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The Travelerocity reporter

Update on status of NWA ballpark construction:


The Travelerocity reporter

Valentine's named best new restaurant in Central Arkansas by Arkansas Times readers poll. Any recent reviews out there?



Glad the Friz is history. His organ playing was really too r and r for me. Where is Alfreda? There has got to be some place where you dont have to be blasted with gangsta rap crap or a guy who sounds like he is practicing every time he turns it on !I love Bills place!


here's a interesting piece on that dude who lives in a batting cage...Reggie Willits

evidently his second-half fade had to do with a gallbladder. Let this be a lesson sports fans, if the gallbladder offends thee, pluck it out.



an even better article on Torii Hunter



TR says: So what do you want in a new organist? I think you need someone who understands the timing of a baseball game, can play all the ballpark standards, and can also play some contemporary hits.

That covers it nicely. The only other thing I would add is to have someone who can stay longer than the 5th inning, and for the pressbox or whoever to STOP running over him with that $^%(**! canned music and sound effects, as often happened last year.


an organ player doesnt need to play "contemporary hits." It needs to play ORGAN music...baseball...organ music....it wont hurt the kiddies to hear a little tradition and experience something different. Heck....bring back Alfreda and get her to play Casper the Friendly Ghost.

the organ is awful. Just get rid of it.

An inside source tells me that frisbee admitted to HGH use in 2006 and once in 2007.

bill valentine

He has informed us that he will be traveling on many weekends and can no longer play at Dickey-Stephens....
We have almost completed the Travelers Museum in Dickey-Stephens Park....I think it will be the finest minor league baseball team museums in the country....infact hardly any teams even have a museum.....the main reason is that Mr. Winder spent over 32 years and I have spent the same number of years....so all of the items have been kept....I really believe you will enjoy all the old items dating back as far as 1901 ......you might have noticed that Valentine's Restaurant was voted the Best New Restaurant in Arkansas.....we are serving excellent food and if you haven't you need to try us.......both Pete and I are going to Arizona...maybe we can come home in a couple of weeks with some news......we have added over one hundred seats above the berm areas so maybe we will have room for many who did not want to sit on the berms on weekend in games...


In Frisbee's case, HGH stands for High Grade Hooch!


Bill, just get us an organ player who plays like any guy in any MLB ball park. Earnie Hays in St Louis for example. Just tell him what you want in case he's too young to remember who that is. The organ...at a baseball game.... is not a rock instrument.

Organ needs to go.

"finest minor league baseball team museum" is that why your charging people to get into it? Waste of money, I've been through it, I predict it will be free by All Star break, no one wants to pay a dollar to look at old team pictures, and an old stove. Or your bobble heads from previous years. Or maybe its just me that thinks it's a waste of money? Save the money for another beer.

bill valentine

If you've been through the museum you must have broken the door down because it has not been open for anyone except a few baseball officials. You might have seen a few items looking in the glass door but you certainly HAVE NOT been in the museum.
You are like the person who said they were at the hot stove reception and were not impressed and posted it before we even had the reception.
It is amazing how people like yourself like to knock anything done at Dickey-Stephens.
The minor league office said it was one of the most impressive museums they have seen from a minor league team.
It is costing over $50,000 to complete. If you don't want to pay $1.00 to enter...then stay out. Why would anyone complain about a $1.00 admission?
If you don't think it is worth it...don't go in. It's that simply. But don't come on here and lie about being through it.
It wan't even complete until last Friday.

Just you.


I'm gonna give $2 and only go through the museum once.
Complete anarchy at the Dick.

Now you see the violence inherent in the system.

Bill I will promise you I have been in that museum.


Baseball history is easily worth a couple of bucks. More than that if this museum of Travs lore is as good as Bill says.

That's as good as I can do at the moment. Even bloggers need a little spring training. Man, I think I might have strained a typing finger. Too much too soon.

Stephen C. Smith

Bill, can those of us who don't live local to North Little Rock send a donation to help support the museum?

bill valentine

Pete has obtained two sponsors to help support the museum. We will be announcing that when we have sort of a grand opening around the end of March.
The admission is ONLY $1.00....for two reasons..to help pay for an attendant and to keep people from just walking through over and over not to look but because they have nothing else to do. Mainly very young people.
We also expect that when fans go through they might have items of interest and will let us put them on display in the museum.
I would hope people will hold their comments until they walk through because they are going to be pleasantly surprised.
Some of you might have noticed that Valentines' was named best new restaurant in Arkansas....our kitchen is really putting out some good food and if you haven't tried it now is the time because we are packed during baseball season...for reservations call 324-2255..that's
324-ball.........because of the baseball regional at Alltel Easter Sunday we will be open at Valentines' that day starting at 11 am....we have a Sunday drink permit...

bill valentine

Correct the above..."because of the basketball regionals" we will be open Easter Sunday


I seem to remember the possibility of a Travs-UALR scrimmage mentioned at the Hot Stove. Is this still in the works? Thanks!


Adenhart glad the Angels didn't trade him to the Marlins...http://losangeles.angels.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20080222&content_id=2384800&vkey=spt2008news&fext=.jsp&c_id=ana

bill valentine

UALR and the Travelers are scheduled for April 1


Maybe if Chris "the 6 run-lead " Hunter pitches for us, the Trojans can head into the season with smoking hot bats.

Come on Bill, call up Flores and see what you can do about a 3-inning contract. It's for the good of the Trojans.


I will spend a dollar for the priviledge to walk thru the museum a few times this season, I am sure. From what I have seen from the outside it looks nice....



what did I tell you about loitering outside the museum?


I believe you said.........


I need a bar towel!

club 104

don't go back to spotsville, karch. whatever you do.


Wow, UALR and the Travelers on April 1. Isn't that the same day that THE RAZORBACKS play ASU?


Travs website says UALR game will be 7:00 p. on April 1.

Here is a thought...How are the Travs and UALR going to play on April 1st when the last day of minor league spring training is April 1st?

Your thought is stupid.


Though diamonds are my birthstone, I don't mind spending my birthday watching a bunch of "boys" in tight pants playing on a diamond in the field. It really is a lovely birthday present! How did you guys know that's what I wanted for my birthday this year? Oh, and thanks for making my present FREE to the public Bill, or would that Pete? (Just kidding, Pete.)

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