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P. Allen Sith

I find it funny that the editor of that Baseball on Broadway publication that is passed out after games actually mentioned there was a hot stove meeting that was canceled. SHHHHH!!!! No one is supposed to know that!

Hawkeye Pierce

I agree that there is no benefit to blocking the stadium's view of the skyline. However, I thought the mid-rise building shown in the conceptual drawings at the corner of Willow & 3rd was an interesting concept. Having a balcony view of baseball games during the summer (and of the skyline all year round) might be a selling point.

Travelerocity reporter

What ever happened to the Wyndham hotel plans to build a 10-story tower with a pool on top that overlooked the field?


Buddy Villano

Speaking of Scott Ford Sell Out Arena, the whole idea from the architects was supposed to be that it would serve as a lighthouse on the river. That's why there is so much glass at the front entrance. You knew it was a bad sign when after a month or so they decided it cost too much to keep the lights on to give that lighthouse effect, but I never imagined North Little Rock's mayor and city council would completely disregard the original intent and let someone build a condo building right in front of it blocking the view of the river and blocking the view of the arena from the river and the other side of the river -- a condo building few want to live in, by the way.

LR Fan

I remember, way back in the good old days, when Travs attendance was reported in the box score as two numbers: actual attendance and National Association (NA) attendance. The National Association was (still is?) the organization of minor league baseball, just like MLB. While the minor leagues were struggling in the 70's, the NA allowed teams to report either actual attendance or the actual attendance plus season ticket holders. This number came to be known as the National Association Attendance.

I'm sure the NA was trying to shore up numbers for some teams but, in a long-forgotten sign of honesty, Bill Valentine reported both numbers. The Travs would lead the Texas League reporting NA attendance figures but he still knew how many butts were in seats buying beer and hot dogs.


The way I look at it- both Eminger and Rozi are on the ice for those last two scores. Nothing phscayil on their parts-opposing team players being phscayil on them. Need I say more.

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