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I hope the home run derby is on fire. This park can really showcase some good one's between our fence and the armory it should be quite a show. Can't wait...


Not sure who you were listening to on the World Cup channel, but I can with a lot of confidence that hispanics are very much involved in soccer.


They were talking about African-American interest in soccer in the United States. I and they are well aware Hispanics are very much involved with soccer. In fact, probably the best place to watch the World Cup in Little Rock would have to be La Karina Tequeria or somewhere like that.


Yeah...pretty obvious Hispanics are inot the futbol. I can't think of anything, that hasn't already been tried, that would get the black community more involved in those two sports.




Congratulations on winning nuttiest fan. What was that guy thinking trying to call the Hogs when he didn't even know how to do it? Glad Taco Bob put him in his place.


Thanks. Glad that is over with! My legs can't handle that running around crap. The booing was awesome....the bleachers came thru again.


Congratulations Karch! I was glad to see you actually knew what you were going to do. The Mud Cat fan stealing the base was funny, but after that he just stood around. At least you kept it going. Congratulations again!


Mexicans not following soccer??? Whoever wrote that hasn't eaten at Casa Mexicana. They have soccer on every time I go in there(about once a week).

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