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will mars be in town to wear that butt ugly Astros jersey? glad he did not take it to Boston.



Noochie Varner is a good name. But I do sort of like Tulsa's Ching Lung Lo and Wichita's Kila Kaaihue. Those great American names just roll off the tongue.


Sorry to disappoint but I will be sportin that butt ugly 'Stros jersey in Houston this time.

Where are they keeping the Clunkers for tomorrow night? We should have them posted on here for a little preview.

What are the cars, does anyone know?


The suprise of what will roll out, or be pushed out, next is always half the fun! As J.K. Rowlings might say... no spoilers!

I hope we get another crack at Bill's caddy this year. I want that baby.

There were never really too many surprises before. They always had them lined up by the fieldhouse for a few days before CC night.

The caddy rolling out was classic.

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