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Stephen Colboar

It's Pete Laven.

I'm sick and tired of Magallanes bitching about his bullpen. The true "broken record" that he talks about is the way he sends runners as soon as they get to first base.

We didn't get a man past FIRST until the sixth. Two or three lead-off singles were wasted and one one-out single was nixed with a strike-out throw-out when Mags sent Ortiz, I believe on a full count.

It's ridiculous. And they're not even being taught to steal right.

Insanity abound.

Ortiz also had an at bat yesterday where he fouled off something like 13 pitches while the pitcher threw to first about as many times. The result? Ortiz lined into a double play.

The Travelerocity reporter

It's the Angels way, just like sending all your rehab starts to Rancho and Salt Lake but never to Dickey-Stephens Park. It would be nice to have Salt Lake's Ervin Santana and John Lackey right about now.

Sidd Finch

It's Pete Laven and the #17 stands for the number of lap dances he wished the strippers, I mean dance team, would have given him on Saturday night.

Can't agree with you more Stephen on Mags' "doin' it the Angels' way" BS. I understand that the minors are for teaching, but sending lead-off runners is crap. Time for the shameless plug: Mars has a great post about lead-off runners and the probability of scoring on his blog at travsandsuch.blogspot.com

Big Fart

Pete's man crush for Mark Grace.

Or the 17th anniversary of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Or both.


Love him or hate him, I miss BV on here.

Greg Porter

The self-important aura of this blog is just amazing.

I am hitting .400 after one game in Wichita! It's time to sign me up again and have a little Porter Power back at DSP.


We're here, Porter!

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