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The poster formerly known as NLRfan

Wally's writings get more ridiculous every day. I really think he has lost what little sense he was born with. The best words ever written under a picture of Wally are "Wally Hall is on vacation this week."

David Gates

Guys, my Wingnuts are playing right now! Righteous!

Our opener was rained out, we play two tomorrow. AWESOME! I LOVE doubleheaders dudes!

Posting from my moto Q in the dugout, these things are great man!


Wally Hall???? He knows nothing about baseball, and Arnell even less ! What a joke of a show. Go Hogs, etc. etc. etc, ....cause thats all they know. Just shut up about baseball Wally. You have never done anything to support the Travs


Just exactly was he trying to achieve with that mini rant?

Call some fans who would like to see a rivalry...ridiculous?

Because they are Traveler fans?

What a freaking joke.

The Travelerocity reporter

Got this message from the creator of the Argenta News blog if anyone is interested...

Dogtown Wire is a new on-line news and information source for NLR. We would like to be the leader in reporting on NLR sports. Dogtown Wire is looking for Sports Correspondents for the Arkansas Travelers. This is perfect for someone who loves the Travelers and attends the games regularly. You do not need previous writing or journalism experience. You do need a computer and internet access to be a correspondent. If anyone is interested, please e-mail editor@dogtownwire.net.


To me, it's not just how the Angels seemingly keep many of their prospects from staying in Arkansas a long time. Obviously, we remember guys like Kendrick, Wood, Sandoval, Santana, etc. playing here for a while.

I think it has more to do with the Angels unwillingness to include Arkansas as part of its "team." There's no seemingly no interest at all in developing any kind of Angels fan base here, which is actually a plausible goal with all the NL fans around these parts.

It'd be nice if the hats in Anaheim -- around Los Angeles in case none of you knew -- could throw Dogtown a bone every once in a while. Bring the little Offseason Warmup thing by for ONCE, with Scoscia, and a couple of players, namely Pine Bluff native Torii Hunter and a couple of guys who we've seen play in the past couple years.

Give us ONE rehab stint every few years or so. Just one. I know Arkansas is kind of secluded from the rest of the farm, but the LR area is pretty accessible by plane. I don't think it's too much to ask for one ML to come through on his rehab every few years or so.

I'm not saying the Travs need to move on and find a "better" affiliate. I think the Angels have given us a quality product most of the time. We've seen some great talent come through. However, it would be a lot better for professional baseball in the area if the Travs had an affiliate that cared about them in just the least bit.

Maybe a midwestern team like the Brewers, Reds, Twins or Indians would do that (all teams whose current AA PDC's are up)... I'm not sure.


Greenberg is a great pick-up for the Travs. Good job, Angels.

The Travelerocity reporter

Greenberg may be good and on his way back to the Majors and could be an interesting story to watch the rest of the season.

But let's take a look at this move --

The Angels take away the Travs best player who is responsible for a chunk of the team's offensive production and promote him to Salt Lake because Scioscia wants six outfielders in Anaheim or wherever the hell it is they play.

The next night the Travs' center fielder goes down with an injury, and the only other real center fielder the Travs had is the guy the Angels just promoted.

So, rather than promote Rancho's star center fielder Peter Bourjous, incidentally the Angels #9 prospect, they pluck yet another guy out of independent ball (Greenberg) and send us Anderson Rosario, who was batting .028 at Rancho. .028! That deserved a promotion?

I ask only because you guys in the thread below told me that's how it worked. So where is Bourjous? Or can you somehow claim he isn't playing well enough to be promoted?


Greenberg is a great pick-up for the Travs. Good job, Angels.

The Travelerocity reporter

I know, you like him because of the Cubs factor. But he very well may turn out to be a great pick up.

TR, you know so much about minor league baseball. Why dont you answer your own stupid questions?

Bourjos isnt getting promoted because he barely has any time under his belt period. He is young and because he is the #9 prospect in the organization they are going to let him go through the system and experience every level. They do it with all the prospects. Wood didnt get promoted when he hit 47 HRs in Rancho. Statia is the same. Has been to all levels and will go through all levels. Thats the way it is and thats the way minor league baseball works. Bourjos is playing well and probably deserves to be in AA but he wont unless it is really needed.

Rosario is a spot filler. Just like all the spot filler pitchers they send every where else.

Greenberg can play. He has been in the big leagues(although it was 1 at bat). But he got there, so he is obviously good enough to get another shot at trying to make it again.

With your self-proclaimed minor league baseball knowledge, you should have known all this.

The Travelerocity reporter

Yeah, yeah, I know why Bourjous isn't being promoted. They Angels are bringing a top prospect along slowly giving him one full year at each level just like B. Wood.

I raise this issue using the same arguments those who argued for Coby Smith to be promoted used. You see, sometimes there are reasons not to promote someone regardless of the numbers they are putting up.

Boo yaa.


Did you just drop a Stuart Scott, "boo yaa" on here?

Name one reason why Coby shouldnt have been promoted because of his numbers.(other than the fact that it would make you upset)

The Travelerocity reporter

It didn't make me upset. I felt like it (combined with several other things the Angels are doing that reflect a complete disregard for winning at the Double-A level) was not fair to the Travelers organization to promote him and not give the Travs a similar promotion from Rancho. He put up great numbers -- in only a month of playing time. If the Angels feel like that's a good enough evaluation period, then good for all involved. But I suspect the only reason this happened is because of Scioscia wants six outfielders on the Angels roster and they felt some pressure to re-stock Salt Lake after a talent raid put them on a 1-4 start in May.


Im wondering....is it any different with any other big league teams....the winning thing as discussed above??? The Cards did it to us too....is it just the way it is????


Its the way it is every where. Every big league team carries 5 or 6 outfielders. So its not just the Angels, although maybe its because Scossia personally hates Arkansas like you think.

The Natural

TR, as I'm sure you're aware, the jump from A ball to AA is much more significant than the jump from AA to AAA.

That being the case, it's a lot easier to justify promoting a guy quickly from AA to AAA while being reluctant to do so with a potential move from A to AA.

The Travelerocity reporter

That's the first good point defending the Angels so far.


Hey! Where is the On-Deck with the Springfield Cardinals? TR, I thought you would have had this up for at least a week now since your favorite AA club is coming to play the Travs over the next four days for round two of the "Jocketty Trophy"

Boy too bad we don't have a Reds affiliate in the TL!

The Travelerocity reporter

It will be up within 30 minutes.


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