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Hi Travelers fans!
Thought I'd add a game note you might enjoy. Bell's GO:AO was 15:6, meaning he got plenty of defensive help for the win, most notably from former Traveler Ben Johnson. Playing 1B last evening, Johnson tallied 14 PO, including 2 DP (Patchett-Johnson, Kendrick-Johnson), and 4 of which he fielded himself. One of those outs was don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it diving snag of a line drive, and then a quick scramble to the bag. . .Your friend in baseball. BeesGal

Sidd Finch

Sorry BeesGal, stats aren't the cup of tea on this board...we like our whinin' and complainin' with no facts to back it up.

How's Kendrick looking in SL? I hated to see him sent down, but he's just not putting up the numbers this year.


LT, check your gmail, I just sent your scan.

Stu Cole's Ass

what a phenomenal picture of me. At least you got my good side


Ha, ha, ha! Didn't mean to go geek-gal crazy on y'all. Just trying to give a little love to Johnson since he was otherwise a non-entity in the game stories.

Howie's still Howie. Smiling, swinging, diving and digging.

The other night, Terry Evans struck out on a rather questionable low-and-outside called strike. T.E. rarely, I mean rarely flares up. This time, he flipped his bat so hard I was worried for a sec it would end up over the railing and inside the dugout. Terry was still saying a few choice words as he collected his hat/glove to head out to right field. As Howie ran out,he made a little detour on the way to his 2B spot and slapped Terry on the rump with a smile and a comment.

The guy just got busted down to the bush leagues and he's being a motivational coach.

He's hitting well, although not much power thus far. Um, . . .no other way to put it , so here goes. . .he's 6-for-21, with four of his hits being doubles. And one stolen base.

In the warm and fuzzy department, he's nearly always the first out of the dugout to come sign autographs. Hope he gets his groove back soon. Nonetheless, we're sure enjoying his visit while he's stuck here in Triple-A. .BeesGal

Seething C. Smith

Kendrick is just another in a long, long line of middling Angels prospects. That orgainization will never, ever develop a legitimate every-day major league position player.

All they do is sign free agents and make trades while developing the supporting cast in the minors.

Their pitching has been stellar in recent years, but c'mon, look at the list of position 'prospects' all the Angels psycophants like Stephen C. Smith have gotten wood over - no pun in intended: Kendrick, Wood, Aybar, S. Rodriguez, Napoli, Mathis, Willits, Brown

I get so tired of people trumpeting how great the Angels are. I just don't see it.

But, hey, they smile and play hard...just like hundreds of other players.


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