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The irony of Valentine telling anyone they should retire is not lost on me.

LR Fan

TR -

I thouroughly disagree with you. The leader of an organization should be building up his product, not degenerating it.

Let's say you are a casual follower of the Travs. You hear the COO spout off about how bad he thinks his product is. In what way does that encourage the casual fan to come out and spend his money? In what way is that building up his product? What sort of publicity is that: "Come out to Dickey-Stephens and see our crappy team"?

All that being said, the bullpen is quite unreliable, as most bullpens are throughout minor league baseball. At the AA level, if a pitcher's any good, he'll be starting or closing. The only place you see a somewhat reliable bullpen is in the big leagues. And even then, pitching is too thin to fully staff all teams.

The fact of the matter is that this is our team, warts and all. This is the team we have chosen to support. This is America and we can choose to show our support however we want. I readily acknowledge our deficiencies both on and off the field, whether it be a suspect bullpen, or an inability to grow grass on a field. I choose to support my team in a positive manner, not negatively. Or, in other words, I chose to support my team like a responsible adult, not a crybaby.

This whole episode simply demonstrates poor leadership.

The Travelerocity reporter

You make good points about denigrating the product. I guess prefer honesty delivered in the sensationalized way that only Valentine can bring it. It's kind of fun and I think draws a lot of interest. My guess is that there are sports fans who haven't read about the Travs since the Dickey-Stephens Park opening who rediscovered the team today.

P.S. I would love to link the story for all of our out-of-state visitors, but the Travs story always seems to be the one article lleft off the Democrta-Gazette's free nwanews.com site. I don't link pay sites, even if I have a subscription because it is worthless for most readers.


Well said LR Fan.

Yes, it draws interest, but I don't think it's the sort of interest you want. Why not just get Pacman Jones to be a ballboy for a night or let Roseanne Barr sing the national anthem? I don't think negative thoughts implanted in "casual fans" heads are what you want to leave them with.

Worry about taking care of the park and getting the grass to look remotely decents and keeping visitors to The Dick happy. Let the Angels worry about the product on the field.

The Travelerocity reporter

One problem with that is that the Angels aren't worried about the talent on the field -- at least as far as fielding a winning team. They just plug in whatever players they have for evaluation.


Hmm... sounds suspiciously like minor league baseball to me.

From what I've seen, they're playing pretty good ball lately too. Seems an odd time to go on the radio and talk them down to the fans.

Accentuate the positive.

The Travelerocity reporter

Back to the issue of denigrating the product. I guess this again raises the question, what exactly is the product? Is it the team on the field or the experience of going to Dickey-Stephens Park, or a combination of both? I think the Angels continue to get away with sending us sometimes-subpar talent and not being committed to winning because the fans by and large don't demand it. The average fan who attends games is much more concerned with the quality of concessions than the quality of the players.


I'm in total agreement with LRFan as well as the bullpen sucking this year & this talk is brining in sports fans that are normally not attracted to the Travs for whatever reason. At the same time, Valentine should not be spouting off in public that Edwards should retire. In today's article, Valentine goes on to say that "If the truth hurts, then quit"..."If the truth hurts, then it's time for you to get out of the game. I'm sick and tired of a bunch of ballplayers moaning and groaning because the general manager is pointing out the ERAs on the radio". I can't comment on the ERAs since I don't know much about the game, however, I can tell you that Bill needs to let go of the GM position that he held for such a long time and let the actual GM do his job. Bill, you've done a fantastic job with the Travs, we're not saying you haven't, but you're the COO of the Travs now. You can make all the comments you want, try to keep some professionalism about them though, & if you can't, well, may be then it's time for you to retire.

Bill Valentine and Travelerocity are so clueles it isnt even worth the time/energy to continue to point it out. It is funny however that no players who have played in Little Rock have any good memories/respect for the place. Just a thought but it may have something to do with people like Bill and TR.

I agree with Sally, except for the part about Valentine doing a fantastic job up until now.

The only reason all the fans came out this year was the new park. That newness will be less and less every year, seems like a good time to take a permanent wine trip and pretend like you had a lot to do with this season's sucess.

Fans come to the park in spite of Bill, not because of him. It's always been that way.

LR Fan

TR -

Before I go back to work...

I think "the product" is the entire experience, which indeed IS a combination of the products on and off the field. You can have a good product while having a losing team. I think we'd all agree, however, that it's much easier to do with a winning team.

The Travelerocity reporter

Yeah, it's because of people like me that players who have played in Little Rock don't have any good memories or respect for the place.


Valentine is a good color commentator, but he does need to tone down his merciless verbal harrassment of the pitchers from the pressbox.

Will that slip of the Valen-tongue during the broadcast ("... have to put up with this bull****") cause any repercussions, or are we now past that in terms of FCC regulations?


Bill Valentine's cuteness as a curmudgeon has worn off long ago. It's time for him to go. No matter what anyone thinks he's not funny anymore. Retire him. This is bad.

Heck, I've disagreed at times with Valentine. But he's telling the truth about the quality of the team. I appreciate a truthful color man. The fact that it's an official of the team bothers me not in the least.

I'll cut the Angels some slack though. Maybe they don't have anyone any better at A ball? Looking over the stats in Baseball America, I don't see any help at A ball.

Some of the help the Travs got this year came from indie ball. Fine. Sign 'em where you can find 'em but maybe the scouts ought to keep an eye out for relief pitchers. We need some.


Oh, yeah, I forgot. There are lots of former Travs who loved playing here and during Valentine's tenure too. Guys who later played in the majors and guys who never made it. You think maybe, just maybe, more recent players who have only criticism might be spoiled brats?

Just a thought.


Vance Law

Spot on, Rackensacker.

Nothing but bitchers here. Move along.


The only thing I disagree with on Bill is that he should be saying this stuff....in private....to the Angels brass....especially that grinning Riggins, who we see at the Hot Stove every year, explaining why we cant get a major league game here. I dont think the General Manager should attack players personally...UNLESS they are loafing, reprobates or liars....lack of effort stuff....The GM should never criticize TALENT..to the person whose talent is being questioned......which it seems Bill is doing. I mean ....we ARE playing better....and its not fair to demoralize a team.


hahahaha did someone on here just comment on how the players are bitchers??? What are all of us?

Fred Merkle Rocks

Russ, you are a bitcher. The bitchers are here, not on the field. (Well, there may be some on the field)

Now, Bubba, first off Valentine is not the GM, Pete Laven is the GM. Second, it is Tony Reagins, not Riggins, you damn inbred. I think many are tired of your idiotic post.

You know this blog has lost many of viewers because of the continious bitching and moaning seen here by people who really don't know what the hell is going on. It has gotten tiresome, to say the least.

I can also say that many fans support Bill and what he does(or says). And that many Travelers have enjoyed their time here in Arkansas. They may have gripes, but they have those for any organization they play for.

I will be honest, most of you have no damn clue about what you are saying. Most here just mouth off to mouth off. You bitch about Arrendondo's punishment. Yet, you don't know what the hell is really happening behind the scenes that made his departure a learning process for him. A grow up moment, we will say.

The bullpen has lacked many times this season. Bill has spoke the truth. Now, the players can get their feelings hurt or decide to focus on their performance. Hell, I thought I saw where many railed on Porter here. He can't catch, he better start hitting, blah blah blah. He was open game, why can't Bill rail on the pen? Oh, I know, because it is Bill and not you little bitches.

It is obvious that some of you live lives so unimportant that you must find a forum for you to feel that what you say matters. That you can feel that you finally have the importance that you so long to have. You live empty lives so you must some how build up your role in this world by talking shit about something you have no clue about. It seems to be the American way nowadays.

You damn losers.


Fred Merkle Rocks, I TOTALLY agree with you. I could not find the words earlier, I could only laugh. That was well said, THANK YOU for having some common sense.

Hey Fred. Catch the damn ball next time you freakin' boner!

The Travelerocity reporter

"You know this blog has lost many of viewers because of the continious bitching and moaning seen here by people who really don't know what the hell is going on."

I could care less what the numbers are, but the facts are that this blog has seen its highest readership ever during the last couple of weeks.

3rd base assistant coach

Wow, what a time for this kind of stinking thing to blow up, smells just like August. We're 1 game out of 1st, just off a 10 game winning streak,dropped another 5 games and no body's happy??? That just minor league ball.

Besides the positives mentioned above we have a manager that plays agressive ball, like it or not I love it!!! More Squeeze plays!!!!

Bill Valentine needs to get a life...If you're trying to inspire for the late run at the pennant, that's not the way to do it!! GO TRAVS You may not not care about the fans but We care about winning!

I love people who come on this board to tell everyone else they do not know what they are talking. Only that person knows anything about baseball!

Bill Valentine rocks but anyone who believe that his comments drive people away from the ballpark are delirious.

Also, even though he is not the GM, just by reading some of these comments some do not seem to understand the role of a minor league GM. I don't blame Bill for bitching. He has no control over the players on the field. If he did the bullpen would look totally different and a lot better.

You go Bill!

If players do not have good memories of playing with the Travs because of Travelerocity than that says a lot about the players. Those players must be a bunch of p***ies.

If Bill wants to run the roster, then he should return the franchise to the Texas League and find an independent league team to play in Dickey-Stephens Park.

I'm sure there will be plenty of cities in Texas and neighboring states who would love to have a Texas League franchise loaded with players from an organization that's among the best in baseball. If you want to send the future John Lackeys, Francisco Rodriguezes, etc. to another town, go ahead.


Hey Merk.....Here's the truth: When a voice is needed for commentary, it's Bill V, not Pete, so call it what you want. And...."Riggins"....(just to tweak you baby), is still the Angels guy who shows up and grins and smiles at Hot Stove and introduces Maggie or that incomp retread lazy, home-boy manager we had last year ("Boink" or something). This is a board to post comments. There are many baseball fans here who, based on your post, know much more about the game than you do. Have a nice day. .By the way...the real Merkle's nickname was "Bonehead," but you knew that.... OBVIOUSLY.....:(


I was trying to figure out what it is Bill has against Edwards anyway? He's 4-2 with a 3.98 ERA, which seems pretty respectable. He's got a lot of walks for a reliever (29 in 54.1 IP... WHIP = 1.49) but he's struck out 43 batters. He's 2nd on the team in holds.

Statistically speaking he sure doesn't look that bad, but I can't say much really as I haven't seen the guy pitch I guess that I really noticed.

Did he talk bad about Bill's restaurant? Run over Bill's dog? Reject his advances? (not that there'd be anything wrong with that) What? It sure seems personal.

I realize he bashed Ambrose but that was after he smashed up the locker room from what I'd heard.

LR Fan

Cracker -

Try asking his parents - they're here every weekend.


Yeah, he's a Memphis guy right?

I'm going to make it my personal mission to cheer louder for Edwards than any other player from this day forward. I might even give him the clunker car I plan on winning. I'll raise a toast to the bullpen for every trip to the beer garden. I'm gonna make a sign that says something stupid like "Battle of the Bills: Edwards vs Valentine... Who Retires First?". I'm going to start the Bill Edwards Fan Club. I'm going to make a makeshift jersey with his number on it. Bill Edwards is my hero. Bill Edwards will not retire on my watch. So it is written, so it shall be done.

All that, plus I'm going to match my record and eat 4 hot dogs tomorrow night.

bill valentine

#1 There are not plenty of cities that would like to get into the Texas League.... find us one...the reason we only have eight teams is that in the last two expansions we could not find two cities that would take a Texas League team.....in fact one of the teams at one time wanted to move and could not find a single city in our territory that had an interest.....not many cities today want to spend 35 million dollars for a ball park....

#2 Let's get the record straight. On Sunday;

I said the third baseman plays his position better than anyone we have every had here during our time with the Angels and I would have to think hard for someone in the latter years of Cardinal baseball with us...

I said the shortstops goes in the hole and makes stronger throws than anyone of the top prospects we have had come through..

I said I could not believe the second baseman was picked up as a free agent...he has been a team leader and a clutch hitter all year long and should be considered a prospect..

I said that Meyers had been a real leader since he arrived and his bat has been a difference the last few weeks..

I said it was great to see Coon a real centerfielder doing so well...something we haven't had in two years...

I said that Collins for a catcher...plays first base as well and anyone the Angels have ever sent here and make the scoop of poorly thrown balls better than anyone.... that if he can get his average in the .270 he has a future..

I said the starting pitching has been outstanding...and the reason we had the ten game winning streak was that they were being allowed to go long in the game...seven innings and longer.....which really helped with the shakey bullpen...

Then I said it was hard to win with a set up crew in the bullpen with ERAs in the six , seven and high fives....who don't really throw much in the high 80's and who are always behind in the count...then they brought in a pitcher who has 43 strikeouts and 29 walks with NINE WILD PITCHES...most of anyone in the league...who walked the first two hitters on nine pitches and went o-2 on the next hitter...that when I commented on the poor state of our bullpen....I am sure everyone on here never even heard what I said or that I said all the good things above about the team.....it is true this team would be leading this division by five games with just one set up man who can come in four/five times a week and get out of an inning....
..take your best shots...but know the entire story ....

So Bill are you saying that you did not say that Bill Edwards should retire? If you want us to know the entire story, give us the entire story, idiot.

bill valentine

yes..I said he should retire..along with about two other so called pitchers...when you spend two and three years in AA and still can't get anyone out well enough to hold down a spot...you shouldn't have to retire...you should get released..

bill valentine

You will note that players, parents, girl friends and wives like to come on and act like they are fans...then they post and close with something like .."idiot"..and no name....nearly every no name post is from a member of a players family or a player...no matter how they protest they are not connected...


I believe that the new players have made a difference...those since about June 15. Bill has the right and duty to make comments to the Angels and have them consider to make the moves he desires. Im glad he does it. I hope they never send Boikin back....he was a huge DUD.. I just wondered about making PUBLIC comments about certain players...talent-wise. like he's terrible...(or the like) as A GM. If someone is loafing or a boozer, I'd be behind Bill for public comments there, but I'm nervous about commenting through the media TO the Angels about quality of players .....through public media....that's all.


I heard almost everything that was said that Sunday night. Bill said all of that. It was entertaining, educational, and a pleasure to listen to. It was the first I've heard of Collins being a former catcher. No wonder he's struggled at the plate. Even though 1B is at the other end of the defensive spectrum, it is still a new position and probably contributed to that sub .200 avg Collins carried for so long. It seems obvious that the learning curve isn't as steep now and Collins bat has returned to the level he performed at in A-ball.

Back to the matter at hand, Bill was very complimentary of Sandoval, SROD and A-Mo. You bet BV took shots at some of the guys in the pen. He gave their names and he had the stats to back up what he was saying. I'd wager that Bill has seen enough baseball in his day to have a valid opinion. If anybody in the state has earned a right to have an opinion and to voice it, I'd say that person is BV. (I'll also say that you don't have to have seen much baseball to be able to spot the guys in the pen that are not getting in done.)

Frankly, I like Bill's brute, blunt, take no crap attitude. It worked really well on the radio and I imagine it has helped him see the Travs through a lot of tough times here in Little Rock. I can't imagine that running a AA ball club in Little Rock, AR, with a historic yet underfunded and run-down ballpark has been a picnic. Begging MLB for waivers year after year, patching leaks and out of code plumbing and electrical issues. You only do that if you love the game. Clearly Bill loves baseball and running a ball club. His umpire hardened hide has probably seen him through much worse criticism than anything that can be thrown at him, especially via a website.

You are more than welcome to your opinions about how he should or should not run this ball club. But he's bun running it a long, long time. Somewhat successfully I might add. He's been vocally critical and offered praise. As near as I can tell, he's always been more than willing to speak his mind. In some sense, he is a true character in the game of minor league baseball. Call me a Valentine apoligist, that's fine. He's kept minor league baseball in my hometown. I don't know what else I could ask of the man. Well, aside from more color commentary, and a free luxury suite, and the return of the Texas League's Best Pretzels.

Baseball Fan

Well said Mars. You wrote everything I was thinking. It surprises me how defensive everyone gets when you criticize players, especially those who deserve it. Most people probably heard he criticized the bullpen but did not know all the other positive things he said. I was not listening to the color commentary that night. But I agree with everything Bill V. said. Freddy's been awesome to watch. Even though SRod has struggled a little at the bat he has still made some great plays. And I've been impressed with Adam Morrissey's solid play all year long. It's been great to see Mike Collins come around. I remember checking his stats at the beginning of the season and was surprised at the low numbers he was putting up in the first half, but he appears to have turned the corner. Brad Coon is always fun to watch. Meyers has really given us a lift. Bill V. vocalized everything I've been thinking, included his criticism of the bullpen. I'm shocked so many people come to their defense. I've been watching baseball all of my life and it is easy to tell this is not a good bullpen. I question these so called experts that post on here saying nobody else knows anything about baseball. Those are always the idiots who know the least.

Now what is this about Ambrose smashing up the locker room? And Peel punched Pullin. Arredondo had it out with the manager and Curtis Pride. Wow, nothing like a little locker room excitement to go along with some baseball. Sounds like Bobby has had his hands full. Maybe that is why he has been WAY too aggressive on the base paths. Side note: I feel sorry for the players that play for that third base coach that posted saying he thought Mags style was fun to watch. I personally dislike poorly executed coaching.

Mars, it is always nice to read your commentary. You somehow manage to say great things without putting everybody else on the blog down.

Bill V keep on rockin'! You have many fans out there who appreciate all you have done, and continue to do. I'll take your baseball expertise over any of these idiots who say nobody else knows anything.

Curious Fan

Who makes the lineup for the games? Who makes decisions on who should get moved up/down or released? Does Bill actually run the team or the ballpark? Just some questions I have had since reading all this. From my understanding of minor league baseball, the GM or C.O.O. has no say on who plays or goes up or down. I maybe wrong. Please help me understand.

I am a front office staff member of another minor league team affiliated with the Angels. A fan of ours forwarded our staff a link to the story about Valentine's comments and also to this blog.

Here's the deal. No matter how pissed you are at the product on the field, you don't go to a public medium and talk openly about it. It's just in bad taste. As a front office member, you respect the players and they in turn.

In minor league baseball, we use players for appearances and speaking engagements, etc. I would think with Valentine's comments, and the general ill will between the front office staff and the players that this would be an incredible inconvenience.

Valentine's comments won't deter fans from coming out to the new ballpark. The average fan probably doesn't even know who's on the field playing. They're just there to have a good time with family and friends.

But, from a professionalism stand-point, Valentine was pretty out of line. His credability within minor league baseball is being questioned (but, I've heard this is the case already...)

Overall though, thanks for the laughs. As a staff, we'll be checking in more now for updates.


"I am a front office staff member of another minor league team affiliated with the Angels."

Really? What is your name? I hate people like you. If you are going to make this claim then back it up! Bill Valentine doesn't mind signing his posts with his real name.

"His credability within minor league baseball is being questioned (but, I've heard this is the case already...)"

I think Bill's credibility with MiLB is secure. Probably more so than yours. But I'm sure you have delusions of grandeur.

This whole issue has nothing to do with credibility. It's a matter of taste. Rest assured that Bill Valentine, a man who sits on the executive board of Minor League Baseball's governing body, does not have to worry about his credibility.

I would think that whichever minor league baseball exec that posted earlier is very young and hasn't been around for very long.


I am a turnip in a garden somewhere in the united states. I like talking about other fruits and vegetables. I won't tell you whose garden I live in or give you any reason to actually think I am turnip.

You know what? you're a turnip. And nobody gives a rat's ass about turnips.

Does anyone else find it ironic that the execs credentials were questioned by someone who signs his name "travsfan"??? Are you serious with that crap? Sign your own name if you are going to attack others for not. Try the best you can to make what Bill said okay, you will not be able to. It was in poor taste and makes not only him but everyone associated with the travelers office staff look terrible.

I would like to thank Bill Valentine for his comments. I found out about this and this site from the internet and after reading the posts I would like to that Bill and all of you for giving the rest of us one more reason to make fun of people from Arkansas. Nicely Done.

Oh good god. What a bunch of crap. Nameless people from other Angels affiliates are now on here criticizing the Travs and Arkansas. As Bill would say GET A LIFE! TravsFan was not claiming to be a person who is part of another organization. If you are going to make a claim like that than at least sign your name. Instead they are too spineless to sign a name unlike Bill who always signs his name.

I'll take Bill over any other Angels affiliates execs any day of the week.

I'm shocked by all the pansies that chime in on this blog. "Oh no. Don't criticize a player!"

when did he ever say he was an Angels exec??? Learn to read buddy. No wonder you will take Bills word, you are ignorant.

"when did he ever say he was an Angels exec??? Learn to read buddy. No wonder you will take Bills word, you are ignorant."

Why don't you learn to read, you dumbass.

First I did not say the unidentified front office person was an Angels exec. Second, I said I was take Bill Valentine over an "Angels affiliates execs".


Bill V is a cheap A-hole. All the players think so too. They all can't wait to get out of here and just laugh at how dumb he is. He can make fun all he wants, but he'll be the one stuck in LR forever while everyone else moves up to bigger and better places.


"He can make fun all he wants, but he'll be the one stuck in LR forever while everyone else moves up to bigger and better places."

I hope you are not referring to moving up in baseball. The simple fact is most minor league players do not make it to the big leagues. While a few of the current Travs may, most will never make it higher than double A. This is not a knock against the players. Just the reality of basball.

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