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3rd base bum

It took my breath away for about two minutes. Then I realized what a wonderfully executed april fools joke this is. I commend you...."Well done, sir. Well done."


Ha! Oh man I was all ready to start blasting until it struck me what was going on. Bastard.

The Travelerocity reporter

That will be 39 cents from each of you, please.


You got me. Nicely done.


Oh, man, that's an ass slapper! Where's a ballplayer?


Nice job with the credit card comment. You got me there for a sec.


John Doe


First person willing to pay 39 cents to make a post:

Bill Valentine!


Personally, I loved the exhibition game with UALR last night. I thought it was a lot of fun. I hope it becomes a new "tradition". Good to see the UALR guys get to mingle and it seemed like all the players enjoyed themselves.

Could have done without the song "Cotton Eyed Joe" this entire season though. Please, somebody burn that.

Also, tried Hookslide Ale and I'm glad I got that out of the way during the exhibition season so I won't waste money on it at any point during the year. Should change the name to Boscoe's Hookslide Urine. Also I noticed for people who don't really like beer they've added Coors Light. Never fear though, there's still some tastey Diamond Bear available.

The Travelerocity reporter

Regarding the UALR exhibition, I didn't go, but someone who did told me there was a round of boos when Magallanes sent the new lumbering third baseman to second and was thrown out before he could even get close to the bag.


I don't know about the boos. It was an exhibition game, so anybody who booed should have their piehole punched. Although Cotton Eye Joe did nearly cause me to begin booing I must admit. How could they follow the masterpiece that is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song with that garbage?

I forgot to mention, I took a peek in the museum (it was closed) and I saw some Bill bobbleheads and a some trophies and stuff. Looks pretty cool for $1.


Loved the clip of you running in Se3o Paulo, and I agree about the pizza. During my last trip there in March of this year I went to a pizza "rodedzio" (basically a sit-down bfefut) and had 18 different slices of pizza. But I didn't do any running - whoops!


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