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The Travelerocity reporter

What you say makes some sense. I wish you had said that in the story because I think people reading might have a more favorable impression of why the tax wasn't paid.


I've been misquoted in a newspaper before, so while I may not know the exact questions Bill was asked, I don't blame him for referring the reporter to a lawyer.

Warning to everybody... be careful when a reporter is around. They often misquote you. As I said it happened to me, then I had to go explain the real story to somebody. The person I was explaining things to told me right away to not worry about it. She had been dealing with the press for years and knows not to believe everything she reads. She told me she is frequently misquoted.

"I wish you had said that in the story because I think people reading might have a more favorable impression of why the tax wasn't paid."

Remember that the story is only what the D/G and/or the report chose to wrote. Just because it wasn't there doesn't mean the BV didn't say it.


Ok. I had the popcorn at tonight's game. I bought it from the Caboose just after 6:00pm, and frankly, given the workout I had earlier in the day I did not have the strength to look for BV to tell him that I thought it was the worst ballpark popcorn I'd ever had. It tasted as if it had come out of a bag, heated up & stored in boxes. It was also tough as if it had been left out overnight. Bill, I'm sorry, but it SUCKED TONIGHT!

The Colonel

Thanks Sally for the validation. Every single box I've bought has been exactly as you so eloquently described it. Perhaps Mr. DOT DOT DOT is suffering mini-strokes. If you want popcorn as it should be, head out to the RAVE Theater Mr. DOT DOT DOT and give it a try. Again, thanks Sally.

Oh yea. YAY the TRAVS won last night!

Colonel you are truly hung up on DOT DOT DOT. No, he has not had a mini-stroke. He is not so disreputable as you think. Why don't you call the National Association of Professional Baseball, otherwise known as the NA. Ask about his career. Sure, he has never been diplomatic, and always gives his opinion, but that has not dimished his talent for business.
Explain why he is on the most important committee in Minor League Baseball. It is not because he has had mini-strokes.
Take it from someone who knows him well, he is not a
vicious person. He began umpiring at a very young age and learned he had to defend his decisions. I am
very offended by all the personal attacks on him on this blog. However, I know he comes on too strongly when he does defend himself. All of you know him and his personality. Don't expect anything to change in that respect.
Colonel, why don't you apply for his job. If you are hired, you can prove what an astute business man you are.

The Colonel

I'll give you all of that. But PR is a huge part of all of this and he is failing at it. He should quit reading this blog and he should especially quit responding. He can't win not matter how loud he screams, how many times he tells everyone to get a life. He can't win. And, I knew when it was time to lay down the sword and start enjoying life. Dot Dot Dot should too. His time has past.

Colonel. You are not as cute and intelligent as you think you are.


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