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All of 'em, except Stubby Clapp.

You are a moron for even bringing this up. Get a life TR.

TR is a moron for bringing up the hottest topic in baseball??? YOU are the moron, especially if you think no current or former Travs have used performance enhancing drugs.

The Travelerocity reporter

I guess Greg Porter's dad has returned to posting on this site.

Call me crazy, but I choose to come out against cheating in baseball and influencing younger athletes to take something that will harm their health all in the name of beating the other guy. Contrary to a quote from Greg Hatcher that I read in the paper not too long ago, life is not all about beating the other guy.

KATV and KTHV both had stories on the Mitchell investigation during their sportscasts and interviewed Travs management to relate it to the local level. KATV interviewed Bill Valentine and KTHV interviewed Pete Laven. Man, I think we have come a long way in media coverage when the local news would even think to do something like this in the off season.


These news organizations didn't openly guess about which players used steroids. This is a topic worth talking about, but mindlessly throwing players' names out there as "educated guesses" is non-sensical and insulting.


I'm wondering why all these names were mentioned on un-corroborated testimony of people who had a MOTIVE to falsfy and GIVE names??? This evidence wouldn't CONVICT anyone in a court !!! Bonds, on the other hand, had evidence against him---search warrant,(recovered physical evidence ...receipts, schedules of use, lies to grand jury)...plus testimony of ex girl friend and friend...BUT why ruin reputations of others like heff and Clemens or even MENTION names without SOMETHING OTHER THAN TESTIMONY OF A SNITCH???


"mindlessly throwing players' names out there as "educated guesses" is non-sensical and insulting."...And not only is it insulting, unless you have conclusive proof, it can lead to serious legal consequences for defamation, and blogs and bloggers do not enjoy immunity. As Abraham Lincoln observed: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Sidd Finch

"KATV and KTHV both had stories on the Mitchell investigation during their sportscasts and interviewed Travs management to relate it to the local level."

Little Nicholson on KATV stated the Travs were the "only professional baseball team in the state." Hopefully this is a sign KATV won't feed us NWA Naturals crap like the Dem-Gaz.

The Travelerocity reporter

I noticed today that the Democrat-Gazette had the names of former Travs mentioned in the Mitchell Report in bold.

Funny, but I haven't seen the legal consequences for everyone accusing Mark McGwire and others. Why? Because they are guilty.

My whole point is that the players have only themselves to blame anytime someone speculates on who is using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs because even the players not using have not spoken out. Maybe it is not better to remain silent and be thought a fool.

P.S. I have been saying for years that Roger Clemens was on the juice, and I think Nolan Ryan was also at the end of his career. But keep making excuses for your heroes so that the steroid era can continue indefinitely.

"Maybe it is not better to remain silent and be thought a fool." You certainly try to live by that dont you, TR? Although as soon as you open your mouth you confirm for anyone who doubted that you really are a fool.


TR, you are completely off base by throwing out accusations about any players using steroids without ANY, and I mean ANY evidence other than evidence that you see on a page of statistics.

What makes you think that Greg Porter was using steroids? Because he was a big strong guy who hit a few home runs? Terry Evans must have been using steroids because he went from a disappointing non-prospect at single-A to a double-A all-star in one year? Dallas McPherson because he was a big guy who hit 40 home runs in one minor league season?

All you are doing is throwing out accusations with NO EVIDENCE. At least Senator Mitchell has some evidence. And please don't hide behind the whole "Call me crazy but I'm against cheating" stuff. All of us are against cheating. You're not some crusading knight leading the charge against steroid usage. You're irresponsbly throwing out names without a single shred, not ONE PIECE of evidence. You're just guessing, which is what you usually do. You know why there haven't been legal ramifications about people accusing Mark McGwire...because he had androstendione in his locker.

I won't stand here and say that no Travs have used steroids or HGH. Every single team in the majors had players listed on the Mitchell Report. All of those players came through the minor leagues, so you figure it out. But I'm not going to come onto a message board where most people hide behind fake names (like myself) and make mindless accusations about steroid usage. It doesn't accomplish anything and only makes you come off like a fool. I'd rather guess about what each player ate for breakfast.


On a different note, I do like the new Live Traffic Feed on the left side of the website. Very neat to see folks from Italy and the DR coming to see this every once in a while.

The Travelerocity reporter

The answer to the questions in the second paragraph is yes. And you are correct, I have absolutely no idea if any of them used steroids. Because no players choose to come out against steroid use, I choose to guess who was using, because someone had to be. I am probably totally wrong on all names I threw out. The users are more likely to be pitchers.

The Travelerocity reporter

I think the live traffic feed is cool, too. It's interesting to see where the readers are and how they got here. Note that there are tons from Little Rock and very few from North Little Rock. More on that in a future post.

"The users are more likely to be pitchers." There you go again throwing out accusations that you cannot back up. You just dont learn do you? You really should learn when you keep your mouth shut.

Did anyone really expect players to turn in other players? That is like turning in your family.

Gary Gaetti

I did not use steroids.


Has there ever been a topic more heated and with less facts? I firmly believe that around a minimum of 30% of professional baseball players were juicing. I would have no problem believing 80% were using banned or illegal substances.

We might as well accept that if someone played ball between 1980-2005, odds are good they were juicing. It will be known as the "Steroid Era". This is an interesting chapter in baseball history. It will always be interesting to see how this continues. What's the next undetectable designer steroid? Which meathead will put his multimillion dollar career and integrity on the line by doing it (or better yet, which will buy it from some underpaid shady clubhouse guy and expect him to keep his mouth shut when the feds come knockin? We will probably never know for sure who did what. Most drug dealers don't keep records. (Evidently there were some players that were stupid enough to buy from a "legitimate" business or pay with checks. Hey, sports isn't filled with rocket scientists.)

Hopefully, the whole Mitchell Report will result in EVERY attempt being made to rid the game of these substances. That is really all we can hope.

The next 20 years of HOF ballots will be filled with questions, and deservedly so. By merely playing in this era, each player will be subjected to scrutiny. Some of which is undeserved. Some of which each player brought on themselves. Players knew who was doing what and every player remained silent until Canseco's book came out. They are all accountable for this mess and as a result all of them will have their achievements scrutinized or doubted. ALL OF BASEBALL IS TO BLAME. Everybody either chose to ignore it or reaped benefits from it (higher minimum and average salaries result from higher contracts for the superstars).

I think it will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Some players have been outed, some will be, and some probably went to Mexico, paid cash, shot themselves up, and we will never know. This was brought on by the players, the union, the owners; blame escapes no one. The best thing that can happen now is to revamp the testing system even further. MLB keeps finding new revenue streams (mlb.com, deals with directv, etc) it is up to them to pour money into improving the system, finding blood tests for HGH and other undetectable or as yet undeveloped substances.

Really though, it's futile to just throw out names wildly. It's a fun game of speculation I suppose, but it doesn't do much good. Except to say "dang, I always new McPherson was on the juice. All that deca-duabolin must have caused the back problems!

As for me, I'm bringing a sign to the opener that says "Magallanes has back acne, and he's pissed off about it!"


We might as well guess which fans are cheating on their spouses or cheating on their taxes when sitting at Dickey-Stephens Park next time. I mean, nobody likes a tax cheat. They're fiddling with my hard earned money.

Another typical smear job by this gutter blog. You post names with absolutely nothing to back it up. Prove to us that YOU have never done illegal drugs. That's right, I'm making the accusation right now, just as you accused many players without any evidence to back it up. I suspect you of snorting crack. Prove to us that you don't.

Marion Barry

Crack is smoked, cocaine is snorted. There's proof you've never done that before


We're just the ones paying for the game. It'd be nice if salaries weren't "performance enhanced" especially to the extent of how that impacts ticket costs.

The players are doing a job; if their management has other ideas on how to get it done than let them sort it all out. Yes, it'd be great to know that everything was clean and rosy - heck, we could be the Naturals, too. But real life is, if it isn't illegal (which it wasn't in MLB) then you can't cry foul over it. Gosh - I have a cold right now and am enjoying the benefits of a steroid nose spray (and y'all can tell my schnozz is juiced).

Meanwhile, Play Ball!


"I did it for two days to heal", "if what I did was wrong", --Pettitte
"I did HGH, but not steroids"--Fernando Vina
"I did it once, but knew it wasn't for me"- Brian Roberts

I know everybody was on the juice and I was ready to just call it the steroid era and move on. But now...
you know, the disingenuous apologies are doing more damage to the game than the use of PEDs. In an effort to clean up the game, the players are destroying any credibility that was left. It's funny isn't it? Or is it just sad? How nobody, ever, did anything (insert finger wag before Congress), then one-body did something, then somebodys did somethings; and nobody cops to anything until they are forced to do so. Then it's only to HGH. Freakin' Jose Canseco appears to be the most honest person around baseball.


As for Pettitte, Vina, Roberts, you guys are what is wrong with baseball. You who think it is better do deny, deny, deny until somebody comes up with proof, you are the culture that need to be rooted out. 14 year olds trapped in a 35 year olds body. I mean come on, nobody believes this line of crap you are selling. As a fan, it is more disheartening to see these guys continue to deny these things, than the use of PEDs ever was.

It seems that EVERYTHING that has been stated about the use of PED has turned out to be true. Canseco's book, at first the reaction was denial from all corners. Now, it's been dead on accurate. The Mitchell report, so full of "hearsay" and testimony from one guy, well, it's proving to be pretty accurate as well. The players named expect me to believe it's only half accurate (I only did HGH, for rehab purposes, not steroids). I don't know how many bloody gloves we need to establish guilt. The guilty because you can't be proven innocent attitude is unfortunate, but the players brought in on themselves. It's a good thing it's the game that is so beautiful, because the players are quickly turning themselves into the antithesis of role models.

Hooray for FP Santangelo! A footnote in major league baseball, but more of a role model, more of a man, than MVP's and 7 time Cy Young award winners.

(sorry for the multiple post, but it kept kicking me out as spam..stupid technology)


Amen Mars, Amen


I love these articles. How many words can a wodrmitsh smith?

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