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Different grasses do different things. A simple, basic thing to know. Now....I have not looked into what type of turf is on each field mentioned.....but that is something I would ask. How established is each turf? Things like that...before I start griping about our field. Anyway.

And how do we explain the sink hole in center field? Fuller went after a ball and kicked up patches of sod. What is Bill "I have been around this game longer than anyone and I know everyone in baseball, because I'm a failed umpire" Valentine's explanation? I'm sure it's a good one that is full of typos, misspellings, and plain stupidity.

GET A LIFE! Thats getting old. What are we, 8?

Oh and Bill, just to clear up some assumptions. I am a former player.

Just wanted to add this too since it never got a response in aother topic.

I dont know why you have a huge fucking chip on your shoulder. Your just a cranky old man with no clue as to what the Angels are thinking with their minor leagues. A good GM takes care of his players, takes care of their families when they are in town, and knows what the parent club is trying to accomplish with their lower levels. Whats more important to the Angels, a Texas League title or a World Series? Dont give me this shit about learning to win at the lower levels. The Angels use their minor leagues for developing and getting them ready for the big leagues. If you dont like the way the Angels run things then get out and get an independent team so you can have all the say in the way the team plays. Its hard to play for a GM that does not support them through the good and the bad. When was the last time you saw Bill Stoneman or Brian Cashman get on a blog or on the radio and blast their players? Im going with never.

I'm not going to post my name because I don't think its that important, nor will I give you a clever name like, Biddle or Karch. (pretty orginal on both parts). I will say this though, if you dont think I'm a former player ask me anything a player would know.


i think karch is his real name

Thanks dre301 for picking up on the sarcasm. Nothing gets past you.


Oh my. Someone else is a tad cranky, too.


probably a really shitty former player. One that couldn't hack AA and is now trying to make it in the real world. Wondering why the world doesn't still revolve around his .240 Avg and limited power to the gaps (or else had trouble finding the strike zone). One who blew his signing bonus on winstrol and HGH and still couldn't manage to get his OBP or SLG above .300.

But that's just a guess. Don't feel bad I couldn't hack college ball, but I don't hold it against those that are still in organized baseball.

Nice try Mars, I'm still in affilitated ball, out of Arkansas and in AAA. No I'm not with the Angels anymore, not because I got released either. Sorry your college ball didnt pan out. Looks like talking shit on a blog is working for you though.

Hmmm.... could be a number of people... like Greg Porter with his .118 avg. Not saying it is him... I just happened to be looking up his stats for this season.



"if you dont think I'm a former player ask me anything a player would know."

Ok, couple of years ago at Ray Winder a couple of buddies and I were sitting on the first base side. We were close to the dugout and saw a couple of cuties sitting near by. We overheard one of them say that Greg Porter left much to be desired, or some shit like that. To quote her "Looking at him you just knew it would be at least average."

Is that true?


Broke two last year in Boston and could hear the bones rubbing tehotger as I moved. Can even still feel it to this day. Just back from Toronto. Carry on lad!


Woo hoo, another win up for me! I got Dan by 2 mnuties today. He placed 1st in his age and I placed 2nd. I improved by 4 mnuties from last years time. It was another good day at the races for the Adams' family!


I, too, am praying for your child who may have adnarel fatigue, and for all of you in general as you rebuild. May you experience a generous portion of God's grace as you weather the stresses in your lives right now, and know that, as believers, all these things will work out for good.Kelly, I also wanted to thank you for the words in the second half of your post (the italicized portion). I found them to be a great comfort to read last night after coming home from the funeral of a very dear friend of mine and fellow homeschooling mom who went to be with the Lord on Monday. Those words were so soothing to me God's perfect provision at just the time I needed them most. Thank you for posting them.


I agree and also hope that we will, with that one' at the helm, be entering hiotsric period in the US!! I have never been so hopeful about the outcome of an election in all of my adult years maybe optimism is genetic Have a great anniversary vacation!

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