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The seat thing is easy. NLR had a naximum amount they couls spend based on the sales tax income over two years and the ballot approved by the voters. There have been enough ballparks built over the last few years that the cost per seat is well established, so you divide the budgeted tax revenue by the average cost per seat and you come up with a ballpark seating capacity. You tweak it a little bit with skybox revenue, and things you want to add that cost more. NLR and the Travelers have done an admirable job of finding a way to pay for the additional over budget costs without costing the taxpayers or fans.


I never did understand the attraction of berm seating. Like when you go to the Riverfest Amphitheatre and you miss out on one of the seats and you don't bring a lawnschair, it sucks.

Baseball Fan

I like when Arkansas Business does sports stuff. It's always a different and well-written take than other media outlets.

Good insight on the seat calculations, by the way.


I agree about Ark Business. Generally, they do a great take on everything.

One thing I'm a bit disappointed in is the roof. I can't remember seeing many, if any, new minor league stadiums using regular asphalt shingles. Why not a metal roof or some other type of roof?

ABN also mentioned that the clock tower's other 3 faces might not be finished for another year or two, which is disappointing.

Any idea about season ticket sales numbers?

bill valentine

We tried to build a building that looked liked it belonged....not one that looked like it was built yesterday....that is the reason we have a normal roof.....so a green metal roof would have made a huge difference in attending a game at Dickey-Stephens Park?.......we did the normal roof for a reason....not for costs...we wanted to look like a old train station...clay roofs of the 1920 and 1930 would certainly have been too costly....

Fans are allowed to walk all the way around Dickey-Stephens Park....we built the berms since many families like to bring children and let them play in the grass......they have been very family friendly in other parks and that is the reason for putting them in our park...if you are told the only seating remaining is berm seating...you always have the choice of not attending the game....we are selling all seats by section, row and number so you will know before you come or when you purchase your ticket at the box office what seat you will be in......the only place not having section, seat and number will be the beer garden and bleachers...
The last light tower will be up by Thursday...all the seats are in...but the bottoms of the seats are now being installed...the padding on the outfield fence should be finished by the middle of next week...the west of the bridge parking lot has received paving and has been stripped....the suites are nearly finished...the press box should be finished by the middle of next week....now we have to work on concessions, our office, and the maintenance building and finishing the dressing rooms.....
....it will be a squeeze..but we should be just about there on April 3....once all the light poles are in the lights will be turned on and burn for a 100 hours or so...so if you see the lights on all night..we are not working we are just setting the lights...

The Travelerocity reporter

Thanks for that update. Great information.

Those light poles make it look like it is a real ballpark ready for business. It's very impressive to drive by and see the park with the light up now.

"We tried to build a building that looked liked it belonged....not one that looked like it was built yesterday....that is the reason we have a normal roof.....so a green metal roof would have made a huge difference in attending a game at Dickey-Stephens Park?.......we did the normal roof for a reason....not for costs...we wanted to look like a old train station...clay roofs of the 1920 and 1930 would certainly have been too costly...."

So, you're saying old train stations had shingled roofs? I don't recall that usually being the case. Have you done anything besides the clock tower to fit the "train station" motif? I liked the idea when I heard it but I haven't seen much to indicate the theme was continued? Is it in the minor details?

closet baseball fan

Can't wait for April 12th!!!! The photos from the article are great!

The Travelerocity reporter

Arkansas Business is reading your comments: http://arkansasbusiness.com/blog_post.asp?pid=1357

Voice of Reason

I personally think that NLR and the Travs hit the nail right on the head with the amount of seats at the new park.

What they've done is to create demand for tickets which raises the value of those tickets. For years and years, a Travs ticket truly had no value. Hell, used to be that all Travs tickets were practically free.

Used to be that you could buy a ticket to any Travs game whenever you wanted. Not the case anymore, so the usual lazy-ass sports fans in Central Arkansas will have to act quickly in order to secure a ticket for the big games.

Your scarcity of tickets creates demand theory sounds good in theory, however, as Yogi said "nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded." While I doubt availability of tickets is a real problem once the newness wears off of the park, should it become a problem I think people will lose interest since you can't get tickets or that will be the perception.

I think we are probably talking about the "big game" and a rush on tickets then but it was that way at RW too just not very often. I do think new people will attend games at DS because of the newness. The question is will they still be coming in 3 years or will we be back to the "regulars" who attend now?

Unless times have changed, the money is made on concessions, not ticket sales. The real increase in new long term revenue is the sky boxes at DS and the increase in concession sales if indeed there are 3500 butts in the seats every night.


Voice of Reason

Rack...times have changed. Your idea of concessions being the only way that teams make money is so 1980s.

Many, many teams make their money on a combination of ticket sales, concessions, advertising and suite sales. And one place that the Travs increase their revenue dramatically is through SEASON ticket sales. Ticket sales are very, very important to a baseball club. Teams that give their tickets away on a regular basis or don't have a way of creating demand for their tickets usually lose money now.


Hey, I'm just going by what Valentine has always said - that the money is made in concessions not ticket sales.

Now I think that changes in DS because of the skyboxes and increased season ticket sales.I'm assuming season ticket sales have increased greatly though that has not been confirmed in the press and I don't recall Valentine mentioning the rate of season ticket sales lately but I'm assuming that they have greatly increased.

I would be interested in the numbers though just for comparison of the increase from past years of season ticket sales though I guess the number is incomplete for this year since they are still selling them as far as I know.



Why does Valentine always come off as such a jerk to fans in this forum?

bill valentine

Stephens...because of comments like yours..

Bill, he's right. You're selling a product, you should try not to alienate your fanbase.

Len Davis

I guess Stephen was not around here to see the awful comments made by "fans" about Bill and the rest of the staff awhile back. It is refresshing to see a person in Bill Valentine's position to not take the crap many want to dish out. Some times idiots need to be told that they are idiots.

Baseball Fan

Bill Valentine owns newbs like Stephen.

Bill Valentine eats newbs for breakfast.

Bill only dishes it out because he has no owners to answer to.

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