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Concerned Fan

Meeks has no checks or balances on the board. I know for a fact all employees were threatened with their job if they spoke to the media about this or any other matter. So classy, Meeks. I definitely want to come back to your stadium now...

Troubled Traveler

Reorganize the board, or ridiculous stuff like this will keep happening. Meeks has too much power.


It is too bad that Travelerocity has not been more active in the recent past, to provide a forum for better discussion of this surprising turn of events.

Travs fans have endured a lot, from Maggs fetish for stealing bases to a general Angels apathy, the loss of historic Ray Winder Field and the successful operation of D-S Park. Oh... by the way, two of those who were directly involved with the success of D-S, as well as both having brought a sense of tradition over from RWF.... are the two employees who were summarily fired, Pete Laven and David Kay.

Speaking only for one fan, I can put up with a lot, but arrogance of the management and mishandling of long term employees who have been an asset to the organization is too much.

Be sure and check out the Facebook group titled "Take me out of the Ballpark" (Ark Times got the name wrong in their story) for a more active discussion of this mess. The member count for that group is now over 1,700 mad Traveler fans, and rising daily.

If this isn't resolved, the situation will only get worse. One can only imagine what this has done to the morale of the other Traveler employees.

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