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Sidd Finch

Another game, another loss, another stupid baserunning decision by Bobby to end the game. Mags, when exactly did you lose the players' confidence? Oh, right, when Arredondo blew you off in the 2007 season. Worked out best for him in the long run...three years later he's playing in the major leagues and you are mired in last place in the Texas League and 28th out of 30 AA teams.

Greg Porter

You are not a journalistic source! You are not covering the team. You are a bunch of autograph freaks and rumor mongers who have now added "psycho" stalkers to the resume.

I am hitting .309 as a Wingnut and I think it's a left-wing conspiracy that is keeping any affiliated club from contacting me about a contract.

The Travelerocity reporter

It is no coincidence the Angels have sent so many players up from extended spring training to fill spots on a Double-A roster because the approach is the same in both places -- we are nothing more than a practice squad for Mike Scioscia and Magallanes is mostly just carrying out orders. The Travs have the worst record in the Texas League? Seems like a familiar refrain.

Greg Porter

Let it begin. Start bitching about the Angels and foam at the mouth for the Cardinals. You are never going to get the Cardinals back here again. Never, never, never. Or at least not until you're dead and gone.

Informed Listener

I heard Phil mention early last week that Hank had a sore wrist and wasn't going to be playing until it felt good.

Maybe you don't listen to the radio broadcasts because you're too busy slapping your own back and thinking you're a journalist of some kind.

David Gates

Greg, good luck in Wichita due! I had a rad time there, but much preferred my Little Rock days! Keep taking the chill pills bro and stay high on LIFE!

And yes, Phil's been talking about Hank's wrist for a bit. I hope it gets better soon man! He can freaking rake!


oops who is not a jounalistic source...

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