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Sidd Finch

Damn Bobby...we're losing 2-1 tonight, and we get the leadoff batter on base four consecutive innings (5-8) and all we can muster is 1 lousy run? To top it off, when we do finally tie the game at 2, you leave Diaz in long enough in the 8th to give up a double and 3 walks, the last of which brought in the go-ahead and what wound up to be the winning run? What more is it going to take for you to manage like a professional? Do you just wake up everyday and pull your gameplan out of your ass?

Be My Bill Valentine

Looks like Mr. Green is also a longtime Waffle House customer. Egads.

Be My Bill Valentine

New post please! I'm tired of looking at Tubby & Smith.

Sidd Finch

Damn Bobby...what kind of nudey photos do you have of Scioscia and Moreno together? That is the only explanation I think is left as to why you still have a job. You get swept by NWA and don't give a line of "back-to-back doubleheaders wear on a player" BS because it didn't seem to hurt NWA when they were lighting up the scoreboard. It's amazing how you have taken what was thought to be a decent offense going into the season with Conger, Trumbo, Johnson, and a few other decent hitters and completely neutered them. When exactly did they give up? Why do you still have a job? My dirty ass comment still holds true for how this team is playing. You haven't even won 40% of the games played this season.


Just want to apologize for not being around so much this year. I have had too many other places to be besides Little Rock.

Can I get a bartowel, please!

Stephen Colboar

The problem isn't lack of talent.

Far from it.

Angels salsa bowl

Yeah, but how cool am I?


I know when I am not here, Stephen. I guess when you look at yourself in the mirror you tell your reflection "It isn't you, Hotstuff. It is the stupid girls. You will get laid. You will get laid. High five!"

I am hanging out elsewhere.

Mr. Shucks

Did someone just refer to Ben Johnson as a decent hitter?

And Trumbo struggled most of his career. What, did you expect the lightbult suddenly was going to stay on for him?

Look at the Angels farm system (below Triple A) It is filled with shat.

The Kernels have a terrific record but about three legitimate prospects.

That Quakes are awful and have a couple guys who could probably hold water at Double A.

Get used to it, folks. You'd have to be an idiot or a complete Flavor-Aid drinker like Stephen C. Smith to not understand what the future holds for the big club.

Sidd Finch

Stephen C. Smith...isn't he the guy that runs a website and has his media credentials revoked by Salt Lake because he didn't meet the definition of legitimate press? I agree with you completely Mr. Shucks. As I told a friend, and might have said on here before the season started, we are now starting to see the full effects of Reagins management style. Granted, as player development director and now GM, he relied on the advice of scouts to make decisions, but the buck stopped with him. I'm afraid the Angels' great run from 2001-2008 is quickly fading.

I would also like to take yet another opportunity to blast Mags' ignorance. He stated in today's Dem-Gaz story on last night's game that the score doesn't matter as much as improvement. We still lost, we're still last in the Texas League, and still 27th out of 30 AA teams. He was named the North Division manager for the TL All-Star game based on the 6 game win stretch of last year's playoffs, nothing more.


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