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Sidd Finch

Sorry to turn the subject away from the strippers and back to the baseball, wait, no I'm not. Anyway, TR, ban me if you wish, but I have to say this. Bobby Magallanes is a ignorant, worthless piece of shit. Beyond the fact that our bullpen can't hold a lead better than I could hold my dick when I was 10, and beyond the fact that Ben Johnson has forgotten how to hold onto the ball while playing catcher, the buck stops with Bobby. What I saw tonight was worthy of last place on a playground league. The constast first pitch swinging and the lackluster running to 1st shows lack of disipline which comes straight from the manager. Other than the 8 game stretch of last year's playoffs where we won 6, this team has been playing like dirty ass since June of last year when the second half started. We have a .375 winning percentage this season, good enough for dead last in the league and 28th worst of all 30 teams in AA. Someone please explain to me why Magallanes deserves to continue managing this team? It is almost June, so winning the 2008 championship doesn't mean shit anymore. Bobby, please just resign now and find something else to screw up outside of baseball.


Geez Sidd. You need to get off the fence. If you're not satisfied with our team's performance, just say so.


-Winning percentage this year .375
-Winning percentage 2nd half 2008- .371
-Winning percentage second half last year plus this season- .372

Ummm, Abe and Mags, about that culture of winning you promised? you must have meant winning 37% of the time.

The Travelerocity reporter

So I guess I was right about the Angels last year?

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