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Willy Mo

Well this is nice.

Maybe it was Coby's wife, meandering around the ballpark last week, complaining about and somehow successfully having fans ejected for being "too loud." Not vulgar, not offensive, but just too loud.

what are you people crying about now.

what would you do if you were at work and your boss wanted to give you a promotion but everyone that you worked with said NOO dont do that, he is the best we have!! Would you want the promotion or would you want to stay back and slow your own career? I mean seriously, give the kid a break.


I don't think anyone is angry Smith. Quite the opposite. Just hate seeing our best hitter leave....unless, of course....we start winning.

Hey, it's a rebuilding year.

The Travelerocity reporter

Smith deserves a promotion. At the all-star break. Why a month into the season and into an already stocked outfield in Salt Lake?


I don't know. When is Tony coming down? We can ask him then.

Just when I think you can't post a more ignorant topic, you bring your game to the next level. I'm embarrassed that this is out there for anyone to read.


my guess is that the move is a result of Willits' call up to the Angels. That left the Bees with 3 OF in Salt Lake. Smith has been solid and if he is gonna get to play then there is no reason not see what he can do. We may see him again before long. I doubt that the Angels are trying to screw Little Rock (though there is quite a bit of little girl whining going on). Congrats to Smith. I hope he does well. Maybe he'll even play the best ball of his life because he is so happy to be away from the horror that is playing here. Ha!

you are incredible ignorant

you are incredible english.

The Travelerocity reporter

The Travs are 12-20 -- and that was with Coby Smith. If you thought the season was already tanking, what happens now?

I can't remember a time when the star player (non-pitcher) was lifted from the Travs only a month into an already bad season.

After going 23-2 in April, the Bees are 1-4 in May after the Angels raided Wood, Willits, Adenhart, and several others who have been up and down. You don't think the Angels are feeling pressure to keep the Bees great season going?

Good for Smith because like I said, he deserves it. But something about this just doesn't sit right.

By the way, Rancho Cuc is also 12-20, so I don't expect much help to come from there anytime soon. At least they have John Lackey and Howie Kendrick playing for them right now, though. Something called a "rehab assignment." Not sure what that means.


Let's not get overwrought about this. Coby Smith was a good player, but by no means is he a star. Coby is at best a complementary player at AAA. He deserved his chance up at Salt Lake, but he wasn't setting the world on fire with the Travs (he was doing fine, but not spectacular).

You are the biggest cry baby in the whole world. Did your mother not love you or something? Do you have some Daddy issues you need to discuss?

The Travelerocity reporter

If Coby Smith was not the star player for this team, then there is no star player for this team, and that's probably the case.

Common Sense Poster

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps Smith could and most likely will return to the Travs when Willits is optioned back to AAA?

The name of the game is 'player development.' If the Angels brass feels the best thing for Smith's career trajectory is to be challenged at the next level they aren't going to wait for the break to move him up.

While I love this blog, your ignorance to the culture of minor league baseball and player development in the 21st century is a major drawback.

Smith is 27-years-old. He NEEDS to be at AAA at this point in his career.

The Travelerocity reporter

Believe me, I am not ignorant to the culture of Minor League Baseball and player development. In fact, the argument might be made that I am the only one pointing out what the culture of Minor League Baseball is really all about.

Wow TR, a little full of ourselves are we?

Why dont you call someone actually associated to an organization instead of bitching and complaining online? You are full of it.

The Travelerocity reporter

I don't hear anyone else talking about how winning has been rendered mostly meaningless at the Minor League level, which may be a surprise to a lot of fans who are under the delusion that following a sports team is supposed to include caring about competition and winning -- and the Texas League standings.

The poster formerly known as NLRfan

Leave it to a cubs fan (Karch) to designate this a a rebuilding year! While we are at it...2009 will be a rebuilding year for the cubbies.



You are amazing. The Angels hate you and thats why they send all the good players to Salt Lake. It's not because they deserve the promotion, it's because the Angels brass gets on here and reads your rediculous comments and they say to themselves: "what can we do to piss off that Travelerocity guy?"

Are you f-ing serious? A guy is having a good season and gets promoted but you think he should stay here because he is the best player on the Travs. And if they send him up then the Travs dont have anybody. So lets hold him back in his career so he can try to help a team that sucks instead of sending him somewhere where he can develop more as a player. Coby has already proven he can handle the Texas League, now lets see how he handles the PCL. That is what the Angels are thinking.

You have no idea how minor league baseball works. You may think you do and I'm sure you have your own ideas in your little redneck, inbred head, but what you write on here couldn't be further from the truth. You think you have all the answers sitting in your seat at the game, taking your little pictures, trying to think of way the Angels are going to screw "YOU" again because the Travs suck. G

Get a Clue!!

Rob's basterd child

The above post is written by a complete idiot. G.

Thats fine, TR. I understand that you think you are the only one talking about it. However, you did not answer my question. If really think it is that way, get some balls and talk to someone that matters.

The Travelerocity reporter

Why don't I call someone instead of talking about it online? Maybe because I'm a guy with a blog? Who do you want me to call? Mike Scioscia? Post his cell number and I'll give it a shot.

I do understand how Minor League Baseball works. I really do. I have to laugh everytime someone says that I don't just because I'm not satisfied with the results from the Angels, which has managed to field the worst team among the eight teams in the Texas League.

Coby Smith was playing well enough to deserve a promotion and he got one. Good for him. Now let's enjoy the mega-losses that are coming the rest of the season.

No actually that is not why we dont think you understand minor league baseball. It is because you said that Coby Smith deserved a promotion... but at the all star break. I am holding strong and belive you may be 50% retarded... keep posting and make it 75%!


Sorry I forgot to delete the G.


Hey "Robs Basterd Child",

How is that you spell bastard? I'll go with 100% not with an "e". Who is the complete idiot now?

Mr. Shucks

Wins and losses do not matter at the minor league level. Get that through your head. Abe Flores could not care less whether or not the Travs ever won a TL title or finished 40 games under .500.

Even the affiliates don't care all that much about winning baseball. Minor league baseball is about family entertainment these days. If a team like the Travs sold baseball and baseball alone the games would still be played at RWF and there'd be 400 people in the stands.

While hardcore baseball fans focus on wins and losses, your average minor league baseball attendee only cares about knocking back a few cold ones, spending time with family/friends and being entertained by crap going on throughout the game like mascot races and Rubber Boy.

Did you know that roughly 3 out of 10 people who attend a minor league game couldn't tell you the final score of the game on their way out? This was shown in an internal MiLB marketing study a few years back.

This draconian notion that minor league baseball somehow needs to be about wins and losses and nothing else is lost on me. Get over yourself, take a step back, and look at the big picture.

Minor league baseball is about the following three things:
1. Player development
2. Player development and
3. Player development

It is not about keeping a 27 year old ringer in the middle of Arkansas so a handful of season ticket holders will quit their complaining. ;-)

Thank you Mr. Shucks for taking the time to explain what we were all thinking. I have no doubt this may have been a waste of you energy though judging from the apparent IQ of the travelerocity reporter.

The Travelerocity reporter

I have been campaigning for years before I even started this blog that Minor League Baseball is not about wins and losses. Personally, not even the Razorbacks are so much about wins and losses anymore to me.

However, that does not excuse a professional sports team and the organization behind it from trying to win or from trying to satisfy the paying customer. I mean, how dare I question the mighty Angels for giving us another subpar product on the field. Maybe it is you California guys weighing in who need to get over yourselves.

A bad product on the field hurts attendance and concessions. I've heard Valentine say as much on the radio. The idea that the Angels have us to kick around as needed just because we are the Double-A franchise is not acceptable.

If it was just this promotion, that would be one thing. But it's a lot of things. For the fans who actually watch the game thinking there is a competition going on, and I don't know where they would get a crazy idea like that, I am offended on their behalf.

Abe Flores should care about whether the Travs finish 40 games under .500 (and I bet he does, by the way, because that would be a very bad indicator of future prospects). And if he doesn't, I can promise you he really won't care in a matter of years because the Travs will no longer be the Angels affiliate and they won't be the first parent club Valentine has dumped because of neglect.

Mr. Shucks

A team could finish 40 games under and still have major league prospects on it and a team can finish 40 games over and yield no major leaguers. A team's overall record has very little correlation to prospects and their status.

You talk about trying to satisfy the paying customer...again, not quite sure you are grasping that the Angels DO NOT CARE about keeping paying customers in Little Rock, Arkansas, happy. That's up to Bill, Pete, and the rest of the Travs' front office to care about and worry about the things they can control - entertainment, concessions, PA announcer, etc. They can't control wins and losses. They can shop themselves around for a better 'winner' if they want to. As has been stated here, many teams would love to play in DSP and LR/NLR. Why not look around and remarry with the Angels if they can't do better?

The Angels don't directly make any money off the Travs. All 30 MLB teams split their portion of the MiLB ticketing surcharge equally, not by affiliate. (For those unaware, the minors pay a 'tax' to the big leagues on every ticket sold) The only two teams in baseball that probably give two rips about the attendance at their affiliates are the Braves and Cardinals, who own several of their affiliates. (Note to Cardinals psychophants - this is the main reason you'll never see the Cards back in Arkansas, so get over it and move on)

And I would like to clarify one thing - I'm not a California guy. I'm not really an Angels guy either. I'm a baseball fan who happens to live near an Angels affiliate, so I enjoy following players I've seen and some I've come to know over the past years. We probably agree on far more than we disagree on, but the whining in your original post about a 27-year-old kid being promoted to Salt Lake deserved a call out.

Say what you will about the Angels (and they love 'em where I live despite mediocre baseball and their crazy philosophies) but promoting an older player who apparently deserved it is no reason to get curmudgeonly. Let's leave that to Bill... ;-)

The Travelerocity reporter

"the Angels DO NOT CARE about keeping paying customers in Little Rock, Arkansas, happy"

That's exactly what I've been saying.

I agree, let's not get curmudgeonly. We can be friendly even while disagreeing and I appreciate all of your points.

Let me add a few things to this discussion, though.

Thursday night, Travs center fielder Cody Fuller got injured and had to leave early on in the first game of a doubleheader at Tulsa. Not having Coby Smith (who Phil Elson pointed out is probably gone to Salt Lake for good) to move over to center really kind of screwed the Travs.

Second, if these moves are solely about promoting the best player, as many have argued regarding Coby Smith, why didn't the Travs get Rancho's best outfielder in return? That would be Peter Bourjous, who coincidentally plays that spot in center that might be very needed now. If Bourjous is having a great season like Smith, why does he stay at Rancho and not get sent to the Travs?

And why do the Angels need six freaking outfielders on the roster? That's what's caused all this to begin with.

I think what sparks much of this complaining about the Angels is the base-running philosophy that is not helping the Travs win at all -- Phil Elson pointed out on the broadcast that seven runners have been thrown out at home in a month of the season -- and the relief pitching of the last two seasons. Now this year the offense is just not there.

All fans want to know is that the team, and the organization pushing the buttons, are trying to win. That is the fundamental request of any fan in any sport. Take that away and I'm not sure what you have.

Simple: Toussaint is older than Bourjos - it is quite literally 'sh^t or get off the pot' time for him. They did the same thing with Renz. While Bourjos' numbers look nice, it is more important to the Angels to see what Toussaint can do at the next level.

Bourjos is young and missed a significant amount of time at CR last year. The last thing the Angels probably want to do is rush him in his development.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him promoted at the break provided he continues his current pace.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Toussaint got the same treatment Renz did if he doesn't produce quickly.

Mr. Shucks

My bad, that was me in the above post. In fairness, it is almost 2:30 a.m. ;-)

The Travelerocity reporter

Promoted at the all-star break??? Who's ever heard of a crazy idea like that?!

"Promoted at the all-star break??? Who's ever heard of a crazy idea like that?!"

so do you not want any promotions or demotions done until the All-Star break? I'm just trying to figure out your backasswards way of thinking here.

The Travelerocity reporter

I'm not sure a month's work is enough time to evaluate a position player in only his second season out of independent ball, but what do I know? The guy's 27, so I can understand fast tracking him, but what's another month in Double-A?

Let's all stop kidding ourselves about why he is being promoted. The only reason it is happening is because the Angels feel the need to hoard six outfielders on the roster.

The Natural

You never know what goes on behind the scenes. I will say that there are many clubs who have enigmatic practices when it comes to calling guys up to the big club. I think it's generally a mistake to bring guys up then sit them, when they can be getting ABs in AAA or AA.

That said, organizations like the Angels this year are tasked with winning now. They're, obviously, going to contend for the West and their goal is to win the World Series this year.

Might make more sense to keep guys up in order to get them acclimated to the ballpark and routine of being in the bigs.

Also, since Matthews is the DH, it's not totally fair to complain - OMG they have 2 outfielders on the bench! Not that crazy. The White Sox have 5 OFs and Thome is the DH. The A's also have 6 OFs on their depth chart, and added Frank Thomas who'll take some DH ABs. I'd bet there are a few others, too.

Mr. Shucks

Sure a month's time is enough to evaluate a kid "two years out of indpependent ball." Heck, he played 63 games in AA last year and has a year in the organization under his belt. Every instructor and player development person is well acquainted with a player when they've been around for a year.

Irregardless of how long he's been out of independent ball, you have to go by his age and what he's shown. A 27-year-old should be able to more than hold his own at AA and should do the same at AAA. Remember, 27 is the age a lot of big leaguers have their breakout season, so despite this promotion Smith is still well behind the development curve.

I'll say one thing - Flores hasn't wasted any time making some moves in his first year. Reagins always seemed to be a day late and a dollar short.

The Travelerocity reporter

63 games isn't even half the season, and he only played in 18 games at Rancho. Regardless, he was straight getting it done so far this year.

Bill's Suspenders

TR, what is your reasoning in keeping Coby here? All I heard is:

1. wait until the all-star break.

2. why do the angels need 6 OF's?

3. He only played in 63 games last year.

Those are the only reasons I have heard. Those arent even good reasons, they just sound like poor me excuses why the Travs are going to suck the rest of the year. I wonder about your thinking and reasoning. For someone who thinks he knows a lot about minor league baseball, you actually dont know shit about it.

The Travelerocity reporter

Coby played well enough to be promotoed. I question the Angels' decision to do it now and not reciprocate with a similar promotion from Rancho.

I'm just a guy with a blog. I never claim to know this or that about anything. You can take it or leave it, jackass.


I played some pretty good golf today.

Ok. Back to the discussion at hand.

Yeah! What he said!

David Gates is a tool

"I do understand how Minor League Baseball works. I really do." The Travelerocity Reporter

"I'm just a guy with a blog. I never claim to know this or that about anything." The Travelerocity Reporter

So which one is it, jackass? You change your story more than a democrat.

Greg Porter

Republicans Rule!!!

I'm running for President and my running mate is Junior Zamora.

bill valentine

If a young guy with great stats is too young to be promoted from A ball...why is Adenhart with only one half ass month in AAA getting his ass kick in the major leagues?


Define "half-ass".

If by "half-ass" you mean:
.87 ERA
31 inn
3 ER
18 Hits
19 K's
1.06 WHIP

If that is half ass, I'll take that any day. That is a terrible argument, Bill. You are a moron.

The Travelerocity reporter

The people defending Coby Smith's promotion have a weak argument because the Angels don't have a consistent reason for promotions. It's basically just whatever serves Anaheim the best regardless of the fall out.


henry, the point is that they have no problem rushing Adenhart up to "fill a need" with the big club.

I don't think Bourjos career would be ruined by a possibly premature promotion to AA... especially considering it probably is NOT premature.

bill valentine

Adenhart was behind every hitter, walked too many and had his record because his team jumped off to something like 18-1 start. Everyone said he was pitching lucky and getting out of all kind of jams. Just because you have a low era and four wins does not mean you were pitching up to a level that would hold out for any time period. He get himself into more jams than the hitters did, and ended up winning because he had a pitching staff that could come in and save everything he started. If you think he had a great year or even a good year with the Travelers last year you are fooling yourself. He struggled all the way through and was doing the same in AAA but had a team that no one could beat behind him.
Someone of our pitchers could have the same record with the AAA.
His two major league starts shows the type of year he was having.

Mr. Shucks

Nevermind the fact he was 20 years old and playing in the freaking Texas League, right Bill?

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