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Of note... I went to a Valentine's in Springfield last year when up there at a Cardinal's game. Right next to Battlefield Mall.


Great food.


As long as its not soggy hotdogs and no relish...and the meat in the dog is COOKED....its an improvement....Go Travs

I thought I saw relish last year at Ray Winder Field. And those hot dogs are the best in town...I don't care what anybody else says.


mmmmmm...RWF, I mean Dickey-Stephens Park, hot dogs.

Easily the best in town. It's not necessarily as true when you get one in the 8th. But it's generally true up until then.


What Mars said.


went by DS today and it looks incredible. They were putting up the protective netting behind home. The playing surface is down, the lights are up, the place looks phenomenal. I am impressed and ready for the the season to start.


Wellll...I remember when the hot dogs were stored in that cooler and the bread would absorb the heat and wetness through the clear (non heat retaining paper). Soggy bread...and how come you can get COOKED meat hotdogs at any other ball park...those weenies at RWF are heated...not COOKED. Just go to any other ball park....ANY OTHER. ..and the chicken sandwich...no lettuce, no tomato,no NUTTIN.....I just want to be sure that we dont have some of the old RWF downsides at this new place....Get rid of the surley doods who operate the hot dog stand....Jeez....Im really worried about that....
and pah-leeze have an updated roster in the score card...for the visitors....its not that much trouble...for professionals....that is truly an embarrassment....lets just make it better !!!!!...its called attention to detail!!!!
I love the Travs

Ernest T. Brezhnev

I concur on getting rid of the "surly doods (dudes?)" at the hot dog stand. However, that's not the only place where they worked at RWF. The worst ones of the bunch were at the popcorn stand, and they were scattered around other areas of the facility. In addition to their surly moods, "thank you" was apparently not part of their vocabulary.


Why Italian? Why not more of a sports bar, wings and nachos, etc kind of place? Or at least a pizzeria/deli sports bar? There's no decent sports bar downtown and this would really fill a void. I bet it would be packed for UA and NFL games in the baseball off-season.

I hope it will be relatively inexpensive, it will be tough to compete with Capeo.

Currently there are two establisments that are similar to sports bars in
Argenta. There is an Irish pub which is going up at the corner of Main and Broadway. Frank Fletcher plans to have a new sports bar at the Wyndham across the street from D-S. That should fill the void as far as sports bars are concerned.
I understand that there are no hard feeling between Valentine and the owners of Capeo. In fact, he has been friends with them for a number of years.
Regardless of the theme of the ballpark restaurant, hopefully it have affordable prices.


An Irish Pub shouldn't be a sports bar or it won't be much of an Irish Pub. This one will be pretty authentic, at least that's the billing.

I didn't know Frank Fletcher was putting a sports bar in the Wyndham. If that's the case it would be silly to put another one in across the street. I hope it's nice, that would be a great place to have a couple before a game at DSS or after one.

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