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Excellent preview. You're right about Midland. No team I'd rather sweep.

I have a question about the impending train wreck, perhaps Travs management can address before the wreck.

Tomorrow is Screamin' Kids Day. Usually that means teachers and kids literally fill the stands. When I show up at 10:30 (for a 10:30 game) and there is a kid in my seat, who has to find another seat..? I doubt the teachers will let a kid or two go sit somewhere else.

Will the ushers help one of us find another place to sit? Inquiring minds want to know.

After thinking about it some more, maybe (hopefully) the solution is to block out a section for "businessmen", since it is advertised as a "businessman special", and allow everyone that has been displaced to sit there. And maybe (hopefully) that block could have a row to two of shade.



With all due respect, I have purchased my season box seats for 3 years and I expect to use or not use them as I see fit. That is the job of the ushers; I had enough of that treatment at RWF.


I am pretty much of the opinion that for my 3 year commitment to the park, those 2 seats are mine. Regardless of what day it is or what time the game starts or how many hollerin' kids are at the park. If I'm at the park, I fully expect to sit in my seats. If I happen to be off on a 10:30 game and feel like going, I fully expect to sit in the same seats I paid for. I don't expect to made to feel like a heel for asking to sit in the seats I paid for either. I expect the ushers to accmodate me, the 3 year commited box seat holder.

Block out a section for business men? what for? How about let me have the two seats I paid several hundred dollars for?

I am sure from Bill's other posts about seat retention that will be the case. I am also sure that it most likely it won't matter, cause generally I don't care. I'll take the two seats furthers from the screamin kids. (Stephens' box, maybe?) But if I want my seats, I don't expect any crap from the usher or the teacher or Bill or Pete or Lil' Johnny.


Having box seats.....and going to a couple of "Kids Day" games....I have never had a problem sitting in my seats. However, why someone WANTS to go to those games is beyond me....it is a living hell.

Unless you are kid, that is.


yeah, it's miserable. dre301, if you happen to go on Monday, all I can say is good luck. I hope you like the theme to Spongebob.

The Travelerocity reporter

Phil Elson just said on the radio that the kids aren't allowed in the box seats.


well, phil elson is wrong because anyone was allowed in the upper box seats, I oughta know. I thought, OK, I will go to the beer garden/bleachers, sorry I did not have a ticket. well I was holding $30 worth of box seats tix, so what? but I composed myself, found one of my brother's seats empty and had a great day. a lot different from other kid's days, some what older kids and not much screaming and if they did boo, well there was a lot to boo indeed. all in all, it was a great day for baseball, wish they had played two.

Upper box seats?

Were people in your seats...that you had previously purchased?
If so, did you ask them to move?


asking people to move is not my job. my point is they shouldn't be there in the first place. the ushers were not allowing people without season tickets to seat in the lower box seat area nor allowing those without tickets to sit in the bleachers/beer garden. i will entertain discussion on this point, but i see my purchase of a box seat as a commodity that is mine whether i use it or not. if i purchased a hot dog and left it in my seat uneaten for 4 innings, would it then be fair game for anyone to munch on? if i parked in warren stephens' private spot at his building, would i be asked to move? were those without proper access sitting in the luxury boxes? i just expect the same treatment these other seating areas received. do the major leagues allow fans to come and go as they please in seats that they did not pay for? i bet not. if we think we have a major league type park, then let's run it like one. readers may not believe it, but i enjoyed this day's game very much, it was a great day for two. by the way, the upper box seats are the section 200, 1st 3 rows, behind the railing.

People parked in Warren Stephens' parking seats opening night. If he complained, no one in management at the Travelers' office heard about it.
It is going to take some time to get everything worked out at the beginning. Some of you should try to move into a new home six days before you have an open house, much less when you open a business.


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