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Well....tell us what you really think about Wal-Mart.;)

I hope it happens...that would make for a very nice rivalry...and I don't think it would effect attendence at Ray Winder in a negative manner....so let them build it!


Well, I am personally thinking that this is a good thing. I don't think we will lose any fans to Springdale having a park. I think it is about time that this state has some good intrastate play.

If this goes down and Springdale does get a park, I think this will be the spark that Central Arkansas needs to boost attendence.

I personally will go to root for the Travelers in Springdale. And I hope they would return the favor.


I don't think a team in Springdale will steal any fans away from the Travelers. What I meant was that it will be very embarrassing if this Springdale team blows us away in attendance in only its first year of operation.


I agree, it will be embarrassing, not if, but when Springdale beats Central Arkansas in attendance. With that being said, I think it will be awesome to have an intrastate rivalry. That is one thing this great state is missing. We can't have one in any D1 college sport (thanks Frank) so we can have the next best thing with professional baseball.


Oh yeah, that would be embarrassing. But they may not beat us in attendence. Won't they have to compete for fans with Baum? I know a lot of people up there only go because it is the Razorbacks.


I agree, this intrastate rivalry could be big, bigger than maybe we are even thinking. There is nothing like that in the state right now on any sort of large-scale level. Nothing against the city, but I hope the team won't be wearing road jerseys that say "North Little Rock" when they are playing in northwest Arkansas. It's just not representative enough of the entire metro area.

Bill Valentine

Get use to it...we will

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