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you have to figure that Trout is here for at least the first half. It's entirely possible that he plays here the first half, SLC the second half and spends september in Anaheim. However, it's also much more likely that he doesn't sniff Anaheim this year. First there is big league roster issues. Wells, Hunter, Abreu, Bourjos are the Angels OF/DH combo. With Willits and maybe Pettitt hanging in the wings there are quite a few hurdles between Trout and the show. (Not that Willits or Pettitt are going to block Trout once he's ready). They say the most difficult jump in professional baseball is the jump from A ball to AA. Trout only played 50 games at Hi-A so it might be unreasonable to expect him to hit the ground running in April. A full season of the high minors (AA and AAA) is likely what is in store for him. Followed by some more (brief) minor league time in 2012 if for no other reason than to keep his arbitration clock from starting and potentially making him Super 2 eligible (if that designation isn't eliminated in the next CBA). Another strike against his appearance in MLB this season is that the Angels would have to add him to the 40 man roster to do so.
I think he will be here until at least the break and I'm selfishly hoping he's here past that. If he sniffs Anaheim this year it will be because he came into town and dominated, then did the same to the PCL. He would have to have one helluva season this year to make it to the majors. Admittedly, the reports are that he's capable of doing that.

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