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David Gates

I learned that the NWA skip had a killer 'stache bro!

The Travelerocity reporter

Mosebach Named TL Pitcher Of The Week
Twenty-Two Year Old Twirled League's First CG

Drillers Stadium, Tulsa, OK - Arkansas Travelers RHP Bobby Mosebach was named the Texas League's Pitcher of the Week for the period from April 13 through April 20. In two wins during the week Mosebach allowed two runs and held batters to a .155 average over 14 innings pitched. Saturday night in the Travs' 3-1 win over Northwest Arkansas, Mosebach tossed the Texas League's first nine-inning complete game of the season. In his five-hitter against the Naturals, Mosebach faced just 31 batters in a crisp 1:58 and struck out five.

Drafted by the Angels in the 9th round in 2005 out of Hillsbrough Community College, Mosebach ended the 2007 season with two starts at Arkansas and earned one win. The native of West Palm Beach currently holds a 2-0 record and 2.33 ERA for the Travelers. He is scheduled to pitch Thursday's series finale against the Tulsa Drillers.

bill valentine

The only time I know of any players wife having to sit in the beer garden was once when Porter had ten or so family members come in on a sold out weekend and his wife insisted she would sit with them...I guess this was a power play to get them in the box seats around home plate...there were not any so she got to sit with them in the box seats by the beer garden...that is the only one I know of...
We were sold out three times the last homestand....plus we don't have eight or ten vacant seats in the box seat area around the dugout....we have seats for the players and families who are in Little Rock....if other members come to town we give them the best seats available...that is the best we can do

Barry MaCockiner

Bill, your above statement is a lie. You know it and I know it

The best you can do is what every other stadium in america does, reserve a full section for family. But, I know how you are and making money is more important than taking care of the guys and their families. Since the fans come to see the Travs shouldnt you make sure the players are happy and their families get the treatment they get every where else? Without the Travs how do you make money?

Get A Clue.

Pencil Thin Mustache

A whole section? What the f ever. That would be a waste of a section for sure. Sandovals parents had no complaints. Besides a few family members that show every once and awhile all you would see is 5 or six wives and a few cleat chasers. The players could get free seats if they wanted them badly enough. Maybe some season ticket holders would donate theirs when not in use.

Travelocity Reporter... what's with the negativity over RWF? You act like any restoration effort is going to be financed out of your pocket.

If a group can make RWF work for high school teams or others, more power to them. They obviously know what you shared--that it will cost more to revive Ray Winder Field than it would cost to build a new field.

The people trying to make it work obviously know that its not always about the money. If it was just the money, we would have no historic preservation, because it usually costs more to rehab any old structure compared to bulldozing it and building new. Sometimes tradition and history win out, but not with those who put dollar signs on everything.

As much as we like the Dick, there are a lot of us who have fond memories of RWF, and would like to see the ballpark preserved if feasible.

Lets let the professionals looking into the options make the call on RWF, rather than arbitrarily giving it away to the zoo.




You are a total 100% liar. I will gladly come by your office, restaurant, or trailer and bring you my ticket stubs from last season. As you know the tickets have dates on them, so I would would be more than happy to show you where our seats were for every game. They were not where we sat, I can tell you that for sure. We sat down there despite the fact that you wouldnt give us tickets behind the fence. I know for a fact Daniel Davidson complained about it when his wife and 3 month old baby girl were placed in the beer garden. That is when we all started sitting in the box seats. You are a pathological liar sir. In your own words, GET A LIFE!

Pedro G

Mrs. Porter.

Why do you care so much now? You are elsewhere.

Maybe you really are the one that needs to get a life...

The Travelerocity reporter

Biddle, I very much respect your position on RWF and really wish I could share your view on it. I like old buildings and houses more than most and see the value in preserving them, but I feel like they couldn't keep RWF up even with the Travs in it, so how in the world can it possibly work with high school teams? The only answer is to have it maintained by parks and rec as a city project paid with tax money. There is no other way they will find enough money to keep it up to a desirable standard. It's also not fair to all thos high school players and the people who will go watch them to have a decrepit facility just so a piece of history will stay around for the rest of us. As it is now, I hate to see what has been a treasure continue to rot. That doesn't do anyone any good. Even Bill Valentine agrees with me on this one.

Pedro G

Seeing RWF during the yard sale confirmed to me that any attempt to save it was just dreaming.

Without major work done to the structure and playing surface, the upkeep will just be way too much.

Maybe with some major fundraising and some "volunteer" work by some high school teams in exchange for a home field... a "renovation" would be possible, but otherwise.. no.


Is there any kind of official group and/or fund that is trying to restore RWF?

They've done a good job in Birmingham I believe, in keeping their old place "alive."

I don't see any reason why we couldn't do that here.

The Travelerocity reporter

Ugh! Just went to the Travs page on ArkansasSports360.com and what am I greeted with? A big ad asking if I am a Natural and suggesting I buy tickets to said team.

I'm sorry to see Von Stertzbach go. He seemed like one of the more intelligent guys on the team, he could throw strikes, and he was on a long comeback from an injury two years ago.

The Salt Lake Bees are 17-1 and Brandon Wood leads the Pacific Coast League with six home runs after hitting a grand slam last night.

The Travelerocity reporter

Oh yeah, and John Lackey is doing a rehab stint in Rancho. Thanks again, Angels.

The Travelerocity reporter

Last night's game -- wouldn't you have loved to hear Valentine on color commentary when the pitcher walked in the winning run?


Speaking of the PCL....Dallas McPherson seems to be doing well....good for him. Hope he stays healthy.

Barry MaCockiner

Thanks Angels for not sending us John Lackey. Why didn't you send him 1600 miles away from Anaheim, so he could pitch at our Dick?

I know, I know. Because it doesnt make sense you F-ing moron. TR, when are you going to quit bitching about not getting big leaguers here? It's never going to happen. The only time it will even be thought about is when Bill Valentine retires and is not involved with the Travs anymore.

Lackey played here. Do you think he wants to come back for maybe 2 starts? Or stay in the L.A. area and make a few starts in Rancho and still get to go the Angels games? What would you do?

P.S. Howie ain't coming either so save your breath on that one and dont bother posting anything on here about it.

The Travelerocity reporter

Alumni notes from the Texas League newsletter:

"In his last ten games, OF Gregory Porter (‘05-’07) is hitting .467 for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre."

David Gates

Copy the whole thing TR...

Alumni notes from the Texas League newsletter:

"In his last ten games, OF Gregory Porter (‘05-’07) is hitting .467 for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre while avidly posting on Travelerocity, a blog dedicated to his former AA Arkansas Travelers club."

bill valentine

Well...let's see..I am a 100% lair.....
..I guess you are right it is Mrs. Porter...because she and another wife were put down the line one weekend when about 10 or more of their people showed up and they asked for tickets late..I have nothing to do with the ticketing at Dickey-Stephens Park...never have...David Kay is the ticket manager and he works closely with Pete Laven...they both assure me that there are tickets in 208 - 210 - 211 for wives, etc....
I certainly am going to believe them before I would these team emailers...the idea to keep an entire section open is just about what you would expect from a ego driven player or family member....one team in this league limits players, etc to two tickets per game...and others have restrictions...we have never limited the number of tickets....however we cannot put everyone right behind home plate....we were sold out five of the last nine home games...if anyone thinks we are going to leave sections, or even rows empty just in case a player might need tickets late they are nuts...but who ever expected the ones who come on here and gripe all the time of having any
brains to start with....they have never been in a position where you have to make a profit or at least break even to stay in business....the Travelers organization and the city of North Little Rock had a great year with Dickey-Stephens in 2007...we still owe about five millions dollars on the park...and I intend to see that we pay this off as soon as possible...we are fair with both visiting and home teams when it comes to tickets...however we run this park...and if you really don't like the way we operate..complain to the Angels....

bill valentine

You have to give the Angels new farm director credit for beefing up the Travs after the awful start. He picked up players that I am certain are going to be very useful and he make other moves that will only help this team....you really hate to see anyone cut loose...but we have pitchers who have been on this team going on three years and they have never really produced... ...if others don't produce you are going to see a couple more changes on this team....we are two or three players away from being one of the best teams in this division....

I agree with Bill, despite all of the compaints I've had about the Angels they made some quick moves to bring the team back to respectability that are appreciated.

I'd still rather have the Cubs, though.


Well if it ain't the Cubbies...I will take the Angels, for sure. They have given us the chance to see plenty of great talent. But enough of that.

I tell you that though...the Cubs are off to one piss poor start. I hope their bats warm up soon or this is gonna be one long season.

"the Cubs are off to one piss poor start."

I'm guessing that was sarcasm...


Hey Bazzel....I ain't no chicken pluckin' carpetbagger! Good grief. Hazelwood, call your damn buddy and set him straight.

Barry MaCockiner

So Bill, you are telling me that as COO of a professional sports team, that you have no idea how the tickets are done. Then what do you do besides bitch about everything and come on here and respond to comments unprofessionally? You are always saying that if the players cant stand what is said about them then they dont need to be playing. Kind of a double-standard since you come on here and defend yourself like some of them do. But it's ok for you to do it though. The only difference is that what is said about you is on here, where as where you say stuff about them is on the radio when families are listening.

The tickets is just a minor thing. There are so many other things wrong about your operation it's amazing. You have the people of Little Rock fooled. They see what goes on at the stadium and see you shaking hands and kissing babies. What they don't see is the way you talk to the players if they ask you for something.

They don't see that at Ray Winder in the middle of the summer you would put the A/C in the lockerroom on 78 and lock the thermostat so we couldn't change it.

They didnt know that at Ray you kept the game balls in a damp cold room and some were 2-5 oz. heavier.

They dont know that at the Dick in order for us to get a new bat you have to unlock the room and they have to give you the broken one. Kids ask for the broken bats, but we have to tell them "No. I have to give it Bill so I can get a new one", but you can go buy it in the gift shop during the next game.

Yeah the bus is awesome. We appreciate it a lot. It's cool for about 2 hours, then the A/C goes out. Thats really fun on a 10 hour trip to Corpus.

So now anyone else can come on here and tell me that players are just abunch of cry babies and so am I. But it's pretty pathetic when you get treated better on the road then at your own stadium. Thats why a lot of us hate playing in Arkansas. It's not because of fans, or this website, or the weather in the summer. It's because we are treated like dirt from the COO of the team. Pete: this is not directed toward you, I know you work hard and know you try to take care of the players as much as possible. This is 100% directed to Valentine.

This isn't Porter or even anyone related to Porter. I'm not even in Arkansas this year. And if David Gates, David Gates, how are your kids?

Baseball Fan

This blog is more fun than a baseball game. Keep the insults flying, guys.


this is not Mrs. Porter. Sorry to burst your bubble. Although I did spend time with her last year and Im sure she would back me up. However, they have moved on to much bigger and better things.

I am not talking about the sold out games or late ticekts... im talking about the first 2 weeks of the season. Once again, I have the tickets. How do you explain that?

Strange, I have seen many a bats given away. Many.

If you have seen many a bats given away, its because they were bats the players have bought or gotten from their agents. The bats that come from the Angels are rarely given away.


I think it's ridiculous that a player feels that they have to "play for somebody" other than themselves. Players have been bitching about owners and treatment for over 150 years. This is nothing new.

Don't play for anybody else other than your teammates and yourself.

"I think it's ridiculous that a player feels that they have to "play for somebody" other than themselves."

VOR in your attempt to be philisophical, you have failed. All players at every level are playing FOR someone. give me a break.

I've also seen many broken bats given away last season, and already a couple this year. You can almost count on a flock of kids going to the dugouts after every game a bat is broken and sure enough one of them emerges with the bat.

It does amaze the amount of time these former players, their family or friends spend on this blog. But they do make it entertaining!

May I just point out that you do not have to be a former or current player or family or a friend of one to dislike Bill Valentine. I myself feel he is a rather rude man however, I do not know a single player or thier families.


I hate Bill too!!!!!!

Outfield Grass at Dickey-Stephens Park

I REALLY hate Bill Valentine.

Outfield Grass at Dickey-Stephens Park

and it's not so much the fact that I'm mistreated or anything it's just... last year he told everybody that I had some kind of a problem with the weather. I don't have a f*cking problem with the weather, sh*t! Everyone just looked down on me in pity.. good grief. I f*cking hate pity!

bill valentine

Talk about pathetic. Barry if you were not so wrapped up in trying to put me down you might get some facts straight.

(1) The Air Conditioner temp at Ray Winder Field was set on 71 degrees. The reason the dressing room would get so hot is that you and others would prop the door to the dugout open so you wouldn't have to open and close it...you would then set the AC at 65 degrees..since it could not cycle it would freeze up and cut off....our plumber suggested we place a box over the AC controls which we did..and it was set at 71 degrees..when you left the door open you would sweat...funny but soon the door to the dugout was being kept shut.....
(2) Wife said she had to sit in other seats THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE SEASON..we moved into the park eight days before the first home game..I am sure David had a few problems getting some things worked out...but we only played SIX GAMES the first two weeks....so I am so sorry that you can still complain over not having what you desired the first six games of a new season in a new park....that's the problem with you and many like you....you think just because your boy friend or husband has made the 25 man roster you can dictate what, when and how a team should be run. Get a life

(3) Barry you are an idiot...the balls were kept in a hall closet across from Pete Lavens office...in fact it was not air conditioned and probably got 80/85 degrees during the summer. Another excuse to try and make up for awful set up pitching the past three years...(it looks like the new blood added this year can actually pitch and throw strikes)...have you noticed when the veteran set up pitchers pitch it is the same ole results..like four straight balls with the bases loaded to walk in the winning run....get someone out and then bitch..I mean get someone out 1-2-3...not with two walks and a wild pitch sandwiched between...

(4) The bus costs over $450,000..and you complain..yes we have had a couple of trips where there were problems with the AC...happens to all teams in all classifications...I guess you didn't read about the MAJOR LEAGUE TEAM...they had to travel on a chartered plane with the AC going out....this is the weakest argument yet...
we can throw you on a 38 seats bus...with no beds, no direct TV...without four televisions and innernet outlets..without a special section for coaches and trainers...for less than half the money we pay...and the AC goes out on those buses too..

(5) You get three bats to start the season plus bats that players receive from their major league contracts...for a couple of years the major league teams ask for a rule that players had to return a broken bat to receive a new one...this was because they were using thousands and thousands of bats for each minor league team..players were giving them away and sending them home to friends....that has not been asked of us the past two years....but then you don't have to pay $33.00 plus shipping for every bat you give away...I have to pay for third it...and I really don't want to keep your friends in bats..neither does your major league team..

These are the same ole tired arguments that you drag up every year...you don't have any facts...but you can't stand it because I will defend myself and the front office to pop offs like yourself.
Yes sir..I will continue to voice my opinion of deadwood players who think they have a right to screw up game after game and no one should ever question their ability.

Oh yeah..and I am sure the GM and president of every major league teams take a personal interest in seeing where all the free tickets are located for home games...get a life.

Jimmy Dugan

Their is no crying in baseball!*

*Except for bitching wives and burnout players.

Their is no crying in baseball!*

nice english dumbass

Stephen C. Smith

Just a general observation that there's no proof the individuals claiming to be current or former Travs players, or their spouses, really are what they claim to be.

That's the problem with these blogs. Anyone can say anything -- anonymously -- without accountability.

In fact, so far as I can tell, there's nothing to stop someone from posing as Bill Valentine or Bobby Magallanes or Shelly.

My two cents' worth is that everyone should take a step back with a healthy degree of skepticism and question these posts, until there's a system that can reliably identify these people as who they claim to be.


"In fact, so far as I can tell, there's nothing to stop someone from posing as Bill Valentine or Bobby Magallanes or Shelly."


"nice english dumbass"

Thanks. Now go f**k yourself, idiot.

I hope that was better.

Stephen, I don't think anybody, or at least most people, necessarily believes these people claiming to be a player, wife, family, etc. are who they say they are. I believe we all take it with a grain of salt, while at the same time having fun with it.

What an awful night for pitching? Games like tonights can be exciting due to all the offense but it is no fun when you are on the losing end.

The Travelerocity reporter

I agree you should be skeptical of any anonymous posts, but some of these posters have details that no one other than players or their wives would have. Also, I'm pretty sure Greg Porter's dad was posting here last season.

The Travelerocity reporter

And as fas as "a system that can reliably identify these people as who they claim to be," I'm not into outing people who want to post anonymously, so I wouldn't be waiting for that system anytime soon.


Thanks TR.

This will be my last signed post.

Stephen C. Smith

Stephen - Prove to me you didn't write this yourself



Stephen C. Smith

Well, since some anonymous coward has chosen to impersonate me, I won't be participating here anymore. Any other posts claiming to be me or FutureAngels.com will be fake.

When someone comes up with a reliable method of weeding out the fakes, please feel free to contact me at home@futureangels.com and I'll come back.

Barefoot Children in the Rain

Idiots always kill a good thing.

There are many cowards on this board. Funny how those who bitch the most stay hidden. Why is that?

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