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The Travelerocity reporter

Note: Chris Pettit is not on the roster on Travs.com. I don't know if this is a simple omission or if there's been a change.


He played tonight so I assume it is just an oversight.

bill valentie

Well let's see...steller set up pitching tonight...top of the eighth..two walks with most pitches not even close...then a base hit on 3-2....then the Rain...at least with the rain 3-2 will look good in the box score...
Some things never change..

Gonna Have Another Anyway

It NEVER tornados at Dickey-Stephens!

Chris Petite left the game with a possible broken foot.


I'm *very* disappointed at the Texas League umpires tonight. They had very visible bolt lightning for at least a full inning and did not halt the game.

Additionally, the first hint I had that the storm was severe was when the tornado sirens went off. The Travelers *never* gave us any PA announcement to suggest that a severe storm was heading directly for us prior to hearing the sirens.

Certainly, the Texas League or the Travelers organization had someone with a computer or television who knew this was coming. This wasn't a surprise storm. Both entities stand to improve the way they handle these types of situations in the future.

LR Fan

Wow, Bill - it sure didn't take you long, did you. I had April 10 in the pool for when you'd make your first negative comment about a player. I guess the rants are starting early this year.


I won't make a negative comment about a player, but I'll sure as hell make one about Mags. Bottom of the 5th, 1 out, runner on 3rd, batter hits a chopper in front of the mound and Mags sends him?!?! What the hell Bobby? Don't come back with "it's the Angels' System" BS you like to spew. Stupid baserunning is not the Angels's system.

Classy Bill, very classy. Grow a brain.

bill valentine

Let's not play games.
This is a very average AA teams with a weakness in pitching. They are returning three pitchers on probably their third year of AA baseball to provide set up to the closer...none of the three had a successful year in 2007 or anytime before in AA baseball....The team is short on power and limited in speed.....
The success of this team depends on how good the other three teams are in this division...after years it looks like the Cradinals are finally taking a better look at their minor league and providing better AA and AAA teams....Tulsa has a team loaded with prospects...and Kansas City has nearly always had above average talent the last few years in the Texas League.....as always the Angels are loaded in AAA and probably in the short season league...but other than that it is average at best for the other three teams...
So let's face it...with a weakness in pitching we are going to looking at some of the same tired bodies that were kept simply because they did not have anything better...you have to fill up the roster.....
We will struggle all year long with the set up pitchers and you might as well get use to it because they certainly arn't any better than last season and they did nothing in 2007 but stuggle....if that makes their fathers, mothers, girl friends and wives angry..so be it...there is a certainly talent level where you are supose to perform and you only have so many chances to do so....throwing strikes it not too much to ask of set up men...
maybe getting ahead of the hitter wouldn't hurt....
so if this is upsetting don't read my postings....you don't have to be a veteran scout to notice bad base running and inept pitching...

Yeah but you dont have to be a fucking dick to be a GM. I dont know why you have a huge fucking chip on your shoulder. Your just a cranky old man with no clue as to what the Angels are thinking with their minor leagues. A good GM takes care of his players, takes care of their families when they are in town, and knows what the parent club is trying to accomplish with their lower levels. Whats more important to the Angels, a Texas League title or a World Series? Dont give me this shit about learning to win at the lower levels. The Angels use their minor leagues for developing and getting them ready for the big leagues. If you dont like the way the Angels run things then get out and get an independent team so you can have all the say in the way the team plays. Its hard to play for a GM that does not support them through the good and the bad. When was the last time you saw Bill Stoneman or Brian Cashman get on a blog or on the radio and blast their players? Im going with never. Yeah im a former player and i do still keep up with minor league baseball so you dont have to assume im a player.

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