the all day event on promoitions, concessions, sales, etc. I conducted all the meetings.

Jim Paul of El Paso and myself are known as the two minor league operators who lead the minor leagues into the promotional operations that we have today. We were the first operators to schedule dozens of give away nights each season and book Captain Dynamite, midget
wrestling, frisbee catching dog acts, etc and provide the names of the act to other operators in minor league baseball.
We were the first to have a completely stocked souvenir stand in A and AA baseball. We found suppliers who would sell dozens instead of hundreds of souvenir items to minor league operators and passed this information on to other operators.

"..good luck in your quest to become a professional broadcaster"

For your information; For seven years I broadcast Traveler games with the late Jim Elder. I did the 6pm and 10 pm sports on tv at KARK-TV in Little Rock; Jim and I had the "Jim and Bill" dj show which was number 1-2 in ratings.

"..began telling barefoot and pregnant jokes.."
The fact; People who know me know that I do not tell "jokes"...I am not a "joke" teller..I do tell stories of things that might have happened in my 57 year career in professional baseball. I have never told a barefoot and pregnant joke, a hillbilly joke or a redneck joke.
I have never been with any persons who work for Angel minor league teams at anytime during the baseball winter meetings and I do not know any persons who work for Angel minor league teams except a couple of owners and one general manager. The only time I would ever see these people would be at the cocktail party held by the Angels during the meeting and since the board of trustee dinner is on the same night my wife and I spend about 30 minutes at this event before going to the dinner.
Your example is a complete lie.

"..the Angels can go elsewhere if they want"

They certainly can. But first they have to find someone that wants them. Not many team in the Eastern League wants a major league tie in with a team that has not even started playing before the Eastern League games have ended and the Angels don't want to be sending players to Connecticut.
All West Coast teams want to be in the Texas League simply because we are closer to them. As for the Southern League..it's a long way from Salt Lake to Jacksonville, Florida, etc and Huntsville, Mobile and the like are not that easy to get too, plus they are out of the way for West Coast teams. We have teams off the record asking about us every year and it is not who you might think.

I have news for you..Pete Laven and myself will be running the Arkansas Travelers for a long, long time. You might think I am some hayseed walking out of a corn field but I was here before you were born and I helped to make minor league baseball what it is today.

My peers think enough of me to place me on the Board of Trustees of minor league baseball. I have been a umpire,a broadcaster, a general
manager, a part owner and league executive. I didn't get there telling barefoot and pregnant jokes.

Wow Bill... a little defensive there? I guess I left that game again to come make a post? Any worthy man would not have to 'explain' himself. You're pathetic! Do your job and leave the players alone! Just live yourlittle life in the LR and keep living in the past.

I find Mr.Shucks comments a little random to have been made up. I think you lost this one Bill. Atleast you can keep telling yourself that you made minor league baseball what it is. Even if no one else believes you. I guess thats what you have to do when everyone else knows the truth, you are a joke.

I thought this blog was begun for various people to discuss the game of baseball and the players and their accomplishments. It has become a forum to blast Bill Valentine. He has done more than anyone of you will ever do for baseball. However, that is not the main subject of this forum, or at least, not the way I understand it. It began as a discussion of the players, the team as a whole and comments about the various people involved the the actual team that is playing in LR. Why has the blog become a means of attempting to destroy an old guy who HAS KEPT BASEBALL in Little Rock. There should be no question about this. However, all that beside, I thought Travelerocity Reporter began this blog as a way to talk about the team.
I don't need to hear any more putdowns of Bill Valentine or anyone else involved with the front office organization. My concern is about why the real team that is playing at Dickey-Stephens Park is not doing the job that any fair person would expect.
End of story.

"I dont want to hear anymore putdowns of Bill Valentine or anyone else involved with the front office organization"

What are you going to do if people dont stop? Send us all to bed without dinner? Sorry, when you leave a blog like this open to the public its going to get the views of the public. If you dont like it, dont read it.

Mr. Shucks

Mr. Valentine, no one here disputes what you've done for Minor League Baseball. I fear for your labrum since patting yourself on the back for so long probably hasn't been good for your shoulder's health.

Stop living in the past and come to the realization that it is time for you to step aside (fully) and enjoy retirement. Spend your time at your restaraunt and not on the air making a fool of yourself.

So what if you were one of the first to do this or the first to do that? Why do I get the mental image of you sitting next to Jean Stapleton at a piano singing "Those were the days."

You and Bill Freitas made Minor League Baseball what it is, good for you. Now get out of the way and let the next generation of young, enegergetic and business-savvy front office staffers improve the business.

I did not make up any stories about you telling jokes. I'm sure you saw nothing wrong with what you said but the silence in the ballroom spoke for itself. Those jokes may have flown somewhere in America 50 years ago (My guess? Arkansas) but just like MiLB, the times have changed.

I've seen plenty of relationships where friends made business decisions to leave affiliates - you're smarter than that, Bill. In the end the Angels will leave you if they have to despite the fact I'm sure you serve up a nice Osso Bucco for Bill Stoneman when he comes to town. You act as if there are never affiliation shuffles and the Angels would be forced to sign a PDC in Siberia. You are wiser than that my friend.

I stand by my comments about your broadcasting career. Make a choice or continue to be an embarrassment. I'm sure Mags and the players would love to have you take over for Phil full-time the rest of the season.

You and millions of other people were born before me and have been in baseball longer than I have. That means jack to me. Age and experience aren't always what they're cracked up to be and the only people that usually trot out that line are old and scared of what younger people bring to the table.

I have no personal beef with Mr. Valentine, I just feel he needs to be called to the carpet for being unprofessional.

Mr.Shucks = 2
Bill Valentine = 0


Give this question and honest answer.
If Bill Valentine would have retired two years ago would there have been a Dickey-Stephens Park?
And don't tell ok..but now it is time for him to retire. He only kept baseball a live the last five years until Warren Stephens and Pat Hays awarded him with the new park.
You can take all your shots but you all know we would not have professional baseball in this area without him.

So Valentine tells a half talented pitcher it is time to quit. For that he should retire? Lets see. Since then the pitcher has pitched three times. Given up runs every inning he has pitched and blew one game.
But that's ok. Valentine just shouldn't ever comment. Of course he should never comment on the radio. He should never comment in the newspaper.
But if he does he should retire. And a so called assistant with some other Angel minor league team is telling us what should happen to the guy who has kept this town in baseball for over 30 years? I don't believe you people.

You've got it right there. I hope you werent being sarcastic, because someone has finally gotten it right.

Mr. Shucks

He shouldn't comment because he is the COO. Do you people not get that? By holding the position he forfeits some of his perceived rights to comment willy nilly about things. Maybe reading comprehension isn't big among some Arkansans (pronounced ar-KAN-sans, correct?) but I think the majority of people on this blog 'get it.' Go back and re-read my Coca-Cola example if you need to, but no COO in their right mind would want to publicly put down their own product. Period.

If he wants to grumble privately, that's one thing. But when he is on the air he is representing the Travelers to the public and that's where he really messed up.

I am not questioning Mr. Valentine's right to free speech. I'm questioning his judgement.

Bill Valentine has meant a lot to Arkansas baseball. That's great. Yeah, he helped get the new ballpark and he kept the franchise on life support, blah, blah, blah. That's fine, but maybe just maybe, he needs to consider giving up his stranglehold on things there. After all, no one likes to see an aging ballplayer (or umpire...) hang on past their prime and make a fool of themselves.

I'm counting down the hours and minutes until Mr. Valentine revels us with another reminder of how back in the day he did something or other that he needs to remind us all of and that he helped make Minor League Baseball what it is today.


You sound like a disgruntled former employee of another minor league team. It is you who was saying you ran into a similar situation at Cedar Rapids, right? Or did you have a run in with Mr. Valentine. Or are you a know it all Angels minor league guru. There is some ulterior motive behind your comments. That seems obvious enough. Anybody that buys your whole shtick is pretty dumb.

former player

As a former player I will tell you all that Arkansas is the worst stop along the way. Ray Winder field, the locker room, Bill Valentine and the fact that if you had a car worth anything it would be stolen from the so called player parking on the first road trip. I don't know if you noticed but the Angels rovers wouldn't even come to home games because they couldn't get a true evaluation of a player. From what I've been told it will only take a couple of years for the new field to be the same. As for Bill, his job is to make sure the players and coaches are as comfortable as possible and get fans to the games. With comments like that it seems as though that is about the exact opposite of what he is doing. He was always concerned about making a dime, not taking care of the players. He would sell the free "not for resale" Baseball America magazines that were supposed to be for the players. Bill would also devote the last three innings of every game to selling anything left he could in the gift shop. I bet he still turns the lights out while the team is still shaking hands. Don't want to get that electic bill to high. I also can tell that most of the people that support Bill know very little about minor league baseball. The Angels not having good players, they have been in the top five, if not 1st, for the past few years. Think about the players that have come through that have been to the big leagues. Bobby Jenks, Casey Kotchman, Jeff Mathis, K'Rod, Brandon Wood, Matt Brown, Alberto Callaspo, Erik Aybar and Howie Kendrick. Just to name a few. I'm sorry you had to suffer through those games. And trust me they wern't the players they are now. What Bill needs to do if he is not going to retire is, go to other minor league parks and see how its done. Frisco, Springfield, even Rancho, an A-ball team. Mabey you will realize that the "top shoes if the shoe fits contest" and midget wrestling and junk car night are not on field promotions done there. Also the so called field crew don't do the promotions. It is actuall done by well dressed and showered people. The fact of the matter is Bill is a former umpire who probably resents players like most do and has no business running a minor league staduim or team. The whole operation is outdated. Nothing against Pete, I'm sure he has no say with Bill running the show.

Otis Nixon

Thank you for making baseball what it is today Bill. Without you there would be no Nolan Ryan, Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr. and so on. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done. Without you guys like me would not have had a career. And for that I thank you.

Mr. Shucks

I see some on here have gone into the mode of 'if you can't defend your side of the argument just attack and cut down the other side' - must be a politician! (Or Bill Valentine not signing all his posts???)

It doesn't take much on this blog to be considered a minor league know-it-all, just a rudimentary knowledge of how things operate in the minors. I like the thought of being a 'guru' but I don't think the title fits with the Angels. Please read my previous posts - I do not care for the Angels and the way they develop their talent. I'm not an Angels fan. I happen to live near an affiliate and follow things (which is why I love reading this blog, FutureAngels.com, etc., etc.)

Yes, I have experience in minor league baseball and live near Cedar Rapids where I am a season ticket holder. However, I simply pointed out that this sounds a lot like the way the Cedar Rapids outfit is run - by a bunch of old-timers who can't give up the ghost and move on with their lives.

I have never met Bill Valentine in person but have seen him from afar and know many others whose paths have crossed his.

I'm curious to know who the former player is because teams do indeed get complimentary copies of BA when each issue is released, so that's actual info many wouldn't have. If you played for the Kernels in CR I probably know you, but you may not necessarily know me. Despite their not being for resale I do recall on my trip to RWF last year seeing copies of BA for sale...


I was at the winter meetings where you stated that the only place women belonged was in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant--not in baseball. And then, you chuckled, while your peers were in utter silence out in the ballroom. Class is not one of your strong traits.

I do not know Mr. Shucks, or the season ticket holder from Cedar Rapids. But I know, that what that person said is a true statement.

We have let some low level former minor league front office person, who does not like ownership at Cedar Rapids where he or she worked, can't stand the farm director of the Angels, etc, plus several players and their relatives
take over.
Does anyone realize that we have one of finest parks in baseball? Do you realize how we got it?
I cannot understand how you can come on and knock the very person that kept us in baseball and hands on built Dickey-Stephens?
Pray tell me what is diffent with Bill Valentine today and last year, the year before, five years before, etc?
He takes your licks and is the only person I know who comes on, signs his own name and answers your questions, requests, etc.
What does age have to do with running the Travelers?
I for one am very happy that Bill Valentine has kept us in baseball for 34 years. Sure he doesn't pull any punches. But you know where you stand with him and he has done everything to the park that we have asked for since it opened.
If you think he is going to retire, forget it.
If you think the Angels are going to move, forget it.
Whether you want to believe it or not Valentine is respected in baseball where it counts.
I know one thing you are not going to run him off until he is ready to go.

bill valentine

I was not going to come on here again unless there was a question or real request that you really wanted.
But I will not sit back and let someone come on here and tell you that at the baseball winter meetings I said women did not belong in baseball and they should be barefoot and pregnent.
That is an out right LIE!
I never said it and have never even thought it. You can chuckle and say ole Valentine has been caught now and I really don't give a rats ass.
But I will not sit back and let people come on here and put words I never said in my mouth.
Belive what you want but that statement is an out right lie.

Don't worry Bill I believe you. This Mr. Shucks fellow is creepy. I never bought his shtick. I'm not surprised the anti-BV morons bought it so quickly.

Another observation at the Not Meet the Players event. One person after another approached BV with boat loads of compliments. The man is loved around here.

"The man is loved around here," that really doesnt speak very highly of people of Arkansas. It is actually pretty sad.

Mr. Shucks

I can't control some anonymous idiot getting on here trying to make me look bad by claiming they were there too. I heard what I heard and that's it. It has been a long time but I don't think the puncline to the 'story' was barefoot and pregnant, but more along the lines of seeing a woman without shoes on and remarking the only two places a woman should be barefoot are in the kitchen and the bedroom. Not exactly something you'd hear at Toastmasters or in a good after dinner speech.

It sounds like Bill will be running the show for a long time down there because he has so many people bamboozled.

This has nothing to do with my having a beef with anyone in Cedar Rapids (which I don't) as much as it has to do with having opinions on things.

Keep telling yourselves the Angels will never leave and they'll be gone before you know it. They'll find some place in the Texas League with a playable field and ownership that treats the players with a shred of dignity. Affiliations change all the time every two or four years for reasons just like this little debacle.

As I've stated before, I don't know Bill and I don't care for the Angels. I do know some of the players and coaches and think they deserve better. And I know how I'd run a business if I were a COO and it sure wouldn't involve making the types of comments in public and on the radio that Mr. Valentine has. That's what started this in the first place.

bill valentine

For the last time....
His statement is an outright lie.
I have never said anything
close to the remarks he insists I made at the winter baseball meeting.

I will tell you the story I told about the kitchen.

I said;
My wife Nena told me in September that the season was now over and that I had to take her some place that she had never been before.
And I said;
How about the kitchen.

That was what I said dude.
The reason I know is that I do a lot of public speaking and I save my scrips in case I am asked back to a city.

I looked up my quotes from any winter meetings I have spoken and that is the only story close to having the word kitchen in it.

Mrs. Shucks

I just came on this blog after a friend told me about it. "Mr. Shucks" is not a bad person but he does get carried away sometimes. He is a good husband but not a great provider, but fortunately my dad has helped us through the years. Mr. Shucks promises to let me retire from my job at Penney's as soon as he can find a job, but he can't seem to hold one very long. He's always making up stories and his bosses get impatient with him. But I love the big lug, anyway.


Ah, i see. Well that's not too tikrcy at all!"

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