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Professional Fan

You are way behind. Brent is no longer hitting coach at Orem...Mike Eylward is and Brent is now hitting coach at Cedar Rapids.

The Travelerocity reporter

I know Lonesome Traveler knew that because he told me that factoid about three weeks ago. He had a long day and was doing the post at 9:30 p.m. and was a little tired. The next morning he woke up and realized and was disappointed to see that someone posted a comment before he could edit the post. It is now changed. But thanks for pointing that out and please always do when you see something that needs to be changed.

Gavid Gates stole my monkey

You mean you actually don't have to know how to hit to teach it?

Gavid Gates stole my monkey

He must have stolen my Ds too!

David Gates

Who is Gavid?

David Gates

and for the record, I never stole no money.

Gavid Gates stole my monkey

Shut up, thief.

Greg Porter

WTF is wrong with the people who write on this site? You've lowered yourselves to a new level spreading rumors on former players personal lives.

Criticize players for their issues on the field if you want. But this is distasteful.


No, it is true, Porter. Brent was never that great of a hitter.

And David Gates did indeed steal monkeys.

But he only did it for their benefit.


The part about Brent Del Chiaro was TOTALLY uncalled for. I found the website where you got your information and it is Shadier than this one. Bill Valentine probably posts on that one too!

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