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The Travelerocity reporter

Who's hot and not from Travs.com:

Who’s Hot: While the rest of the offense is struggling recently, Nate Sutton is pounding the baseball. Sutton is hitting .357 in his last five games and .333 in his last ten. Cody Fuller has two home runs in his last five games. Reliever Kevin Jepsen has 10 strikeouts in his last four appearances, spanning 6.2 innings.

Who’s Not: In his last 20 at-bats, Hainley Statia has only two hits, a .100 average. Corey Smith is not much ahead of him, hitting only .118 in his last five games. Ortega and Mosebach were touched for a combined 14 earned runs, seven each, in their most recent turns through the rotation. Doug Brandt has had some trouble finding the strike zone lately, walking five in his last 2.2 innings pitched.

Pedro Guerrero

So you're saying that only Springdale was dissatisfied with Houston Nutt?

The city of Springdale put that pressure on Nolan Richardson and put the wheels in motion for what ended up being a public humiliation on both sides?

I'm all about playing up a rivalry, but placing blame on Springdale or NWA for the circus that has been ongoing on the hill for quite some time is just ludicrous.

As an aside, as Poldberg walked by the beer garden pregame on the inaugural game, he had his lineup card in hand and I told him "Get that lineup set skip." He looked up, smiled, nodded and waved.

"It's still going to suck anyways, though."

The expression on his face was priceless... like he'd seen a ghost.

Need your help

How many reasons can you come up with for the 8 second delay on the radio for Phil Elson's broadcast??

Here are some starters:

1.Squirrls at the RTN studio in Memphis cant turn the cage any faster.

2.Phil is prone to say things that require bleeping out.

3.Radio station is considerate and wants fans at the game to be able to carry on conversation with spouse until something exciting happens and then you have 8 seconds to put your earplug in to catch the explanation.

4.Radio station is actually transmitting on live time but Phil is preoccupied looking at girls thru his binoculars and just gives the action a little slow. (Couldn't pass up the reference to the story about how he met his wife)

5. We are in some type of Argenta space/time warp continum and it just appears that the game is being played 8 seconds faster than it really is.

6. Phil is tired of people not paying attention to the game and believes by slowing down the call until the next pitch has been thrown will force listeners at the park to pay more attention.

4.Phil is really at RTNs studio at the home office in Memphis and this is a re-creation of the game similiar to what Jim Elder did for away games and what the other man that used to sit outside the Colonial Bread place and recreate games--check out in Trav museum

While at the game last Sunday I thought of a bunch more but now I cant remember all of them. Need your help.

ps-it seems like it was less of a delay Sunday????

I forgot to sign my silly time delay comments above. This is more fun than work on Friday afternoon.

dogtown dodger

The Travelerocity reporter

I'm not saying only Springdale was dissatisfied with Nutt, but there's no disputing the primary campaign against him last season originated in NWA. With Nolan, the campaign was fueled by the NWA media.

dodger, love your list and am also curiour to hear an explanation for the delay.


Most of the people that ran Nutt off lived right here in Central Arkansas in places like Little Rock, Searcy and Sherwood. Beck Campbell had very little to do with it. Nutt, his wife, and Theresa Prewitt brought it on themselves.

That said, I agree that the NWA minor league effort - stadium, attendance, logo/team concept, etc has been really disappointing.

The Travelerocity reporter

Beck Campbell had little to do with it? Ha! She was so consumed with getting Nutt fired I wonder what she does with herself now that he is gone.

In fact, those Springdale people are STILL whining. Waaa, waaa, waaa!

"To this day, over a year later, no one from the university administration, coaching staff, or Board of Trustees has ever contacted any of the players or families from Springdale to inquire about their version of what actually transpired during their time at Arkansas. Or to apologize for what the program allowed to happen. Or to even check on their well-being. Conversely, it seems that the program and people close to the program have continued to allow the personal attacks on their reputations and character to continue uncensored."


Pedro Guerrero

Oh right, pull something off a blog.

Tell me what Beck Campbell specifically did to get Nutt fired?

I'll have you know that it is a FACT Casey Dick's father complained to Nutt as much as, if not more than any Springdale parent ever did. THOSE meetings and phone calls were never publicized though.

The infamous FOI pull came from Central Arkansas and had nothing to do with NWA.

The Central Arkansas media instigated Nolan every bit as much as any NWA outlet.

Pedro Guerrero

And the "primary" campaign against Nutt was before Mustain, Williams, Cleveland, Norman or Malzahn ever stepped on campus.

The Travelerocity reporter

I think Beck Campbell is behind that blog. Parents complain to the coaches all the time. Few go to the extent the Springdale parents did.

Pedro Guerrero

The "extent?"

As in what, specifically?

Look, I'm fine with you vaguely mentioning all that once or twice, but to keep pounding Springdale for it in the name of a newborn AA baseball rivalry is just borderline insane.

There were a lot of things going on within the administration that facilitated a lot of things going on... that shouldn't have been going on. A lot of that blame lies in the university's Athletic Department.


LA Angels number one in fan satisfaction....seriously


you may now return to your regularly scheduled NWA bash-a-thon

Natuals Fan from NWA

The person who pulled the phone records, and who was profiled in ESPN the Magazine, was Thomas MacAfee of Searcy

Pedro Guerrero

You may also note that the Stephens money was pulled from the foundation years ago.

The growing expectations and impending dis-satisfaction with the ongoings of Razorback athletics is NOT an NWA thing.

Not only was MacAfee from Searcy, a lot of the people who directly assisted him were. I know, I was on his side. 80% of Pulaski Co Hog fans I know couldn't stand Nutt. I couldn't and I did my best to see him go. Seeing him replaced with a guy like Petrino was an absolute coup for UA.

David Gates

Again, shouldn't Pedro be off with some cocaine somewhere?!

That dude is crazy, bro!


Sorry the $:05 post above was me.


stolen from baseball prospectus...

Cliff Lee

by Rany Jazayerli

Pardon me for asking, but has someone secretly replaced opposing lineups with a bunch of Double-A hitters any time Cliff Lee has taken the mound this year? I realize this is a somewhat bizarre conspiracy theory, but in my defense I’d like to present you with my evidence: his numbers.

In his first start of the season, Lee went 6.2 innings, allowed four hits, a walk, an unearned run, and struck out four. This upset him greatly, and he vowed never to pitch so poorly again.

In his next start, he went 8 innings, allowed a run on two hits, struck out eight, and walked no one.

In his next start, he went 8 innings, again allowed two hits and no walks while striking out eight, but did not surrender a run.

And last night, he went 9 innings, allowed three hits, no walks or runs, and struck out nine.

In 31.2 innings, he has allowed 11 hits, walked 2, struck out 29, and has a 0.28 ERA. I’d venture to say that half the pitchers in the majors today would struggle to put up those numbers if they got four starts in the Midwest League.

Just focus on his last three starts. On three consecutive occasions Lee has pitched 8 innings or more, allowed no more than 3 hits, walked no more than one batter, and struck out at least 8 batters.

We have game logs going back to 1956, courtesy of Retrosheet and Baseball-Reference.com. Since 1956, do you know how many pitchers had made three straight starts with 8+ innings, <=3 hits, <=1 walk, and 8+ strikeouts? Here's the list, which I have put in alphabetical order for your convenience:

Cliff Lee.

Here's that list again, sorted by last name:

Lee, Cliff.

That's it. Lee's stretch of pitching is unmatched in at least 50 years, and quite possibly ever, when you consider that strikeouts tend to decrease in frequency as you go back in time.

Even if you eliminate the strikeout requirement entirely and just look for pitchers with 3 consecutive starts with 8 innings, 3 or fewer hits, and one walk or none, only two pitchers in our database have such a stretch. One is Woodie Fryman, in 1966. The other is Sandy Koufax, in 1963.

As Joe Sheehan points out, Lee has in fact been facing some soft lineups: “he’s almost certainly had the softest schedule in the majors: A’s twice, Twins, Royals. Ninth, 13th and 14th in the AL in EqA.” But last I checked those are still major-league lineups he faced (I guess we could quibble about the Royals) - and no one has treated major league hitters this way in at least 50 years.

Yeah, I’d say he’s healthy now.

The Travelerocity reporter

The Stephens money was pulled because Broyles pulled games out of Little Rock. So, yes, it was an NWA arrogance thing that led to that. Thanks, Broyles, because who knows if we have a Dickey-Stephens Park had that not happened.

Hey, I know it is a bit of a stretch to say that NWA was behind the ouster of Nutt because people from all over the state were part of that bandwagon of crazies. But you simply cannot dispute the role the Springdale people played in the campaign to hate Nutt and get him fired.

Stretch or no, my point stands that NWA does not tolerate a loser and will not support a losing Minor League Baseball team.


I don't know if the decisions to let Nolan and Houston go were NWA based, or not, but those were two where I agreed. Both coaches did great things for the University, but Nolan had quickly become mediocre and Houston was never going to get any better. You could argue that teaching the players to be responsible adults is more important then winning -- and I would, even though it's not the reality we have with college sports -- but neither of them seemed adequate there either.

The only problems I had with letting Nolan and Houston go were that they took too long to do it and each dismissal was handled horribly.

NWA Halo

So, tolerating a loser is now a good thing? Only from "The Travellerocity Reporter" would such a stupid comment be made.

Sorry your dirtnap stadium doesn't host marquis games anymore, but name ANY school in the conference worth a $h!t that plays a regular home game away from their campus. Sorry, I guess the deafening sound of silence from your answer to that question eludes me.

The arrogance in this state is focused solely in Little Rock, where it is believed that a 3-hour drive each way to campus is unacceptable a few times a year and instead the city "deserves" games. Sorry we're not a backwater region anymore, and are now the driving economic power of the state along with a growing population base.

I encourage you to call the Stephens family to get them to rise up and support UCA football or to get a program started at Last Resort University.

So, so sorry we ran Nutt off and got Petrino.. you may voice your displeasure by never driving I-540 again. I promise you that you won't be missed.

Pedro G

Where is this three hour drive junk coming from?

Even when I lived in Conway it took just under four hours usually.

The Natural

Pedro, don't know how fast you drive, but from Fayetteville it usually takes me about 3 1/2 hours to get to the River Market (my favorite LR locale)

**Formerly NWA Naturals Fan**


Ok, now what about the drive time for people living in El Dorado, Magnolia, Camden.....or do we just forget about them? What other SEC team is as isolated as the Razorbacks?

Pedro G

Natural, you have to figure in the gameday traffic on 40 and 540.

And Karch, that is essentially the issue with me. Broyles did great things in helping develop ARSN with affiliates across the state, to make the Hogs "our" team.

Now, since NWA is a driving economic locale, the mentality is just to abandon that idea, as if the fans from Southern and Eastern Arkansas aren't needed any more. The hotel policies on game weekends are ridiculous.

The fact that we reach across the state is unique. The fact that we play a game or two in LR each year to accommodate them is pretty special.

I agree that we don't need three games each year in LR. But one meaningless non-con and one measly SEC matchup there is not hurting anyone.

It's a tradition that should be carried on as long as it is possible.


The people that support all games up on The Hill have a NWA biased....or are not Hog fans. At least not in the degree that a loss or win affects them more than two minutes. The NWA folks, apparently, think the Arkansas state line is.... 1 mile south of Oaklawn. It is not the drive from Little Rock that concerns me.

The Razorbacks are representing Arkansas. All Arkansans, from all walks in life, should have the chance to see them play. And since south Arkansas is what it is.....well they should get a break in seeing their Razorbacks play. It's very important tradition to ALL Razorback fans.

Otherwise, just go ahead can make a clean break and become the UofNA.

The Travelerocity reporter

Karch, totally agree.

Did anybody see Nathan Haynes on Sportscenter the other night? He hit the game winner for the Rays. Kind of good to see him doing well in MLB.

The Travs drop another one. Mags, maybe we will be the ones flying the planes if you can't pull out a game or two up there!

The Travelerocity reporter

Jose Arredondo and Rich Thompson called up to LA. Hope this doesn't mess with the Bees' hot streak.


Lewis Grizzard

From where I sit, I just can't figure out these Arkansas people.

They have built up their Razorbacks into quite the SEC contender. For a small state they have done a pretty good job. Even God is impressed. He told me so.

But there seems to be a bit of unrest.

Some people in part of the state seem to have forgotten about others. It's as if they want to say "Thanks for bringing us up, but your work is done here. Maybe you can find another team to root for."

I just don't get that logic. Makes me think that the people of NWA figured that selling their logic at Wal-Mart would make a few bucks. Now they have sold out of any logic they once had. They don't even care that it is gone, it appears.

Right now there are two games a year played in Little Rock. They have done this for quite a few years now.
Many have declared that there is no need to play football games in Little Rock anymore. There is plenty of room up at the stadium in Fayetteville for everyone.

What they don't get is that Bobby Joe down in Spottsville has a great job. It just doesn't pay much. But it puts food on the table for his family. He is mighty proud of that.

He is also proud that once a year he can take his family to see the Razorbacks play in Little Rock. He saves up all year for that trip. Same as his daddy did. It's a family tradition that he hopes will live on for generations.

The trip takes alot out his family's budget. The thought of having to drive even further makes him nervous. He doesn't know if he can make enough to do that. His daddy would be quite upset if he knew what was going on. What Bobby Joe doesn't know is that he is right. His daddy is very upset. He told me so.

Hopefully the people who want to take the games out of Little Rock wake up. Maybe they can try to buy some of their logic back. They need to do this because moving all games out of Little Rock would hurt a lot of proud people. They can only do so much.

The people of NWA can't look at it as though all people live in their shoes. Because they don't. Though Bobby Joe would like a new pair of boots.


A quick google search reveals no less than 7 razorback message boards...take this talk to one of those. This site is reserved for topics such as the Travs' 4 game losing streak & Mags' incompetence.


Sure thing, boss.


Glad you know your place, Karch.

The Travelerocity reporter

Good stuff from Todd Traub on Sunday. That feature on the Salt Lake Bees and Dallas McPherson was just the kind of thing the paper needs.

The Natural

Grizzard, How about the struggling UT fan who lives in Millington? They've got to drive just as far to Knoxville as someone who lives in Crossett has to drive to get to Fayetteville? OK, TN has another (semi) major program (forget that AR might also have two major programs if not for this policy).

How about someone who lives in Warroad, MN? They've got to drive more than 7 hours to get to Minneapolis to see the Gophers. Maybe they should play a couple games in Duluth?

Basically, the Naturals have begun to hit their stride, and the Car-Mart cup is anything but certain for NLR.


The Natural, you are lucky I know my place. Damnit.

Pedro G

Natural, the difference is that the population base in both of those states is large enough that the schools never reached out to the entire state for support.

I also know for a fact that Knoxville hotels don't rape traveling fans with two cheap Wal-mart fishing poles for each night they have to pay for.

With the 12-game schedules now facilitating 8 home games, there's no reason there can't be one or two games in Little Rock each year.

I say one, because I agree that the aTm game in Arlington means LR probably needs to lose a game every other year.


No talking, Karch, unless it's to discuss Kennard's stellar blown save tonight. How many balls did he throw?


The Naturals hitting their stride is called two garbage teams playing each other for a cup sponsored by a damn used car company.

The Travs and the Naturals are both horrendous baseball teams. They deserve each other.

The Natural

Pretty sure the UA didn't reach out for support to anyone who struggles to afford an annual trip across the state. Anyone who says it's about anything other than money is either being disingenuous or not paying attention.

Pedro G

Natural, you know very little about the UA's fanbase.

Pedro G

... and no one ever denies all of the ridiculous hotel policies up there, but no one has ever done a damn thing about it.

If that "problem" would get fixed, I wouldn't have so much of an issue with the other side in the "Great Stadium Debate."

NWA Halo

If you folks down in Little Rock (and points to the south) are so upset about the location of Razorback games, maybe you should go back and blame your ancestors for their paltry bid at hosting the flagship school of the state back when it was formed. Or, did you think the Legislature back then, while meeting in Little Rock, said "Oh man, screw THIS dungheap, we're going to put the school in this little town called "Fayetteburg" or whatever.

The University loses recruiting visits for every game played in Little Rock, per NCAA rules. The University loses money for every game played in Little Rock, as the numbers clearly bear out. I guess we should tolerate that, even though in your own words we in NWA won't tolerate a loser.

So, the school should trade money and recruiting trips for you idiots who laud the tailgating experience at War Memorial? After having grown up less than 2 miles from WMS and going to games around the country, let me assure you that the experience on the golf course falls far, far short of "magical." And that's all you have... a tailgating area. Sure, one that makes fans slide down 20-foot hills on the way back from the stadium, or hopping creeks to the course, or having to glue yourself to a 4" wide dirt trail as you walk down Markham so as not to fall into traffic... but what a great experience it is!

The people who cry for the ones from McGehee or Magnolia are never the ones from there; it's simply Little Rock using the "what about the poor Delta folks?" for their own desires.

How any of you are making a 190 mile trip into a 4 hour ordeal, short of using mule trains, is beyond me. How about leaving so that you get here 15 minutes before game time? You certainly wouldn't urge anyone to try and use the Fair Park exit within 3 hours of kickoff; why do you think Razorback Road or Sixth Street will be any better?

As I said before.. the Reporter's hatred of all things NWA is born out of a self-serving arrogance, believing the University should cater to another city while leaving it's home city (not to mention all of the students of the University). Anything subscribed to the Naturals is just a mask hiding all that contempt.

"...and the Car-Mart cup is anything but certain for NLR."

Hey Nat Guy, Travs are known as "Arkansas".

Mouthfuls are known as "NW Arkansas".

Got it..?

Pedro G

NWA Halo, I grew up in Texarkana and Magnolia.

and with the 12 game schedule, once again, the impact is minimal with one or two games in Little Rock.

On years with 6 or 7 home games, there should be one... in years with 8, there can be 2.

The "magical" part is not the tailgating in and of itself, it is the fact that people from across the state are together for one reason. .. to cheer on the Hogs.

The NWA transplants do not understand that concept. Many up there do, though.

LR Games

For the longevity of the Program games must remain in Little Rock. The life blood of the Program in talent runs through the parts of the state outside northwest Arkansas. The long term effects of removing games from Little Rock could be devestating to the Razorbacks. The Board of Trustees reluctantly accepted that fact in 2000.

Natuals Fan from NWA

Each side appears to have different reasons for the differing views. Each is irreconcilable, so the debate will likely never be solved. I still say the only reason games are there is money. If the UA thought they'd make more money with every game in Fayetteville, every game would be there.

That doesn't make it right, though.

The Travelerocity reporter

I say take all the games out of Little Rock immediately and let's see where the football program is 10 years from now.

The Natural

Agreed - wholeheartedly

Baseball Fan

Glad to see all the football talk on this baseball blog because minor-league baseball is not about baseball any more. I remember when the Travs were the town's team; now they're the Anaheim taxi squad. Too bad Springdale got into the pool after the water was drained. Fans up there will never know what minor league ball was about.

The Other 49 States of America

You Arkansans are retarded.

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