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The Travelerocity reporter

One other thought: Baseball players by and large seem to be unable of independent thought. Clubhouse groupthink rules the day.


I would like to pose a couple of questions.

If someone does actually test positive for a banned substance and serves their suspension, then goes on to do great things in MLB, does that person deserve to be in the hall of fame, break records, etc.?

Since this is like Chipper Jones said "The Steriod Era" and probably many players take undetectables. We don't know who all is tainted. So my other question is, should we quit letting people break records and get voted in the Hall of Fame because we are suspicious of everyone that succeeds?

I believe that if Bond's wasn't a jerk to the media and was maybe someone else, like a nice guy, that admitted it and apologized that we(most of the country) would forgive him and support him and there wouldn't be half of this negative publicity surrounding baseball.

If these players had a cocaine habit or something we would feel sorry for them and suggest rehab as well. Should steriod users possibly go to rehab while they are serving their suspension. Might not hurt. This country is certainly sympathic to people that need help w/their mental well being. Maybe this should also be a mental health issue.

The Travelerocity reporter

"I believe that if Bond's wasn't a jerk to the media and was maybe someone else, like a nice guy, that admitted it and apologized that we(most of the country) would forgive him and support him and there wouldn't be half of this negative publicity surrounding baseball."

You said it all right there. I totally agree.


Anybody who thinks Clemens and A-Rod and Griffey et. al. didn't dabble in it during "the era" is delusional.

Put an asterisks on the whole era if you must.

I don't see Niefi Perez hitting 757 HR.

A hall of fame without Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Palmero and Pete Rose is a hall of laughs.

The Travelerocity reporter

Clemens, yes. Griffey, no.

S-Rod's comments are regrettable. He should have stuck to the standard response Freddy gave "awesome". Do I like it? No but that is how most players answer questions of this nature. S-Rod saying it does not matter how Bonds achieved the record calls into question his own character.

If a player actually admitted to it, apologized for it, and stopped using steriods then most people,myself included, would forgive and move on. We still might not like it,but we would move on. After McGwire's appearance before Congress, I have no respect for the guy.


Way to go Sean....stick to playing baseball....raising your average to the level of your printed potential....and sparking this team to something better than you did last night (Thursday.) Let me explain it to you-it's called "cheating,"....ummmm..."against the rules,"...everyone is supposed to [lay by the same rules, whether it is on a test in school, or running a red light. Bonds is a great player, but he became super-human because of obvious performance enhancing drugs. As you know, (ball players talk about this),the effect of steroid drugs result in other benefits...bat speed, less tired, easier to play in afternoon games after night games...and the increase in strength. So Sean....work on the .250...but don't take steroids to help it.


This is the best article I have read on the subject recently.


"No matter... how they do it..."

So, Sean, you think it is ok for somebody to cheat? Maybe you should take some steroids since you think it ok. Your average sure could use the help. Major disappointment. Add Sean to the list of sports players that do not deserve any respect.

you are such a bunch of whiny babies. Is there nothing else to bitch about right now than his answers to the paper. Who cares if you have no respect for him. I can guarantee he has none for you!


Mr. Sean is a pubic figure who gave an opinion on a public issue to a public newspaper. He is fair game. And as far as having respect for the fans, he has had a great year and has a great future. He's a disappointment, considering his build up. Praising a guy like Bonds, who's a jerk to fans,who cheated to get ahead, was just....stoopid ! Maybe he will learn from this....quit giving kudos to cheaters.

When you make statements to the press, you are open for criticism. I think your problem is no one is backing up his statement.

Respect is earned and can be lost even easier.

People who do not want nor seek respect normally are of questionable character. I'm sure Sean wants to be respected. Saying you do not care how somebody breaks a record directly calls into question his character. He is saying he does not care if Bonds cheated. Is that the kind of person that should be respected? Are those the kind of people you seek out in life? A cheater is not to be respected. A person who does not care if a person cheats is probably a cheater himself.

Most of the other positive responses fall in the realm of Sandoval's response. Sean went too far.

Maybe you are reading a little too much into a one line quote given to the paper. Who knows what else was said and what was not printed. Oh wait, does the paper always tell the whole truth though??


Vickie, yes I used my headlamp. It took me just under 5 hours w/ stops. Kind of slow going when you are just wanndrieg aimlessly.

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