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Is "Shoot the Moose" one of the auction items at the Fan Fest?

Might be tough to beat the sky box purchase offered for the honor earlier, but I'll check with the bank about a second mortgage if this "item" is up for bid tonight.


Phil Elson

The Texas League All-Star Rosters are on the website. Go to the Texas League All-Star Page underneath the Schedule menu bar.

There are links to the rosters.


Thanks for pointing that out. I found them and updated the post accordingly.


Is there going to be a "Best Dressed General Manager" contest? If so Valentine has this one in the bag! Were those new suspenders he was wearing on the All-Star Game commercial?


Valentine is a great personality that has a lot of public relations value to the franchise, but I'm not sure how many people a commercial with Valentine standing up hawking the game is going to bring in. I know the cost of producing the commercial is a big issue, but I wish there was a way to hype the players in the game a little more, because there are some real stars. But the average person sitting at home doesn't have a clue.


Don't forget to cheer on Karch as he tries to win the nuttiest fan contest against the other minor league teams nuttiest. He will be the one in the Travs stuff, of course.


If you get a good photo of him in this contest, and he doesn't object, I'd love to put up the photo on this site. Good luck, Karch!


Will do...hopefully I will get a good pic... I have some from the original I will send you

He will probably be more Arkansas friendly tonight...I know he is for sure wearing the Red LR 100yrs Travs shirt and the helmet.


Is everyone still wondering why there is such a low attendence at Ray Winder Field? Let tonight be evidence. That place in not able to handle a crowd much more the 3,000 people. Last Thursday was bad enough. Tonight will be hell. I love a good crowd at the game, but it sucks when we aren't able to got a hotdog, drink, or nachos because the ONE LINE won't allow us to before the 6 inning. I love the nostalgia of RWF, but I am glad this is the last whooraa.

P.S. Shelly (A.K.A. Master Splinter) needs to be sent to the glue factory.


I will be available for autographs after the game, haha....unless I lose. If I lose....I will be sulking near the beer stand.

And what do you mean, Bree, by more Arkansas friendly? I am always Arkansas freindly!


Oh man, last Thursday! There is nothing like a crowded Ray Winder Field concourse in the early innings. The only thing worse is when it is 95 degrees with 95 percent humidity.

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