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Casimer Pulaski

I think it's pretty great that Pujols once drove through Arkansas and stopped for gas in Arkadelphia and again to use the rest room at an Exxon station in Forrest City. I mean, we take our brush with fame where we can.


Best player in baseball? Hardly.

That title goes to Alfonso Soriano. No doubt.

The Travelerocity reporter

At the hot stove meeting, it seemed like Abe Flores and Bobby Mags were responding to a lot of the comments posted on Travelerocity.

Now, if you've ever wondered if the MLB people are reading Internet sites like this, here's further evidence from Cardinals farm director Jeff Luhnow:

"First of all, I am very saddened to see Future Redbirds cease to exist. I checked that site every day and it was one of my RSS feeds that I used extensively. I wish there were a way Erik and others would keep it going, but I get the realities of balancing a hobby and a “real life”. To answer your question, the intelligence of the fan base (and there is no other team that has fans as well informed and on the ball as ours) is a tremendous help to us! We read the blogs and message boards (oh and the paper too!) and it often sparks conversation that leads to more conversation that sometimes leads to us doing something differently than we might have without the fans input. So keep it up, everyone! We are listening."

P.S. to Karch, the case could be made that former Trav Francisco Rodriguez is the best player in baseball, if you want to count closers.


Once again TR, you think waaaayy to highly of yourself. If you really believe that Abe Flores and Bobby Mags give a crap about your opinion, then it might be time to check yourself into the psych ward and look into those delusions of grandeur.

I am going to enjoy picking apart everything you post on this tabloid website of yours during the season. You aren't as well-informed as you think, and your extreme bias towards anything Cardinals is obvious. I'll be looking for you and your STL hat at DSP all season.


Whatever, VOR. I doubt you even go to a game. LOSER!

The Travelerocity reporter

VOR, I make no claim to know anything, nor do I claim this web site has any influence. I'm just a guy with a blog (who is not even that big of a fan of blogs), who got fed up during the 2005 season with the lack of attention being paid to the Travelers by the public and the media and didn't think the team was doing enough to encourage anything to be better. So I started this blog, and have since spent a lot of time keeping it going. What did you do, brother? If you want to do something, send me a check for the $90 a year it costs to host this.

Regarding the Flores/Mags comments, they were somewhat defensive at the hot-stove meeting and spent a lot of time about winning being the top priority, which was a topic discussed at length here last season. Just an observation. Could be wrong (but I don't think so).

Tabloid? H to the yes. This is the back page of the Post, Travs version. That kind of coverage has always been a big part of baseball. We never had it.

I look forward to reading your comments, and I certainly have no problem with you firing away at me. A lesser site, like Hogville.net, for instance, would just delete you for having a dissenting opinion. I welcome it.


what exactly is the case that K-Rod is the best player in baseball? Just because he broke the saves record doesn't make him anywhere near the best player in the league. That's a pretty bold statement especially considering there are probably 8 other closers as good as he is. (Papelbon, Rivera, Lidge, Soria, Nathan, Jenks, Valverde all come to mind. They are all guys that you if give them the number of SV opps KRod got, could convert those saves.) I'd argue that KRod isn't even in the top 4 players on his current team.

Pujols, Reyes, Wright, Cabrera, Rollins, ARod, Hanley, Beltran, Berkman, Santana, Lincecum, Sabathia Webb, Halladay, Peavy, Hamels, Oswalt----all, IMO, way, way better than KROD--

KRod is good, and I'm a big fan of his, but I don't see much of case being made for any closer being the best player in baseball. I guess that a team with a good bullpen and a solid farm system probably has 3 guys that could do the same job, if given the chance. Maybe they wouldn't be quite as good, but could get close. The best players in the game are not replaceable by other guys in the system.

The Travelerocity reporter

Mars, I pretty much agree. I'm not sure any pitcher can be called the best player in baseball. But, K-Rod is the best closer in baseball, and if as some say the closer is the most important job on the team, the case could be made...


"if as some say the closer is the most important job on the team"

those people are nuts...and I'm not sure he's better than Papelbon or Rivera or perhaps Nathan. All of those guys are pretty much lights out once the ball gets handed to them. As much as I dislike the Cards, there is no denying Pujols greatness. No reliever or starter brings to the table anything even remotely close to what he of immense talent and questionable age does.


You wouldn't have seen Pujols anyway. He went straight from A ball to AAA for their playoff run.

Now to compare this site to Future Redbirds is a joke. FR has some of the best minor league insight anywhere on the web.

Cards in 09 Karch!!!!


Dwill, the Cards need a player the caliber of Soriano to even have a chance at the playoffs next year.

Soriano is the greatest EVER!

If the Cards had a GM worth a shit they would trade Pujols and his broken down body to the Cubs for Soriano.

Soriano Rocks!

If the Travs office knew what the hell they were doing...they would cancel that damn DMB concert and see if they could get Soriano to just come take batting practice. The crowd would be twice as big and tickets twice as much.

And just to show your dumbass how cool and rockin' Soriano is I will give you this clip from YouTube....


See...Soriano is just as nice as Pujols is because he refuses to make a pitcher or opposing team work hard. He is just the Best Ever.

Yep....all Soriano ever wanted growing up was that when people saw him walking down the street...they would say "There goes Alfonso Soriano..the best that ever played."

The Travelerocity reporter

No one ever compared this site to Future Redbirds other than they are both on the Internet. I don't know how you have time to do a site like that unless it's your job. I sure can totally sympathize with the guy who runs that site after reading this:


The Travelerocity reporter

Karch, Dave Matthews made a mistake getting Greg Allman to open the show. It should have been Soriano.

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