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Cole's run around the stadium was one of the most exciting moments, but I have to give the top moment to the flyover. Hats off to Pete Laven for arranging it.

As for the rest of the game, the pithing was great, but offense is what excites the fans. It was hard to keep up with the pitcher when they are changing every two innings. I understand why they do it that way though.

What about that "home run" derby? Enough said.


The problem with the home-run derby was pitching. The batters needed a real pitcher throwing from the mound rather than softballs being lobbed at them from closer range.


I loved that flyover too!

My 19month old niece pointed to the sky the rest of the evening it surprised her so much...she just kept on looking for them to come back...


It was a great show of future big league talent. I know the night was a success because I couldn't hear Bill screaming on the deputy's radio. And as autograph hound I only encountered one player who refused to sign. Shame on you Matt Albers.

LR Red Sox Fan

Speaking of autograph hounds....we were sitting near the visitors dugout, and whoever that usher was could use some better bedside manners. She came across as rude to a lot of people that were getting things signed, by players that were willing to sign. Smiling and handing things to the kids....I hate that her attitude was what some of our visitors will take away from their experience at RWF.

The flyover ROCKED. Very, very cool moment.

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