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so is somebody gonna ask "why don't we get any rehab assignments?" or an exhibition to open the park? Reporter, we are counting on you!

The Travelerocity reporter

Yeah, I will be the guy demanding a Vlad Guerrero appearance this season and also suggest that the Rally Monkey make the trip should he ever need to work his way back from an injury.


About to walk out the door.
And I'd like to see a rally monkey appearance.
For the kids.


Dear Mars
I asked about rehab assignments after it was over. Reagins told me that assignments were more of a possibility with the new playing surface.
It was something along the lines of, "we didn't want a $10 million player on that outfield."
But if the geography and if some other factors like the opposition work out, then you'll see some people here.
Truthfully though, if you can send a kid 30 minutes to Rancho, that makes more sense than packing him off to Little Rock.
At least it's a possibility now. Maybe the morning papers will say something different.

closet baseball Fan

Just got back. I will let someone else give the detailed play by play. One question: At the beginning, Pete mentioned the mascot to Valentine. Valentine jokingly said "what is it, is it a horse, a mule, etc.". I thought I heard Pete say something like I don't know, but we need a new one.

Did anyone else hear this?


Great time at the fan meeting...short on player information, who's coming and all....(the worst ever on that issue).Riggins had nothing to say of importance. He likes us....thats cool...Pete Lapin is always a great info guy...a real pro...what special dates are planned...we get a July 4 game...and we play during Riverfest....radio station is probably better....I always like these meetings...and thanks goes to Bill V !!!...Im excited about the park

The Travelerocity reporter

You heard exactly right about Shelly. While I appreciate that they are listening to the fans who have complained, the cult-like status Shelly has now is just too rich to trash. Not only should they keep the moose, have the moose make more public appearances like the time he was dancing behind the KATV reporter as she tried to broadcast a remote!


Great wrap-up for those of us who couldn't be there. Thanks!

Reading all this stuff gets me more and more excited about the park the upcoming season. The scoreboard sounds awesome.

Anybody else remember the time Shelly got shoved back over the seats by some old lady? I think she was from Tulsa and he was shakin' his horse-bone in her face and she gave him a 2-handed shove. Needless to say, security came to his aid. Classic. God I love that donkey.


Althought I agree with your opinion that Shelly has achieved cult-like status, I would love to see the 2007 season start off with a "Noose the Moose" campaign.

As for Porter, I want to see him in Little Rock (Central Ar) so bad that I highly considered him for a write-in canidate for mayor back in November. If we don't get GP in a Travs uniform this year I recommend that we start the search for a new parent club!

The Travelerocity reporter

Great, from now on he is simply known as "GP".

Pete Laven

Shelly's not going anywhere, we love the guy. I was just giving him a hard time last night because when allowed to pack his own bags, he sometimes forgets things such as his jersey. Which he did last night. Luckily , the church was only 5 minutes away to retrieve. He'll be back and better than ever in 07. Thanks to all that came on Wednesday night.


I'm cool with Master Slinter (Shelly), just as long as I don't see he/she/it mock the National Anthem like he/she/it did at the 2006 All-Star Game.


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