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in other news, the earth is round AND orbits around the sun, which rises in the east. Man invented the wheel, fire, and there is some concern about oil.

I go to a ton of Trav games, I've never seen Billy Bob at one. I'll listen to him on tattoos, acting and how to seduce angelina Jolie, but his opinion on the Travs and their former relationship with St. Lou, doesn't carry much weight with me.


the cards are gone forever, sorry. i am a big angels fan because they are my home team aa affilate and they treat us much better as a whole than the previous affilate. I doubt billy bob could find his way to RWF.


I am an unabashed fan of the Angels BECAUSE they are the Travs affiliate. And I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.

TR...let's get this straight. The Cardinals are NOT the only team in Major League Baseball. The Cardinals do NOT OWN Arkansas as a birthright for every person to root, root, root for the St. Louis club.

When are you going to figure this out???

Why are you going to listen to Billy Bob Thornton about baseball? I mean the guy is a great actor, but who are you and everybody else going to remember as Buttermaker? Billy Bob or Matthau?

You post is very inaccurate.

I'm also a fan of the Angels, one of several that I know of, because of the Travs affiliation with them. I've come to respect them as an organization because of the way they develop their own players.

There are several reasons why I'm not a Cards fan, one of them being the way they treated the Travs.

LR Fan

As the others noted above, I am a big Angels fan because the Travs are their AA affiliate. I am no longer a fan of the Cardinals for the same reason.


Like Mars, Dre301, VOR, and LR Fan, I too am a fan of the Angels because of the player development agreement. Before 2001, I knew of Rod Carew, Reggie Jackson, and Tim Salmon because he was an Angel for what seemed to be 40 years. Now, I count 25 players on the 40-man that are former Travs. Most, if not all of the former Travs have since left the Cards.

The Travelerocity reporter

You can't even get the score of the Angels game in the paper the next day. It's always got an (n) by it. The Angels are never on TV here. How the hell are the Angels ever going to have any kind of fan base from Little Rock outside the 20 people who are not following them because of the Travs?


TR, just this past weekend the Angels were on Fox Saturday Baseball here AND TBS on Sunday.

The Travelerocity reporter

A rarity. And that's the only time you will see them unless they are playing the Rangers in a game on FSN Southwest. This year we will see them in the playoffs as well unless they pull a Cubs collapse (which is coming, Cubs fans).


The Angels have been on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball at least 3 times this year, on Fox Saturday Baseball another couple of times, and of the 17 games against Texas, probably 10-12 of them are on FSN. Granted, it's not every game, but it is more than "never."

The Travelerocity reporter

I try to follow the Angels because of all the former Travs, but just about every morning I go to read the game summary in the paper, it's not there because the game ended too late. The Angels are never going to catch on here.

Tha Angels have already caught on here. You will see Angels hats etc everyday around town.

People still read newspapers to get sports scores? It's good to see the Travelerocity Reporter is still alive, even if was only to gripe about the Cardinals again.


I watch two teams...The Cubs..and the Angels. I may have had to get MLB.TV to watch the amount of Angels games that I wanted...but I have seen quite a few on the teevee. The Angels have become the AL team in the west. They will be on TV a whole lot more nowadays. We have also seen that the advancements in media allow teams to really expand their fan base....as long as they are winners.

The cardinals suck.

There will be only one Buttermaker. And we all know who that is......

TR, you only receive your baseball news by reading the paper?? And I hope you are not referring to the DoG. Wally hates baseball so the coverage is as little as possible. I'm a huge baseball fan who does not even subscribe to a newspaper. With the INTERNET I get all the baseball coverage I need.

Sometimes I worry about you TR. Your love of the Cardinals has clearly caused a split from reality.


No action on Travelerocity, make a post about the Cards and one about NWA v Central Arkansas. That will stir 'em up.

Central Arkansas will never be a hotbed of Angels fandom anymore than it is a hotbed of any baseball team excluding the Cards. We are a poor rural state so there won't be any direct flights to Anaheim. But if you are talking about baseball fans, the kind that go to the Travs games regularly, can read a box score, make a pilgrimage regularly to their favorite MLB team's park, I'd bet those fans are all Angels fans too. No, the Angels aren't by and large the first team for most fans around here. But I bet there are a fair number more Angels fans around than you are giving credit for. Prior to the Travs affiliation with the Angels, I wasn't a fan of theirs. Now, hey, I've got an Angels cap, tshirt, etc. I need an AL team to root for and the Angels are that team. There are at least 5 people who sit in the immediate vicinity of my seats who regularly sport Angels gear. No, I haven't been to see Angel Stadium, but I haven't been to the new Busch either. Hey, both are on my to do list. At least when I go Anaheim I can root for the home team. At Busch I'll be trying to avoid getting beat down. (actually cards fans were relatively polite the couple of times I went to the old busch).

Thank God Ben Johnson is back.. A catcher that can't hit within 50 points of his weight hasn't got any business in AA. Ben's arm ain't the greatest but I don't think Walker could throw me out. And we desperately need Ben's stick to help counter some of this crappy starting pitching.

And TR, dang it you run a BLOG, so I know you can get your baseball scores on the intraweb thingy.

Autozone is nice, but the parking there is much, much, much more expensive than here. If you are a Redbirds season ticketholder, I bet you spend more in parking over the year than you did for your tickets. They did retire Stubby Clapp's number, so I give them points for that.

Go Angels, kick the tar out of the Yanks.


"Internet...that thing still around?" - Homer Simpson

bill valentine

You have rattled on this subject since the Cardinals left the Travelers and you have no idea what you are talking about. You did not know what you were talking about when they left and you sure as hell don't know what you are talking about now.
I did not run the Cardinals out of Little Rock. I received phone calls from three other AA general mangers telling me that the Cardinals were making offers to move their AA team out of Little Rock and were not going to return to Little Rock.
They did make demands that we build a new ball park and within a two year period. That came up a year before we found out they were going to slip out of town and leave us holding the bag and being given what ever AA team was left, by the commissioners office.
Yes, I did find out.
Yes I beat them to the punch.
Yes we got a West Coast team but it was the best team available at the time and has worked out to be one of the best agreements the Travelers have ever been a part of.
I really don't care if you believe it or not, but I do get tired of you saying you know they would not have left and you don't have a clue when it comes to the subject.

The Travelerocity reporter

"And TR, dang it you run a BLOG, so I know you can get your baseball scores on the intraweb thingy."

Mars, had to laugh at that one. Good point. I get my baseball scores from Baseball Tonight or Sportscenter. But I still like to read the capsules in the paper next day to see what former Trav is mentioned in the Angels summary. Unfortunately, it's rarely there. And you've got to consider that most people are not going to go out of their way to be Angels fans, so it doesn't help that there's never anything in the paper about them.


I read a story about this guy named Torii Hunter that plays for the Angels on the intrawebthingy.

Who learned you grammar? Can we try and type in full sentences and not short choppy ones like my 5 year old writes. There is a button on here that you can push that says "Preview". If you push that before the "Post" button it will let you read it in case you need to make changes. I know that at the ripe old age of 129, these automatic writers are hard for you to understand.

Lots of the people on this blog are not unhappy with the Travs, they're unhappy with minor league baseball as it is played by the major league clubs. A tie-up with the Cards would have been nice if the Cards were nice, but they're not. None of the big league clubs are. They don't care whether their farm clubs win or not. Once upon a time the Travs were the town team and I can remember when the town lived or died when the Travs played the Chicks or the Barons or the Pelicans, or when we beat the hated Atlanta Crackers. I can't even name all the suburbs in the Texas League. But that's the way it is, and we should lay off Bill Valentine. We wouldn't have minor league ball, such as it is, but for Bill. Good for him.


Uh oh TR, your source for baseball news and info, the Dem-Gaz, has the Angels listed as being on Fox Saturday Baseball here tomorrow. That's two out of the last three Saturdays, but oh yea, they're never on TV here.

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