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The Travelerocity reporter

From Jim Harris on ArkansasSports360.com:

On the negative side, if last night was any indication, manager and third-base coach Bobby Magallanes learned nothing during the offseason about when to run his team and when to play it conservatively. The Travs lost what should have been a sure run after a lead-off triple in the sixth when Magallanes sent the runner home on a sharp grounder to first. Easy rundown and out.

Same inning, two outs, and Magallanes had a runner thrown out trying to steal second. We can let that one slide; he was just trying to make something happen after the earlier blunder, which was inexcusable.

But it recalled 2007 all over again, where Magallanes sent bulky, slow players from first to third and tag outs on plays where they should have been held at second, and plays where they were held up at second after solid hits into the gap. The Angels want their farm teams throughout the organization to force the action and put pressure on the defense, and that's great and it's exciting for the fans. But there are times to be smart about it. Whether Arkansas can be intelligent on the bases will go a long way in determining whether this team competes for a Texas League championship.


My family and I were definitely shocked when we were making our way to the parking lot and the tornado sirens went off! Somebody at DSP should have known about the weather situation. Could you not have helped us out? You guys pride yourself on being family friendly... well how about warning a family when severe TORNADO weather is on the way??


Check out this quote from Pete Laven in today's Democrat-Gazette...

“...It was one of those things where it’s ‘how serious do you take it?’ We were on the brink of telling everybody they must get under cover when we found out we were probably going to be safe.”

How serious do you take it? Well, the TORNADO SIRENS were going off. There was a TORNADO WARNING. When you're responsible for people's lives, Pete... You should take those things very seriously.

I can't stress enough that a tornado-producing storm was heading towards North Little Rock and the Travs did *NOTHING* until the sirens went off. *NOTHING.*

I know that the park dodged the storm. I know that everyone at the park lived happily ever after. But that was luck... not because the Travs looked in their crystal ball and knew the storm would miss them.

It's going to take me a while to get over this one. I just can't understand how professional umpires can see bolt lightning and not halt the game. Those three umps made a conscious decision to put themselves and the players in danger. Unacceptable! And I can't understand how the Travs can look at a radar, see a tornado-producing storm coming and wonder if they should take it seriously.

Bill Valentine was too busy preparing his first post for Travelerocity to possibly care about warning people of a Tornado.

That quote from Pete just makes things worse. Damage all around and the Travs front office is setting around debating on if they should warn their fans a tornado may touch down in the middle of DSP!

The Travelerocity reporter

Just drove through Leawood and Cammack Village. Holy smokes. The number of trees uprooted is in the hundreds. It's much worse than the video I've seen on the news.


A couple notes:

* Regarding "Ray Winder Field" on the Angels web site ... The web sites for all 30 MLB teams are run by MLB Advanced Media, a MLB subsidiary which contracts out site support. None of the individual teams run their web sites. The owners voted around 2000 or so to transfer their Internet rights to MLB.

* Regarding Bobby Mags sending a runner home from third with one out, that's Angels philosophy direct from Mike Scioscia. Keep in mind he's teaching players to play for Scioscia. Angels fans complain all the time on fan boards when it doesn't work. Your complaint isn't with Mags, it's with Scioscia. Funny, though, how no one complains when it works.

The Travelerocity reporter

It never works down here. You've got to have the personnel.

Perhaps if you were there and saw the play develop you would better understand how awful Mags decision was. Stupid, just plain stupid. Mags base running blunders kill this team's chances.


I've seen that style of play at every level in the Angels system. It is an organizational philosophy. It's a contact play -- runner on third, one out, he breaks for home on contact. The third base coach does not tell him to go. He's supposed to go on contact. Scioscia's philosophy is to force the defense to make the play at home, rather than play it safe and hope with two outs the next batter gets a hit.

It is not Mags' fault. You can fire Mags and his replacement will do the exact same thing. You will have to get rid of Scioscia if you want the Travs to stop that style of play.

bill valentine

Well here we go again...a tiny piece of play equipment and grass to run around in and they want to charge $3.00...if you would maybe ASK..you would have been informed that we have over $45,000 worth of air inflated equipment that will not be put into use on the wet play ground field....maybe when you have all the facts you can make a sensible comment...
We found out about the strong just about the time as everyone else....so should we allow people to come into the office and other areas...or should we have advised them to jump in their automobiles and start driving.. our police force advised the people that remained in the stands where they could go ....so don't start throwing bullets if you don't know what you are talking about....

The Travelerocity reporter

Inflatable equipment makes a big difference. Still, a $3 charge to an area that even has a sponsor seems a little steep. Will that grass area on the other side of the concession stand (behind right field) still be open for free?

Regarding the storm, I'm not necessarily saying the Travs did anything wrong. The only fans left to take shelter were those I guess hoping the rain would pass and the game would resume. Most people were already in their cars on the way home surprised to find out they were driving in a tornado warning. I guess we are on our own when it comes to the weather. But it might be nice to flash Ed Buckner up on the screen if THV has gone to continous severe weather coverage. I can tell you I would have left when the tornado warning went up for Saline County or counties prior to that.

Get rid of Scioscia? Sounds good to me. Call us crazy, but fans down here want to know that winning is a top priority. That's a big reason people watch sporting events. Otherwise, let's just disband the Texas League and stop keeping score. And why bother having a rivalry when the man in charge does something that will repeatedly cost the game?

bill valentine

...you can post anything you want to..but Mike never tells the minor league managers to run yourself out of innings just for the hell of it...he says to force things..go from first to third on base hits...get a running game going to force the other team to rush plays....he does not say go out in AA or AAA and run the catchers, etc with two outs...to send runners home from second when they have no chance of scoring....and you go on contact if the ball is hit to short or second..but not direct to the third or firstman....
you have to play "baseball" first and run when you think you can create an advantage...not just get guys thrown out three, four and more times and say..."oh we are playing a running game"..
it is stupid...it is wrong...it serves no purpose and no on has the guts to sit down and say...play a smart game and not a stupid run at any cost game....you have to have a few brains to know when to run and when not to run...
when it gets to "the hell with whether we win or lose"...lets show everyone we can lead the league into running into cheap outs...with stupid base running...it is a problem and no one will address it.....
You have a right to complain...show me one other team in minor league baseball that runs themselves out of innings game and game after game...they don't...you know why they don't? Because it is stupid baseb all and Mike doesn't play stupid baseball with the Angels.....someone has to sit down and tell the minor league managers you are to play to develop players and teach them how to win.....
You are also to teach a SMART running game...
What we are doing now is an insult to anyone with any knowledge of baseball and no one will step in to correct it.....
You have to have some common sense....


Roy Hobbs can play during lighting...so can the Travs. I also noticed before I left the house that severe weather was headed our way.

Are some of you from N.O.?


Bill, you guys said nothing until the sirens hit... If family watching TV at home can call and tell me to leave the stadium, you guys could have, too. By Pete's own admission, you guys didn't know whether to take the warnings seriously... Disappointing.

What's more disappointing to me were the Texas League umpires that should have halted play no later than the seventh inning. Dickey-Stephens has already been the site of one baseball tragedy. There is no need to expose players to the potential of a second unnecessarily. The umpires did exactly that last night... They saw bolt lightning and kept playing. It's just a game. It's not worth being killed for.

Karch, I saw knew we were going to get some weather. However, there is a big difference in a thunderstorm and a tornado. Big difference.


Severe weather and tornados are unpredictible. People should have been warned that a tornado warning was issued for Pulaski County. When they are telling people in central LR to take cover immediately, it is serious. I had to call my husband at the game and tell him to get out of there now!



That N.O. comment was heartless and inappropriate. Add in a couple of OKC and WTC jokes and you'll have completed a trifecta on distasteful, national tragedy humor.


On the topic of stealing bases, Bill Valentine's comments above need to be posted in a prominent place on this blog - he said it as well or better than anyone else.

There is a difference between aggressive base running and STUPID base running, and apparently Mag hasn't made that connection.

I am listening to Phil tonight for the second game... too frigid for me at the park (call me a fair weather fan). Does anyone else think that the STUPID (and predictably failed) base stealing in the bottom of the 6th could have cost the Travs the game? They had just tied the game 2-2, and MIGHT have been able to do more that inning without that unnecessarily induced out.

Now, on the topic of the weather.... the Travs handling of the severe weather was very, very poor. Guys, when you have Ed Buckner lined up to give these cutsie forecasts on the scoreboard, use the damn thing for something useful and let fans have some advance warning to know when something severe is coming.

This particular tornadic thunderstorm had been tracking up I-30 for a while, and when a tornado warning was issued for Saline County, it was pretty obvious that the strong storm was going to track into Pulaski County.

We were shocked that the game was not called sooner due to the lightning. When the players finally left the field, we watched the ground crew cover the field -- a pretty impressive activity, with everyone working like it was a closely choreographed event. Blissfully ignorant of the tornado, we were in no big rush to leave.

Leisurely walking out of the park, we were half way to our truck when the tornado sirens went off. Have you ever tried to get current weather information on the radio, when 99% of the broadcasts after 6pm are canned crap music?

We didn't know whether to run back to the Dick, or hit the road and try to drive home (knowing that many people killed by tornadoes are in their cars.) We did know that we were really pissed that neither the Dick's still marginal PA system nor the big dollar scoreboard was used to give fans any clue of impending danger.

Sitting in the parking lot and watching the skies as we listened to the sirens, we finally found a radio station -- 94.1 The Point -- that was simulcasting the constant live weather coverage from Channel 11. We determined that the storm was still just southwest of Little Rock, so we started driving. Like everyone else who made this choice, we made it home OK but it was an unnecessarily harrowing drive.

This severe weather situation will happen again, and the Trav organization needs some protocol for letting fans know IN ADVANCE. It is NOT the responsibility of the D-S staff to judge the extent of the weather threat -- it IS their responsibility to alert fans in a timely fashion so that those fans wishing to leave could do so in advance of severe weather.

Ballpark fans got lucky, relatively speaking, this time. This event could have been much, much worse. Lets hear what policy is going to be put in place in the future to prevent a repeat performance of this nature.


Scotts Veil


That N.O. comment was heartless and inappropriate. Add in a couple of OKC and WTC jokes and you'll have completed a trifecta on distasteful, national tragedy humor."

Ok, I know this is directed at Karch, but come on! You moron. Are you seriously trying to compare Katina to 9/11 and OKC? Listen, pal, the people of New Orleans had how many days warning before they were struck by that horrific hurricane? How many? How many days were they aware that they were at risk of being hit by a hurricane? It was for sure no twenty minutes. To compare that to what you did is something only an idiot would do. It should also be pointed out that the there was warning of severe weather on the scoreboard. Maybe you all were to busy stuffing your faces with hot dogs to notice. Karch's point is dead on. You put yourself in a situation that looking back on you wish you had not. So the easy thing to do is blame someone else. Thank you liberals of the United States of America.


I checked the weather forecast and made the decision not to go to the game personally. I really wanted to go, but didn't want to be caught out in that weather, whether it was going to be heavy rain and t-storms or tornadoes, it was obviously going to be bad. If you chose to put yourself or your family in harm's way to see a ballgame, don't go blaming the Travs for not letting you know God decided to try to wipe out the sinners in Central Arkansas.

Ironically, turns out my house wasn't far from a path of a twister. If it would have smashed it, I'd have blamed the Travs for not making me go to the game I guess.


The grounds crew should be given a medal for having to pull tarp in those conditions.


Scotts Veil,
did someone pull your chain?

Karch was simply inferring that all three events were national disasters -- he made no comment about the political overtones that you are trying to interject, and your rabidly foaming comments were a bit of an over reaction.

If there was any message of impending severe weather on the scoreboard, I missed it. My wife also missed it, the group of four sitting to our immediate left missed it, and the couple sitting to our right also missed it.

Everyone else who has posted thus far also missed it. Could it be that you are the only one in the park that saw the warning???

Of course, we all came to the park to watch a ballgame, not look constantly at the scoreboard. IF there was indeed a severe weather warning on the board, then the announcer should have called attention to the board, because at any given time, 99% of the park is either watching the game, eating or visiting. I'm sure the D-S staff is working on getting the PA system fixed -- neither the announcer nor the organ could be heard at times on opening night.


Rob, I was not trying to be rude of make light of Katrina.....but having lived in the Florida Keys (and having most of my family live there now) I have seen many people disregard warnings or whatnot.....I know that happened a lot in Katrina...not everyone there...but many, many, many people. Anyway....my thing is that I recently saw the SEC Tourney affected by a tornado...if that game had ended on time....or people were told to leave because of the weather it would have been very bad.

Kudos to the two gentlemen who sang the National Anthem on Thursday and Friday... both did an excellent job. It is always great to hear the guy from Thursday night.

Now, let's hope tonight the Travs will get their first win of the season!

Hey, Bill, what's up with the BBQ nachos? You are running ads over the PA but they are not on sale at the concession stands. Thanks

"don't go blaming the Travs for not letting you know God decided to try to wipe out the sinners in Central Arkansas."

I can not believe I am reading this. As someone who lives about 4 houses away from one with no roof anymore, I take this very personally and hope that you were just trying to get a rise out of people and don't really feel that way.


I cannot believe you would take it personal. They must not be sinners. Maybe you were friends with their roof?

I am sure Cracker does not "feel that way". Considering his taste for booze.


Hey Biddle, I missed it also....but that is a good thing. I don't think we wanted a bunch of people leaving Dickey-Stephens during the storm. The worst missed us and went elsewhere. Glad they were not out driving into the storm.....to be safe. That is the shitty thing about tornado weather. Give me 5 days warning instead any day of the week.


I never saw "TORNADO WARNING" on the scoreboard. For that matter, I never saw "THUNDERSTORM WARNING," either.


As mentioned before....it should have been pretty obvious that we were going to see some nastyweather that night....heard about it all day.

The Travelerocity reporter

Equating staying for a hurricane and going to a baseball game where there is a potential for storms is f###ing ludicrous.

Yes, jackass, I was well aware there was a threat of storms and had been watching the radar all day to see if there was going to be a baseball game that night. So I was well aware of the weather conditions going into the game.

However, when the game started, there was no immediate weather threat. This developed during the game. All I'm saying is it would have been nice had there been some notice from the Travs because I can tell you I would have been out of there before the tornado warning even got to Saline.

Most people did not stay after the game was halted. They were all on the road. And I wouldn't describe the ballpark concourse with the lightning-rod light poles as exactly a safer alternative. Even the people who left when the rain began didn't have much time before the tornado sirens hit.

I don't have a huge problem with the Travs not telling anyone about the weather, but it would have been nice to help us paying customers out here. I do, however, have a big problem with people telling fans it is their own fault for "putting themselves in that situation."

Bill, your comments make it obvious why you could never be a manager. You have your head too far up your own butt to listen to what you are supposed to do. You are such a joke, it is wonderful to have you around year after year. The older you get the more utterly stupid your comments get.

I would pay that $3 cover to actually watch you call "Mike" as you keep referring to him and tell him what needs to change. In your own words, GET A LIFE!


What does no "However, when the game started, there was no immediate weather threat." mean? Are you saying that you did not know that there was severe weather moving into Central Arkansas?

bill valentine

I hate to bust your bubble but I do call him Mike and we have been friends for many years....you may think that I know no one outside of the limits of
Pulaski County but I have been friends with most people in baseball my entire life.
You can come on here hiding behind your player image but we all know you are either a player or related to a player....this is not high school or college baseball...this is PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL...if you can't cut it you are replaced with someone else to see if they can come up to the standards that have been set for AA players...sorry if you don't like my postings...so don't read them....you can keep throwing out your insulting remarks...but I will still state my opinions and if you don't like them...don't read them...we have guys on this team who do not match up to AA standards and the Angels have two choices...try to replace them...or have another third or fourth place team....you need to learn how to WIN in the minor leagues...not run yourselves out of the inning...or play spring training baseball during the regular season....our loyal fans are smart enough to figure this out...and most of them are aware that your insults are an attempt to cover up for inept playing ability...

Looks like Bobby still has not figured out the A's.


Nothing like starting the season 0-3. At least the rest of the North division is also off to a rough start.


I live about almost an hour away from D-S. The last thing I did before we left for the game was pull up the NWS radar on computer to see if there was any developing weather. There was light rain between Little Rock and Texarkana, nothing more, at about 530pm.

After we got to the game, we were pretty isolated from the weather (no southwest view from D-S) until we started noticing lightning over the LR skyline.

The Dick is nice, but its not where I want to take shelter from a tornado. We're not talking about D-S giving fans notice 5 minutes before the sirens go off, to turn them out in the middle of the storm, but rather more timely weather information. As Travelerocity Reporter noted, many would have left by the time the warnings hit Saline County, and would thus have been home by the time the storm hit Little Rock.

On to baseball... the first two Trav pitchers tonight did a little better than during the last two games. There were actually a number of times when these pitchers threw several strikes first thing, rather than throwing three balls and then struggling to strike a batter out.

sorry to burst your bubble Bill. I am not a former player, player or relative. Just someone who used to work for you that knows what an ass you are. Remember me?

I was impressed by Doug Brandt last night. Hopefully he turns out to be a good arm in the bullpen this season.


I am sorry some of you got caught up in a frightening situation. Lessons were learned on both sides. My wife has pointed out to me that the Ed's weather forecast on the board said that severe weather would be moving in around 9......she pays attention to that stuff...me...not so much. I think this topic has run its course. We can only wait to another nighte when tornados are in the area to see if there are any changes...if needed.

The promotion to win the motorcycle from BMW Motorcycles of Little Rock is fun...but I will need Tommy John surgery before the end of the year, I think.

The Travelerocity reporter

I missed Ed's forecast when he said that, too. Hopefully tornadoes won't be a topic for the rest of the season!

Bill, heres another question for you? When do we get an explanation for the dead grass this year, AGAIN! I've seen many games this week (St. Louis, Chicago, Texas...etc) Whats Arkansas excuse now? It looks horrible!


The grass looks fine to me, for springtime in Arkansas. If you are looking for manicured greens, maybe try golf. Same shape ball, just a different size.

Yes golf does have green grass. But so does several (all) baseball fields I've watched. It will turn green at DS then die off. I've got money on it. Then there will be re-sodding again along with another excuse to why the grass died to begin with.

bill valentine

Why don't you just give it up...you don't like me..a dam thing about the ball park or anyting else....we did not over seed with rye because that caused our trouble last year...our grass is in excellent shape for the time of the year...we have a turf manager and he informs us we are right on target....
I get sick and tired of the jerk who signs off "I' coming on here day-after-day and just to find things to put down the park....get your player buddies together and tell them to win a game..just a SINGE game..don't try to tear down all the hard work the turf
manager has done all winter to correct the orginal laying of the sod...I'm sure the color of the grass has a hell of lot to do with a team that can't hit me...or set up or save a game...but is excellent at getting picked off base and running into outs for no reason what-so-ever...first hitter today..walks...and gets picked off first base.. if that is exciting baseball please inform me why other team is professional baseball don't jump on that band wagon... the Travs have had more players picked off base and thrown out stealing..then the rest of the teams in the league combined...
..oh..I'm sorry you can bitch all week about me, the park, the field..but I am no to mention a single thing about a team that has a great change of not winning a single game this entire homestand...

Bill, just like your workers do as you say. (as crazy as your ideas may be sometimes) We do as the coach says. We don't always agree with stealing, but if he feels its time to steal then its time. In no way do I doubt the turf guy is doing everything he can. I just ask how come our field looks so different then the others?


Mr. Valentine,

Please have Ms. Nena proofread before you post. It makes it difficult to decipher what you are trying to say when at least one word in every sentence is misspelled.

And I can't take it any more. No one is using the name "I." There is a line between the poster name and the date and time posted. Why do always sign your name "bill valentine I ?" Are you trying to distinguish yourself from Bill Valentine, Jr. or Bill Valentine III?

bill valentine

Well Drew since you are so smart...if you will look at the posting all you see is "I".....so maybe we should call the poster "silent"?
As to the spelling I do not come on here and proof everything that I write...I simply write my thoughts and send them..if there are mistakes ..so be it...you guys say that all I do is make mistakes anyway...so I am just making you happy...

The Travelerocity reporter

It is kind of confusing when someone doesn't sign a name. I wish there was a default "Posted by: anonymous" that would appear if there is no name given.


the grass may be painted, happens all the time

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