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Greg Porter

Travelerocity leads the league in complaints and bitching AGAIN.

Nobody writes anything on the comments section of this garbage site anymore.

You can see that nobody cares about the crap you put up here anymore.

I am a hitting machine and I crush. I crush and rip base hits and RBIs. I RULE the American Association!

The Travelerocity reporter

Then maybe the Angels will sign you for a half season of Double-A to appease the management. They've been known to do that.

Greg Porter

Oh look. It's three full days since I last posted and the only response is TR's.

Further proof that this blog has run its course and should be phased out. Let's try to do more on the upcoming home stand instead of stalker photos of the Halos and five moronic questions with a 20-year old.


We're here, Porter - and not surprised that you're still swinging at the low ones.

Sidd Finch

Well, it's only taken Mags a week to run this team back into the cellar of the league. We're in a three-way tie for last, so we can still drop farther. Enjoy your all-star managing Bobby...it will be the only chance in your life you'll have to manage an all-star game.

George Steiner

Porter do you know what defamation is? I suggest you look it up and get a knew handle.

Phone Book

I suspect there is more than one Greg Porter in the world.

George Steiner

Absolutely there is. However, they would not claim to be a different
Greg Porter. You can have your own comments and personal opinions. But represent yourself. Not presuming yourself under a different character and representing them in a negative light.

Defamation is an injury to the reputation or character of someone resulting from the false statements or actions of another. Defamation is a false attack on your good name. Your good name is regarded as a proprietary interest, not a personal interest. Defamation is an improper and unlawful attack against your proprietary right to your good name, your reputation.

Defamation is a general term for the false attack on your character or reputation through either libel or slander. Libel is a term describing visual defamation, usually in the form of lies in print, or misleading or deceptive photographs.

Greg Porter

I don't know George. I would say there is another George Steiner out there who would rather that you didn't come off as a condescending creep.

I suggest you stop taking yourself so seriously. And watch me RULE THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION.

Old Testament

Amen Brother

Sidd Finch

ALL RIGHT BOBBY! You now have sole possesion of last place in the Texas League, and 29th out of 30th in all of AA since the second half started! I knew you could do it!

Papa Smurf

George Steiner.


On a serious note. It is sad that this site seems to be in a slump. Even VOR seems to have disappeared. Cracker? Where you be? What others have disappeared? Come back fellas!

Greg Porter

There is no reason for anyone to come back to this trash page any longer. Ever since it turned into a "bitching" board of idiots complaining about the long ago divorce from Saint Louis, the only reason was to come back to see what Valentine was going to post along with "Get A Life".

Now since Valentine retired to go get a life, there's absolutely nothing redeeming about this garbage site.

Except...to read about my awesome ability to whack baseballs all over Lawrence-Dumont Stadium as the probable MVP of the AA!



You the MAN Greg Porter..!!!

Greg Porter

I know!


You are such a wingnut, Greg.


These Angels clearly have no idea what they are doing. What's the big idea having mostly homegrown talent on their roster. At this rate they will never be the best franchise in professional sports.

Oh wait.


Sidd Finch

Another blown opportunity Bobby. You had the lead going into the final inning of the first game tonight, and you blow it. The two game suspension was a nice reminder that the Travs can be fun to watch without your incompetence. I wish you would make that reminder long term and just resign.

Sidd Finch

Glad I didn't stay for the second game. Bobby, you can blame the players all you want, but the buck stops with you. You must have taken a page out of the Houston Nutt book on coaching...blame everyone but yourself. You said the Angels want the team to bunt more. That's fine, I understand the minors are for player devlopment. Every team has a specific area or areas they want their minor league teams to teach. What I don't buy into is that this is hurting our chances of winning. The other teams have no problem winning while working on the fundamentals the parent club wishes to teach. As I've said before, and I'll say again, with the exception of the 8 game stretch of last year's playoffs, teams lead by you have played like dirty ass since June of last year. A full year and you are at the bottom of AA. Please do us all a favor and resign.


Yeah, bunt more - makes sense except when you send Wipke to the plate with 2 out to do what??? Sacrifice bunt his way on base???

No brains and no discipline - the first game last night would have been a Trav win except Ortiz KNEW he grounded out to second base and didn't bother trying to beat out the throw - which was bobbled by Frisco and would have been a safe hit and allowed the winning run to score.

Who do you run off after such a performance - the player or the coach........ or both? Maybe we need a coach from Junior Deputy to come teach some fundamentals. Perhaps he could bring a pitcher or two...

Sidd Finch

Good points Shovel. In my opinion, Ortiz not hustling lies on him, but at the same time, it's Bobby's job to demand fundamentals and disipline, which he clearly is not. Granted, fundamentals and disipline are traits they should have learned before AA, and I doubt they forgot them once they got here, but Bobby's management style doesn't encourage it. Besides, Bobby's too concerned catchy phrases such as the "bark" of the team.

Sidd Finch

Anyone left out there to defend Bobby after last night's performance?

blonde lady behind 3rd base dugout.

don't hate on Bobbby. He's got no butt and doesn't curse. What else could you ask for out of a manager? and he's got a cute smile. he's bilingual, that's a plus. He's really tan. His wife and kids are nice. He's got good hair. I'd trust him with my kids, I just wouldn't let him run their junior deputy team.

Bobby's Butt

What you talkin' about.

blonde lady behind 3rd base dugout.

imposter! everyone knows there is no such thing as Bobby's butt.

Yeti, easter bunny, tooth fairy, and bobby's butt

Brent Del Chiaro

I miss you, Blondie. I really do.

Seething C. Smith

Sure he has a butt. You people are always talking about how he has his head up it all the time. ;-)

blonde lady behind 3rd base dugout.


Sidd Finch

Good game and win last night. Let's see how long it lasts.

Brand New Broom

Gotta love a sweep baby.

Sidd Finch

I always love a sweep or a series win by the good guys...the problem is they have been few and far between the last couple of years. Let's enjoy this one and hope for more play like we witnessed the last three games. My fear, though, is that Mags' won't be able to sustain this level and we'll fall right back into sub-mediocrity. Plus, to put this sweep into perspective, all it did was bring us back into a three-way tie for last, with Midland being one of of the teams we're now tied with for cellar-dweller.

juan c

Just wondering, how does Conger look behind the plate? Is he at least an average defender?


ooops you hit machine....

The best place for the best ENTERTAINMENT

Titty Bar

What the hell is a "Britney" and why is it the best?


"Cracker? Where you be?"

I was on an extended 10-day vacation so I unplugged a little bit to mourn the loss of the great MJ. I did make it to last Monday's double-header of sucktitude to drink DB beer and stalk Russ Melton between innings. I also went over to Memphis for a game and the delicious BBQ chicken nachos.


Sidd Finch

This pretty much says it all about Mags' managing (thanks Mars for your under-appreciated blog): http://travsandsuch.blogspot.com/2009/07/sad-state-of-affaris.html

Sidd Finch

Well, swept by Frisco and we're back to holding last place in the league by ourselves and 28th out of 30 overall in AA. Heck of a job Bobby.


Let's go for 30th! If you're going to fail, do it with style!

I'm a faithful reader of Mars' blog. I think it's one of the top 10 Trav's blogs on the Interwebs.


I've been out of town, but noticed that D-S is in the fantesy football business now. Did the franchise get pulled? I'd head down the park to look but my cigar would get wet.

Sidd Finch

Reagins, while you're in town this weekend, please do the right thing and fire Mags.

Sidd Finch

Way to blow three leads and lose the game Bobby! Glad to see that win on Sunday didn't go to your head.

Sidd Finch

Thought you said this team was improving Bobby. A loss is still a loss, and you still don't deserve your job.

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