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Sidd Finch

Bobby, you're quoted in today's Dem-Gaz as saying about last night's game, "Sometimes there are certain teams you just don't play well against, certain teams that have your number." Umm, that's not just NWA, that's every team in the league you assclown.

We are now last among all AA teams in winning percentage. Way to follow up that championship last season.

Mr. Shucks

You really don't understand minor league baseball, do you?

Sidd Finch

Was that directed at me Mr. Shucks? If so, yes I do. Other than attending Travs games for almost the past 30 years, I understand it's for player development. Each team has something or multiple things they want players and teams to work on. However, they all seem to play ok while doing this. Gamboa and Boykin weren't this inept at winning while teaching the "Angels' Way."


How awesome was it to stand in line for peyton hillis (sponsored by verizon), only to find out it was $10 for the autograph. Awesome! Anybody want some Peyton Hillis cards? Unsigned. I wonder if he still has a job?

Office Depot

Hey, those pens cost money. We just don't give those things away.


Why are you complaining cobra22nd? You're a grown man who stalks players and probably sells the autographs you get on ebay. What's another $10 for your creepy fetish?


$10 is not a problem. However, it should have been announced. That's all I'm saying.


So you're not denying the fact you're a grown man with a creepy player fetish?


anyone care to comment on the lesbian ushers............

......im lovin it.


don't you love the way a guy pulls his hammy in the pregame pen and bobby lets him pitch anyway. Oh who cares, it's only the poor kids career.

Sidd Finch

All right, I'm starting the rumor mill. A friend said he was watching Channel 11 sports last night and Mark Edwards mentioned at the end of his broadcast something to the effect of he has a good friend who's a major league player and the player said if things work out right, he'll be making a rehab start for the Travs this coming weekend. The MLB injury update site, http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/fantasy/wsfb/news/injuries.jsp, states that Torii Hunter is scheduled for a rehab stint the weekend of August 7th. What say you Travs and Angels? Will the hometown boy get to rehab here?

Sidd Finch

Torii Hunter rumor aside for a moment, I'm just now catching up on this month's print edition of Arkansas Sports 360, and Jim Harris writes there and on his website what I've been saying for over a month now...with the exception of last year's playoff run, we've played like dirty ass for a year now. Jim is nicer about it, but he does point out that, as of his writing, 40 games under .500 in the past calendar year. No thanks necesarry Jim, I'm glad you're pointing it out to the masses. Oh, and Mags, this winning 6 of 9 games still has you 29th out of 30 AA clubs.

Sidd Finch

Link for the piece I mentioned above, http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/sports_article.asp?aID=116333.31443.128416&pID=4

7 year season ticket holder.

I wish they would announce the manager for next year before I commit to renewing my seats.

If Mags is back, I won't be.

I hate to be like that, but this team has talented players. They should not be this bad. That leaves one thing being the problem.

Up the price on my seats for more shit baseball. I think not.


what do they call it when one reporter steals the article of another? I'm sure there's a term for it. Jim's piece is damn near verbatim from this board and it's comments. Nice insight there Jim.

Sidd Finch

Go easy on Jim...he didn't use my term of "they've been playing like dirty ass." As for knowing the manager before you renew season tickets, unfortunately the Travs have no say in the product on the field. If that was the case, Valentine would have had Mags' canned mid-way thru his first season and the bullpen replaced soon after.

Thank goodness for Budweiser

I need two thing before I renew my season tickets: an acceptable product, and the possibility of a rehab.
I've seen neither. Hopefully the later will happen this weekend. The former doesn't have a snow ball's chance in hell under this leadership.

Sidd Finch

Today's clue (well, posted on Aug. 2nd, but just found today by my wife), that Torii might spend this weekend playing for the Travs comes from mlb.com's Fantasy News, "Hunter, on the DL since July 7 with a strained right adductor, figures to play a few games next weekend with one of the Angels' Minor League affiliates -- perhaps in his native Arkansas with the Double-A Travelers." Link: http://losangeles.angels.mlb.com/mlb/fantasy/wsfb/news/index.jsp?action=locate&pid=116338

juan c

Hunter lobbying to rehab w/ Travelers . . .


Sidd Finch

Thanks Juan C! The best part of the article was the last sentence, "Reagins said he has not decided where to send Hunter, but Manager Mike Scioscia said it will “most likely” be to Arkansas." For what it's worth, if that does come true, I take back some (but not all) of my criticisms of Angels' management.

Sidd Finch

Linked from mlb.com's main page, "Hunter set to begin rehab stint; Injured outfielder to play in Double-A before rejoining Angels:" http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090804&content_id=6242934&vkey=news_mlb&fext=.jsp&c_id=mlb


Why a quality professional organization like the LA Angels messes with backward-a$$ Arkansas is beyond me. They should pull up stakes and develop a new AA team somewhere else. Better yet, trade the Rangers for the RoughRiders. That would be a better fit. MLB's Rangers and the state of arkansas - perfect for one another...

Sidd Finch

Torii posted on his blog that he's not going to get to come here this weekend after all. The training staff didn't wants to give him more time, http://toriihunter.mlblogs.com/

Sidd Finch

Meant to say above the training staff wants to give him more time.

As Good As it Gets

Whoever writes blogs about minor league baseball has: (1) entirely too much time on their hands, (2) no life, (3) is in more dire need of a blow job than any man in human history, (4) got picked on a lot as a teenager, and (5) spends spare time shampooing the crotches of other men when he is not at baseball games or writing deadbeat blogs. LOL!!!


Yes, much more seasoned in the school of cool would be someone making crude, unfunny, homophobic comments at 2:33 in the morning then "LOL"ing at them. With 3 exclamation points even. Impressive.

Hey, some of you guys giving up your season tickets for one reason or another give me a shot at them if they're good seats. I'm going to get season tickets I guess after not having them since the Cards left town. I don't suddenly care about AL baseball nor a California team, I just really enjoy the park and now that Pete has been left alone to run things it's be a great season.

Sucks that Hunter isn't going to be here this weekend, but oh well.


You can have mine, Cracker.

Sidd Finch

Damn Bobby...you have the worst winning percentage in the Angels' system since you've been here, you've wasted talent, and yet you still won't change your style. You got lucky for an 8 game stretch last year and you still won't admit your the problem. Please leave.


It will be interesting to see how the 3-year season ticket holders renew, since they certainly haven't populated the stands with any great regularity these last couple of years.

Since there isn't much positive to discuss about Magg's "steal base" philosophy, lets move on to music. Who is the artist of the baseball song that the Halos frequently bounce to? It sounds somewhat like the group Alabama, but I don't find it on any of their CDs. I would like to hear it in a neutral environment when I'm not getting eye strain from watching T&A.


3 year ticket holders will renew. They are the hardcore fans. They'll cough up the pesos and pray that Bobby gets the axe. It's a shame that such a positive experience at the park is so consistently pitted with a horseshit brand of baseball. I'm with Sidd, the excuses are wearing thin. Leadership starts at the top.


The song before they come out? If so, that's Whiskey Falls. I only know because Damon Johnson from Brother Cane is in that band. I'm old school you see. Word.

Karch, do you mean I can have your tickets? As in free? For 3 years? You're alright dude. I'll buy you a beer.

Mr. Shucks

Sounds like Trevor Bell will be making his big league debut sometime this week for the big club.

Mr. Shucks

So, did something happen to the guy who publishes this blog? I liked reading the updates and news on other players/teams in the TL as much as I did reading about the Travs.

I'm guessing he watched Bobby send another runner to his death on the basepaths and finally took his own life...


he got tired of you retards. same as everybody else.

Greg Porter

I think he wasn't all that much of a Travs fan to begin with. More of a Cardinal fan if you ask me.

He should have just been following my total awesomeness as the American Association MVP!


How about you give up the dream and manage the travs next year? Maybe you can be a player/ manager. Will you send yourself if your down one run in the 8th inning?

Sidd Finch

Mags stated after last night's loss, "I've been saying it from the very beginning, we're playing a baseball game. We don't believe in playoffs, championship games, exhibition games, pennant drives. We're playing a baseball game, and that's how we're playing it."

That's why you're last overall in the league this season, that's why you have squandered the talent of players like Bourjos and Conger. That's why Trumbo has suddenly become the second incarnation of Greg Porter. By saying all games are the same, that signals to me that you're not installing a since of winning in your players. Bobby, if the purpose of the minors is for player development, then why aren't you developing these players to be winners?

On a final note, I'm actually glad we lost last night so Mags could quit pretending like he cared. Now all of the games truly are "just baseball games." If the intensity was stepped up earlier in the season, if he didn't run us out of innings, perhaps 1/3 of those 29 1-run losses would have translated into wins and perhaps a realistic shot at the playoffs. But no, we have a manager that doesn't care about fully developing his players, but rather one who's content with a little-league mentaility. Bobby, please resign.


Damn...someone sure is glad that tonight is the last game.

Sidd Finch

Glad to see this train wreck of a season is finally over. We tied with Corpus Christi for worst overall in the league at 61-79 for a .436 winning percentage. That was also crappy enough for a tie for 28th out of 30 AA teams. The only team worse than us and Corpus was Binghamton of the Eastern League.

For the state hounds, offensively we were last in the TL in runs, total bases, RBIs, doubles, at bats, and OPS. We were next to last in home runs, walks, and slugging percentage.

As for pitching, we were last in saves, but the bright side is that we actually led the league in ERA, least hits, and least runs. Not bad for the pitching, but Mags managed to neuter the bats of what was suppossed to be a decent offense.

Player development, winning, and attitude begin and end with the manager, so this is all on the shoulders of Mags. He has been given three years now, with an overall record (excluding playoffs) of 188-232 for a .447 winning percentage. Hell of a job there Bobby.

Sidd Finch

Please check your e-mail. No, it's not a love letter to Mags.

Angels Fan

Hey Sidd...boy it really looks like the Angels run has stopped, huh? Just another division title (in a division that was much tougher than people thought).

It looks to me like the "Angels Way" works just fine when properly done. Of course winning the division (a tremendous feat considering the obstacles the Angels faced this year) isn't enough...time to win it all again!

Sidd Finch

I'm glad the run hasn't stopped. I've been an Angels' fan for quite awhile. I made those comments when the pitching staff had one of the worst ERAs in the league and the team BA was hovering below .250. They have made great strides since then.

However, I still have concerns about the future of this team. The outfield is aging, Figgy is probably leaving after this year, opening the door for Wood's make-or-break season, and the bullpen is still VERY questionable. Having watched various incarnations of Angels' farm teams since 2001, I have noticed the potential MLB talent vs. the non-talent. Unfortunately, over the past couple of seasons, the non-talent has far outweighed the talent. This does not take into account the MLB free agent market, but will Moreno pay what it takes to sustain a winning team via the market?

Besides, how can you justify Quinlan eating up a roster spot?


I'd argue the AL West was weaker than expected. The Mariners and A's fell flat on their faces. The Rangers made a run and were ultimately done in by injuries. Nobody could have expected that team to pitch as well as they did this year. As far as the Angel Way, it certainly has outperformed the pythagorean projections, and done so repeatedly. The Angels have found ways to win close games over the last several seasons and I guess that's attributable to the Angel Way. The biggest problem with the Angel Way is how it's executed in NLR.

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I'd argue the AL West was weaker than expected.


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