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I'd already noticed how stacked Frisco is this year. Definitely some future MLB players on that team. To bad one of the days the Travs play them is a screaming kids day. I'd love to all three of these games.

Here's a nice write-up on Arvest Ballpark. It sounds nice, and I will be making a trip up there, but design wise I still prefer DSP. I have always liked more traditional looking ballparks.



Is anyone else having trouble hearing the game this Sunday afternoon? We can get nothing on any radio and the internet feed is barely audible when the computer speakers are turned up full blast.

Phil Elson

We were joined in progress following the Razorback baseball game so that's why the broadcast came on late. We'll try to get the internet feed turned up a bit. Still working out the kinks, it seems.

What's up with whoever is running the scoreboard? Two games in row they've been screwing up. Plus the new PA guy can't seem to pronounce Hainley's name correctly... at least he was not calling him Chris Pettite through the entire game.

Love the new selection of ballcaps! I love Franchise hats so it was a pleasant surprise to see those this year. I also bought one of those sweatshirt blankets Saturday night. Apparently I got one of the last red blankets. (Lots of blanket sales Saturday night.) The nice lady in the gift shop told me they sold out of the red and pink blankets and would not be getting any back in until next year. Is this true? I was thinking about buying a red one as a Christmas gift.

the time delay on the radio while watching the game at DS is much longer than last year and very hard to handle-its about a full 8 count--any way to fix that? Listening to Phil really adds a lot to watching the game in person

Biffel --turn up your hearing aid
dogtown dodger

The new PA guy is rotten. I heard Tommy hired the guy outta Craigslist. Don't know if thats true?

David Gates

Man, I could really help out in the outfield this year.


8-0? The Travs could not even score a run today? I'm glad I did not make it out to the game today... can't take the screaming kids.

Let's hope they are not swept tomorrow... but the Frisco team is stacked with talent.


Went to Friday nights game...a little too chilly for this southern gal. The family left top of the 4th. BTW, WTF is up with that announcer guy? I kept waiting to hear "Bueller, Bueller..." to be belted out over the pa system. My brain cells were fighting amongst themselves to keep warm already, then this snore bore with his announcing, and don't get me started on the no music thing. Don't get me wrong, I really did not care for the organ music but damn, at least it was a silence killer.

He is new at this. Let us give him time to get comfortable or loosen up.


A couple of shots of vodka always work to loosen me up. Announcer guy might want to try some before the next game.

David Gates

They could let me handle the PA duties...
I'm not going to lie, we'd have a blast.


Gates, if you would have played like you run your mouth, you would be in the majors right now!


Apparently the pa announcer and the travs hitters all need some vodka before the game.

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