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Blue Hope

This is great news! Now I won't have to miss any Cardinals games before I switch to U-Verse.


The paper has 52 words on this buried on the Scorecard page with the headline "Comcast to air more MLB games." Talk about missing the story! And as you predicted, the Cardinals games are not listed in the sports on TV column.


Ahhh... all is right in the world again. I'll sleep well tonight.

Mishael Cole

Word on the street is that our own Pete Laven worked tirelessly (day and night) with the marketing rep at Comcast I think her name is Tonya Martin to get this problem resolved.


I worked day and night recently with a girl who is a Comcast subscriber, so that should count for something.


I took one look at Ankiel's mustache last night and called Comcast and asked them to cut off channel 96 please.

David Gates

You mean Dick's mustache, right?


My grandma lives in IL and has Comcast but she has not been able to view the Cards on TV this week. What gives?


Is the TV plugged in?

The Travelerocity reporter

There are a few other Cardinals markets where the cable company is still holding on out Fox Sports. That is probably one of them.


yeah i hate watching first place teams.


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