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jj cervantes

Like to read a detailed scouting report on Trout . . . .

Travelerocity reporter

"Minor league ball is all about developing and creating an attitude that stems from the top of the organization. In past years, the manager seemed to embrace too much to the idea that he had to run his team like the big-league club, even if he had lumbering catchers and fewer contact hitters to do it. Arkansas seems to be in excellent hands this season under new skipper Bill Mosiello, who was the won in the third base box making sure his runners didn't trot into outs."


potential groupie

where do the players hang out after the game i would like to "meat" a few of them

Travelerocity reporter

"And when the Angels reach below for help, there's not much there. The team's Triple-A club is one of the worst in the Pacific Coast League, comprised largely of players in their upper 20s and lower 30s struggling to eke out careers."


Travelerocity reporter

So what does the above quote mean? It means look for Trout to be called up soon.

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