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Trav fan

Conway will be happy to accept the ancillary revenue in the form of hotel nights, restaurant fare, gas purchases, and general shopping which occurs secondary to events such as this. Little Rock, in their obvious wisdom, doesn't need or want baseball revenue of any kind -- we all know that another UAMS parking lot is a far better land use than preserving Ray Winder Field.

Given Little Rock's well known apathy about baseball, it is disappointing that the tournament couldn't have been played in the one remaining central Arkansas baseball venue - North Little Rock's Dickey Stephens ballpark.

Voice of Reason

Yeah just go ahead and kill the field a little bit during the only 4 day break the DSP field gets over a 2 week stretch.

Do you really think the Travelers would pass on this "awesome event" without a reason? They've hosted high school games before, but this field first and foremost was built for the Travelers to play on. And playing high school baseball on that field during the only four day break the field gets during a two week stretch is NOT a good idea.

Kudos to the Travs front office for doing what's best for the ballpark.

Someone in the Know

Hardly think the grass had anything to do with it. That's two days of a five-day break that is followed by an eight-day break after the next homestand. If they could sell beer, the finals would be at Dickey-Stephens.

Hawkeye Pierce

Hosting the games would be great for the Travs -- it would give them another excuse why the grass doesn't look perfect! Travelerocity should start a master list of excuses the organization has given for bad grass since moving to DSP.

Dumb and dumfounded

Apparently the grass at DSP is different than the grass in northwest Arkansas. Or, perhaps the DSP leadership just has a different priority??

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