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juan c

Can someone provide a scouting report on Reckling? What pitches does he throw? Why's he been so successful thus far? Thanks.

Stephen Colboar

A nice blown save for Herndon which ruined a masterful start by Reckling.

Mr. Shucks

When he was in Cedar Rapids he had a killer curve and solid change with a fastball (sat about 89-91) he could spot pretty much anywhere when he was on. Sometimes he would lose feel for his curve and that would lead to some struggles.

He's still a kid and that means he'll keep getting better.


he's still using both to great effect here. FB sitting about 89 on the stadium gun, sometimes he reaches back and unleashes a 93. Change is coming in about 81. I'm not sure of the speed on his curve but it drops off the table. Both pitches are eating the AA hitters up

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