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Travelerocity reporter

Picked up on Halos Heaven...


Travelerocity reporter

Picked up on Baseball Musings...


Travelerocity reporter

Picked up on Big League Stew...


Voice of Reason

You're hilarious. Other than me, the author of this blog-rag is the only person placing comments. And those comments are his own bragging about his post being picked up by other websites.

TR, you've been on "hiatus" for over a year and now you come back to complain that you apparently weren't a "VIP".

Boo hoo hoo for you. Give me a break.

And I have it on good word that many season ticket holders AND Arkansas Al were invited to the Hot Stove. I guess they're more important than you.

Travelerocity reporter

If you think the links above are bragging, sorry about that. Just find it interesting whenever someone links to here and in years past I never made all those public.

VOR, you must have been invited because everyone I've talked to that was not is PO'd about this.

Check the Travs Facebook page. There are a several people completely puzzled as to why this wasn't announced. One person said he called the Travs and was directed to Pete Laven and then left four messages that were never returned. Another was told in December that a news release was forthcoming.

Pele El Paso

Who do the Travs think they are now -- Willie Wonka??? Did I need to find a Golden Ticket to get in the hot stove this year?

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