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So you're telling me that players who come through the Cardinals system hardly ever make it to the major leagues? That's quite the revelation. You're pretty quick.

The Travelerocity reporter

That's incorrect. Many of the better players in the farm system have been traded for established veterans who helped the Cardinals win their division six times in the last eight years including two 100-win seasons and a World Series title. Dan Haren comes to mind as one example. What is at issue here is the Cardinals new philosophy of developing more of the home-grown talent rather than trading it away while they are still in the Minors. Money says the Angels are in the process of veering more toward the Cardinals' past philosophy under new GM Tony Reagins.

And if there is any validity in what you say about the Cardinals system hardly ever producing Major Leaguers, well then they've been pretty brilliant in managing that and fooling everyone they deal with.


Porter's Girlfriend


David Gates kids

do wha?


Can't wait for a Colby Rasmus-Jamie Garcia-Chris Perez for washed up pitcher x blockbuster later this summer.

Pedro G

Ankmus... Jocketty is gone, so that's unlikely to happen.

The Travelerocity reporter

Daric Barton is another good example.

Walt Jocketty

Let's not forget the Bud Smith's and Joe McEwing's of this brave, world gentlemen.

I can't wait to get started on this farm slate with the Reds organization.


You time consuming effort is appreciated Mr. Travelerocity. You put a lot of work in that for sure. Kudos.

"we are two or three players away from being one of the best teams in this division...."
-- Bill Valentine

True, but right now that's like saying you're the nicest guy in prison. And isn't every team in the North probably 2 or 3 players from being one of the best teams? There's only 4 teams for Jeebus' sake.


Who cares about Barton. The Cardinals have a decent 1B last time I checked.

The Travelerocity reporter

And a decent catcher. Trading Barton was a great move.

Pedro G

Trading Barton would've been a great move... if they'd received something in return better than the oft-injured Mark Mulder.

Pedro G

Remember they gave up Dan Haren in that deal too.

Horrible, horrible swap for the cards.

The Travelerocity reporter

I'm not a big Mulder fan, so I'll have to agree only because Haren was part of the deal. If it had been just Barton and Kiko Calero, OK. However, the Cards did win a World Series after making that trade so you can't really argue with it.


What did Mulder's 7.14 ERA have to do with the Cards winning the World Series?

Pedro G

... absolutely nothing.

The late acquisition of Jeff Weaver had WAAAAAYYYY more to do with the World Series.


One thing is for certain. This is a truly flawed team offensively. The pitching is fine, actually the bullpen is pretty good. This team is going to win some low scoring games, but there isn't much talent at the plate or on the bases. Fielding is a major problem at third with Corey Smith.

Thing is that BV is right. A couple more hitters (especially in the outfield) would make this a dangerous team.

"Thing is that BV is right. A couple more hitters (especially in the outfield) would make this a dangerous team."

David Gates, baby!


hey, i am really ieretnsted in seeing if there is going to be any try outs for the team please leave me a e-mail message. thank you creighton

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